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  1. One question that cant leave my mind too is, why’s there nobody ask who was the guy in somin lyrics for ‘Come out confession’ song. They did praise the song & lyrics were good but they didn’t bother to ask who. They didn’t even ask anything bout the guy tho. If I were running man members, this will be the most intriguing info I want to know heheh Orr maybe its just my curiosity ^^
  2. The White shirt ep I remember JK said something like ‘I will help you to win today’ because Somin said that she never win. But at that moment she’s to occupied with KS so maybe she don’t realize oppa’s word
  3. Poor Jihyo to have such fan Obsessive, delusional and mostly crazy. If only she channel her energy into something positive...
  4. Also maybe instead of reporting as harassment we can report it contains other people property. As instagram is really strict when it comes to infringement. (They contain SBS video which not theirs). So hopefully this way ig will respond quicker
  5. Omg how can a person be this mentally crooked? One time pretend to be a shipper, one time being an agressive hater? Dont they have anything to do at all? Can we report this to Mr Tiny? He seems to be the most active person to take actions towards haters
  6. Yess, and in my personal opinion (I am as conservative & private person just like uri somin), I will not ask any guy to take my photos. Only my boyfriend have the privilege to do that
  7. Pls write one for waffle date episode! Hihi Being kookmin fan for a while but woww you really got some great observations tho! I just seem to enjoy others opinion and analysis but to write one, I couldn’t tsk tsk thanks all for your devoted time & sweat to write for people like me ^^v
  8. True, I cant move on and repeat her winning like 100 times. And my eyes got teary as well. Hope everything will go your way after this unnie. We will always pray for your best!
  9. I even read somewhere that JK said ‘on the other show he’s not laughing’ and many people suspects the show he mentioned was RM. Now he’s been cheerful again, I’m glad ^^
  10. Please do and know that each delusion is much precious here btw, im new & loveeee to read all drama analysis here! Hope all of you dont mind if I just commenting and express my feelings instead of analyzing thanks fellow shippers!
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