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  1. All the censorship with the Chinese authorities, it must be really hard to produce a good production with all the politics and regulatory policies going on in the country.
  2. According to the book, they never have an official wedding. Dijun registered his and Fengjiu's names with the Goddess of Marriage (I forgot her Chinese name) and was planning to hold a wedding banquet to announce their marriage. Since he couldn't make it to the banquet, they decided to change the reason of the banquet to something else. Therefore, though Dijun and Fengjiu were husband and wife, they never got their own wedding (sort of like registering for marriage but never hold the ceremony).
  3. Wow, you have read so many. I only started to read Chinese novels because of Three lives three worlds and The Pillow book. I completely agree with you that The Pillow Book is one of the best written novel out there. Each character is so talented, yet with quirks and flaws that make them endearing to the readers. I am reading Hua Qian Gu and Feng Qiu Huang now. While I love the story of Song Ning in Hua Quian Gu, the rest of the novel doesn't attract me as much as The Pillow Book. Feng Qiu Huang is quite interesting, I will recommend you to read it but with a warning though, the novel is super long with near 300 chapters.
  4. https://truyenfull.vn/tam-sinh-tam-the-thap-ly-dao-hoa/ I found link for the novel, it has 7 side stories, including Ye Hue epilogue. Though it is in Vietnamese, I thought I should post it in case anyone interested. I haven't read all the epilogues yet, but when I had a quick look at Ye Hue side story, the drama did a very good job at fleshing out Ye Hue. All of his struggle and pain in the epilogue are also included in the drama, and to be honest, when I read his epilogue, the image of Mark Zhao kept popping up in my mind. So there you have it, while it would be lovely to be able to read Ye Hue epilogue, there aren't any materials (unlike the case with the Little Dough's epilogue) that haven't been covered by the drama. I am still going through the withdrawal and waiting till my neck become like that of the crane for the release of The Pillow Book drama. Hopefully they won't butcher the book too much because DongHua Dijun is my favourite.
  5. Haha, he mentioned about the roasting yam scene, I can't wait to watch how they adapt it in the drama. It is one of my favourite scence, just to show how glutton Fengjiu really is.
  6. I reckon the storylines of past Fanyin Valley will have a large part in the drama. In the novel, it takes half of the 2nd book. Also a lot of scenes from leaked BTS are from this part.
  7. From the leaked BTS, it seems that Chen Ye will have more screen time compared to the book. The design of the character is also different. I remember in the book, he is always in black, but his costumes in the drama tend to be in white, no?
  8. I found the epilogue about rice ball online. It is really funny. It makes me yearn for more though
  9. @redfoxprincess Can you please send me a copy of Ye Hua's epilogue, please? I have looked everywhere but couldn't find it. My email is hohasa123@yahoo.com. I will greatly appreciate it.
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