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  1. Another 30 mins to go!!! I’m excited! Please don’t waste last night chemistry! I was chanting KISS KISS KISS... then lower my expectation HUGS HUGS HUGS
  2. Here's my opinion about your questions I love to discuss this drama ... I think KSH is really shining in ep 7. And I'm happy that the drama shows that she's a very strong woman, who is so much in love with Nokdu, and protect Nokdu from Evil YM using her own way. She can fight along the villagers too.. I love she's using her bow to safe the lady cop of Muweol Village.. She totally nailed it! Me too.. I'm very sad they destroy the village... the memory of Muweol Village And I love the last part of the episode... Nokdu run like a bullet to safe his princess. Dongju called his name and Nokdu really came just in time catch her in his arm... SWOOOOOOOOOOONN!!!
  3. Wow I love your post! Thank you for clarifying the history about the Joseon King, posting your organised thoughts about YM, DJ and ND.. My opinion about your question.. I believe YM has ambition being a King from long time ago. He has been watching the political activity and disguised his underground work by living at gibangs all over the country, collecting all the information. I realised in ep 7, he has his swordman Dan Oh as his right hand and also owns private army (we can see them when they ambushed the temple in Widow Village) I agreed that Yulmu had political ambition not because of Dongjoo.. I think he was set from beginning to replace King Gwanghae by his father and Dong Ju's grandfather since Dong Ju's Grandfather get the Royal Will?? I think when the dongju's grandfather said " You will regret taking the royal order from me" My interpretation: Heo and King GwangHae should be afraid of him as he has the royal will. It means he has an upper hand over the King. He kept the royal will quite for some time without exercising the will. it's possible that he never wanted to install Yeong chang as King but to crown YM. When someone's child/grandchild is betrothed to another powerful family, I think it's political arranged marriage. So i guessed it implicates in Dongju and Yulmu's engagement. Heo was loyal to Gwang Hae before.. I think he changed his mind after serving Gwang Hae for some time and decided Gwang Hae must be Replaced. The reason? His greed for more power.. not as King's servant. The show told us that Lee Duk (NokDu) was legally dead as he's infant 20 years ago. Eun Seo (Dong Ju) was dead 6 year ago. Remember both were killed by the same person, Gwang Hae. in recent ep, Dong Ju apologized to her late mom that she couldn't stop loving Nokdu. She desperately wants to be with him. (It's The CLUE!!!) I think finally she still go to Nokdu despite knowing him as the enemy's son. This show will become a beautiful love story where two of them live together far away from the Palace and political things... Lets enjoy the ride
  4. He knows Yool Mu is up to no good.. he protects Nokdu from YM.. The brother loves Nokdu dearly I'm watching raw but I can say this is the best episode!! I love it so much. Nokdu found his real identity. I think, Head of Giseng also found out Nokdu is a male. Nokdu in action is super cool.. especially in that ninja gears Dongju falls for Nokdu hard. Her cough is getting worse.. I love the scene in the river where she's panicking thought Nokdu was drowning. I'm going call this couple bathing couple since they often take baths together.. HAHAHAHAH And FINALLY.. I've been questioning since ep 3 when Dongju is going to call Nokdu with his real name instead of YA! I'm glad that Nokdu didn't tell his name though.. because I know the moment they meet again, Nokdu will mention his real name "Lee DUk" to Dong Ju. And that moment will be supeeeeer sweeeeet (diabetic here I come!!) My heroine is back!! I love Dongju begging YM to leave Nokdu alone, not to harm him after she left.. she cried while begging.. my heart hurts watching Dongju cries.. KSH's acting is DAEBAAAAK! Dongju is not weak and very brave.. She kills the thugs (sent by Evil YM) using her arrows... Thank you PDnim finally you show us how awesome Dongju! What I catch from the Preview: Nokdu will disappear from Dongju and fakes his death. I think Ssok and head gisaeng is helping him (and know his secret as a male). Nokdu is running away from reality that he's the King's son and hide himself with his master and Aeng Du. Dong ju keeps looking for Nokdu and didn't believe his death. Nokdu is in the mission to see his father the King and his foster father Jung Yun Jo. The King will keep Nokdu by his side. Nokdu will become a yangban but still live in secret. The survivor of the widow village will rebuilt the village. This drama is aweeeesoooooommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
  5. After rewatching the last episode.. I had different thoughts from my first comment YM is not the big boss (First I thought so). The Big boss is Minister Heo. Yool Mu is the outsider who has been watching over the Gibang and the Village (for Dongju and personal agenda). Now that he felt threaten by Nokdu's existence around Dongju, he's eyeing Nokdu as well. Watching Nokdu, it led him to witness the head gisaeng killed a man. I think using his high position, he threated the Head gisaeng (maybe using the lives of Ssok, her friends and all the Muweol members) and made a deal with her. She agreed to write a letter for Woman Corp to let Yoomul's swordman Dan Ho to kill the little prince instead of following Heo's order to guard the prince. I also love the theory the reason Yool Mu wanted to be the King.. He loves Dongju so much that he'll do anything for her even using the dirtiest and meanest way Clearly to me now that the one who caught Dal rae and tortured her was Yool mu. He may be afraid of someone lurking around Dong Ju (who glued with Nokdu like 24 hours) and find out Dong Ju's real identity. I believe Yool Mu also has been watching everyone's movement and knew about the Muweol Corp and started meddling with it after he got the information from Dal rae. He knew Heo was the Boss and the King Maker, that's why I think it's one of his plan to make Heo works for him. He even planted one of the spy in Heo's group. YM ordered DanHo to hunt and kill the woman's corp who chase Nokdu's family and secured the target (Hwang Tae and his father) to make deal with Heo. I'm not surprised that Yool Mu eliminated the perverted Yangban who wanted Dongju. He's very blood thirsty. I agree with most of you, Yool Mu is kinda Pyscho and the creepiest character in the drama. About Nokdu: I really love his character.. The boy's heart is so pure that he cried over his first love but not to give up easily. I love the scene where he hug and carried Dongju to prevent her go to work for YM. The result is so funny.. NOSEBLEED.. HAHAHAHA The show is doing really fine in push and pull relation ship.. My heart flutters everytime Dongju and Nokdu together.
