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  1. Yes, I was one of those who did not enjoy CWPFN very much. It was good for the first few episodes. I can't force myself to watch the last 4-6 episodes (however I love Yoo Jung). Sorry but I am not a fan of the main lead and their kissing scenes.
  2. glad the thread is slowly picking up sooooo, any feedback on her upcoming drama (convenience store venus / backstreet rookie) ? I am currently watching The Fiery Priest (because of the possible collaboration of the PDnim with YJ) and I'm liking it.
  3. Hi @asterann. I understand, but seeing that so many other actresses' thread are busy even if they have no ongoing projects just bothers me. And altho KYJ has no drama, she has an ongoing reality show right now (which is basically the same thing right? or fans prefer drama because they have someone to ship YJ with?) . I also check YJ's posts in instagram daily and I agree that unlike with forums there is hardly any interaction with the fans. I do hope that fans are actively supporting YJ by watching her show in Lifetime tho. I check this thread from time to time and it still disappoints me when I see no one is posting. Anyway, will keep on posting the link to Lifetime Channel's Half Holiday in Italy.
  4. Hi. I used to lurk in this thread after I watched Love in the Moonlight and fell in love with Yoo Jung and Bo Gum. That was in 2017, I think (yeah, I wasn't into Kdramas before then). KYJ has an ongoing reality show in Lifetime Network and yet there are no members actively posting in this thread? Kinda sad, don't ya think? And it's just a few days ago since KYJ's bday, and I just read one or two greetings in this thread BTW, this is my first post ever. I decided to finally create an account coz it bothers me that this thread is so inactive...
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