  6. Our Dong Ju is madly in love with Nokdu.. we saw that she's curious with whatever Nokdu did. She even investigated the patrol about the assistant captain of Ganghwa island. She waited for him day and night in front of the gate, back to their hut and even Aeng Du couldn't sleep because of her yelling in the middle of the night. She told herself that it's time for her to leave the village, but the next scene she's back to Nokdu's house and mad at herself.. She in the phase "can't hold her cough" Hahahahaha.. Please confess and kiss him back Dong Ju ah.. before your cough getting worse.. I'm excited to see their fishing date (eventhough they'll have a bonus Aeng doo tagging along) lol
  7. I'm super confused watching ep 6.. so far this is my understanding.. please correct me if I'm wrong. King Gwanghae became the King because of the kingmaker "Heo" instead of getting his throne from his father. His father indeed gave out his dying wish to his counselor (Dong Ju's Grandfather) to give the throne to Gwanghae's half brother, Prince Yeongchang (who was killed in ep 6 by Cha Yool Mu, Prince Jeongwon). Dong Ju's grandfather has hidden agenda, he didn't exercise the late King's wish but he wanted the throne for his family by making Dong Ju as Yool Mu's queen. Dong Ju's family killed by Heo and the KING because the King wants to destroy the last will of the Late king Heo has hidden agenda, using the wish of the Late King, he wants to replace King GwangHae with Prince Yeongchang (follow the late king's wish) to gain more power? Yoolmu pretends away from the politics but he was active since conspiring with Dong Ju's grandfather, then later work underground with head gisaeng cheon. Yoolmu is indeed the big boss. Women assassin is organised by head gisaeng cheon (the Boss) who is actually double agent. she works for Yoolmu but pretend to work for Heo (the fake Boss)? Yoolmu wants the Kingmaker Heo work for him to replace King Gwanghae So it means Yoolmu and Dong ju are at the same side, while Nokdu is the other side... Omooooo wenniri ni wennirini?!? #anotherMDBC'splot #pleasewriter #becreative My guessing for next few eps (from preview) Heo meet Hwang Tae. 2 possibilities to me : A. Hwang tae was captured by Heo's minion. Heo might not work for Yoolmu. He mistook Hwang Tae as King's son and plan to use Hwang Tae as king Gwanghae's replacement and gain more power B. Hwang Tae was captured by Yool mo who knew that HT is Jung's son. Heo was fooled by YM and let him meet Hwang tae who furious with the king for making his life miserable. Trio will work together for a coup Yoolmu knows he has a cousin from Gwanghae line and is suspecting Nokdu, waiting for the right moment to kill him. Nokdu's foster parent (Jung Yeon Joo) up to now is still loyal to Gwanghae. He'll meet Gwanghae and told the King that Heo is still holding the Late King's letter. The king will let Jung live and put his honor back. Nokdu will live as Jung's son and will live as yangban without anyone knows about his identity (for a while) Nokdu will take Dong Ju (and Aeng Du *buy1 plus1) along wherever he goes and Please let the romance plot go full force..
  8. But for me, I'm glad he's taking Nokdu's role.. JDY is so beautiful Monday is coming!!! please no sport overtime!!
  9. Yup I agree with @Sky8lue I don't think he's crying over DongJu.. the way he wipe his face? eyes? with his cloth is so unmanly.. is he still playing his Omoni's role? And instead of she leaked Nokdu's secret.. I think she's trying to flirt with Nokdu but Nokdu was too afraid Drunken Dongju would blow up his cover.. HAHAHAHA
  10. Oh Noooo.. What I'm watching now.. baseball?? Btw, Jang Dong Yoon's visual is no joke.. his skin and the color of his lips.. just like a beautiful young lady? I'm happy he's getting more loves and attention from fans.. KBS's radio lobby suddenly became his mini fansigning.. HAHAHAHA Beautiful flawless skin and good heart Jang Dong Yoon check this fancam.. tonight's show is cancelled... Let's think positive.. A good rest for the cast and production crew.. at least they have one extra day to wrap up the drama...
  11. EXCITEEEEEDDD! I love the PD's previous works, and one of them is "Fighting for My WAY". To be honest, I saw similar vibe between The tale of NOkdu and Fighting for my way (bickering scenes, aegyo, the comedy, the use of suitors to intensify the romance between the leads, cliffhanger endings). Both are very cute, funny, refreshing, entertaining and of course very addicting. I think Episode 9-10 is a turning point where the love rivals officially enter the "LOVE FIGHTING" ring (Aeng Du and Yool Mu) and turn Nokdu's and Dongju's relationship as a fake "mother-daughter" to a Jealous husband- jealous wife fight for spouse's attention and love" ... HAHHAHA And I think we're going to see a comedic kissing scene as Kang Tae Oh said in the interview.. will it be a kiss scene between Nokdu with Yool muI? I know PDnim also loves an almost BL plot (rewatching The Legendary lackey, hahahaa) or a cute peck between Dongju and Yool mu VS Nokdu and Aeng Du.. Monday.. Please come soon!
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