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  1. Me likey lol I now notice the changes fro KJK persona in RM. He used to be a forceful and arrogant sparta and now he's progressing (or regressing or transforming, which ever you prefer) into a mean and funny muscular guy. His obsession towards gym and bodyworks is not dominating as it used to be, instead, that becomes a weird part of him that everyone can make jokes of. I see that he started to find his character here in RM after the new members come (or should I say JSM intervention?). And although quite late, SJH is also getting into her new role as strong yet always in dazed big sister role. I like how flirty she becomes to kjk and for y'all who worried about spartace loveline, rest assure bcs SJH is never a person who will flirt openly, more over in front of camera, to the man she's interested with. As you all can see, just like other RM members, SJH is very private about her love life even YJS, HH and JSJ didn't know. She and KJK is like a 40yo big bro to his 38yo lil sister who adore and love each other but will not interfere each other business. But idk about YSC though. Is it possible if RM want to get this year's best couple awards from YSC-JSM loveline?
  2. The thing about YJS is that he will protect those who are close to him. He equally love all RM members and it's a fact that JSM joined their circle way later that other members including YSC, so his first instinct was to help and guide JSM. However, the unexpected things for him was he grew fonder to JSM just like JSJ. JSJ is way older that JSM so it's understandable if he thought JSM as a niece or even daughter. But for YJS, JSM is not only a woman who's close like a family to him. JSM is a person he keep his hopes to be greater that she is now, esp in variety shows. YJS keep pushing LKS and JSM, but nowadays he did more to JSM. I must be crazy to say bcs a few days ago, JSM was just an annoying struggling actress that stole SJH screen time for me. But now I have to say, without her on RM, this show will be cancelled for sure. The damage will probably the same as when kang gary left or even worst that that since JSM has paved her name as one of the RM icon. This is the reason why I'm hoping the only time kookmin announce their relationship is when they will get married.
  3. He won't be the first to confess yet he intensively woo the woman They will be a good friend as long as the pd don't force loveline to them. I will be hated if ppl in my community read this, but srsly, I hate spartace so much as it gives pressure on sjh. Sorry to say but sjh didn't deserve more heartbreak after all that happened. She looks way more relaxed and can enjoy the game to the fullest after jsm came. I will hate anyone who disturb her now. Fyi, I'd been thinking and wishing the possibility of KJK and SJH to be together long time ago when monday couple was advertised. I didn't really agree kang gary as sjh love interest at that time and I was hoping kjk-sjh will became couple irl. But after long, I noticed SJH started to develop feeling to kang gary so I cheer on them. However after what had happened to them, I think it's too cruel to do that again to SJH. Let my girl be free I failed to understand why ppl keep forcing loveline to someone when it's very clear that they'd hate that. Nowadays I feel SJH and KJK aren't as close as they used to be. The mongdol sisters is also not going anywhere. I agree that as long as they don't get trapped in schemed loveline, there's always hope for further relationship. As for KJK, the only possible loveline for him is prob Hong Jinyoung (lol I love this girl) as she has strict standards about works and can do everything for the camera yet keeping her personal life closed. But SJH and JSM are different. They may look like complete opposite, but I feel like if they are given chance, they will be really close. I will stop here before someone in this forum protests and say, "This is kookmin forum, not mongdol!" Lol Anyway! Don't lose your hope, fellow delusional kookmin!
  4. Aah, I thought the guy is married? Bcs I see him with baby but prob the baby is his nephew/niece. Anyway, you don't have to be pessimistic or worried. The worst thing had happened in monday couple and since I believe all members in this forum are rather rational and reasonable, at the end as fans, being supportive is always an answer. Although if that guy is indeed in relationship with jsm, I pity kjk as I'm pretty sure he has special feeling to jsm.
  5. Jee seok Jin is a Jeon somin fans for sure lol. Even when jsm delivered an ambiguous poem to him, he still looked like a proud father. I don't blame their forbidden love line that arose out of nowhere. He rooted for kookmin so much although in ep 471 he also teased spartace. The way he tried to push jsm to kjk is sweet! If this ship sink and they're having platonic relationship just like kwangmong, I pitty JSM future bf, just like I pitty HaHa's daughter future bf. Edited: please give me more recommended episodes!
  6. Exactly! I've been binge watching RM's episodes worth of 1.5years and scared by his changes!
  7. Okay!! <Insert KJK voice> Two members that changed the most after JSM came: KJK and JSJ. I've never thought both of them can be such a softie and sentimental in front of camera. They esp take a good care of JSM in almost every episode, and it's remarkably shown after ep 400s. KJK wanted to be close with JSM, like some of you might notice. But although JSM was all smiley and cheeky toward KJK, she was still cautious and distanced herself from KJK. Being a passive guy for 9 years to people, I was shocked when I saw KJK allowed himself to react rather positively to JSM actions. Actually in ep 380 y'all said KJK avoided JSM, but all I see was that he's all tofu to JSM. By tofu I mean soft, really soft for KJK standard at this time. He possibly understood or misunderstood that the best way to get close to JSM was by treated her the same way as he treated LKS. In ep where they went to fishing, KJK said he didn't want to eat ramen, but JSM said she will add chicken breast to the ramen. KJK should just cynically smile bcs he avoided ramen like a plague, but bcs he wanted to get closer to JSM like other members, he quickly agreed and even complimented JSM. Up until now I believe he had the same confusion as I was about JSM character but his gut feeling instinctively knew she didn't have ill intention. So he kept his character and allow JSM to do what any other members couldn't imagine in the old episode of RM. If I am not wrong, in jeju episode, KJK let JSM lead conversation by asking if she ever went to jeju-do with her bf and out of nowhere he responded by saying his most loved woman was married there. He even became all sweet to JSM by saying she looked like flower and helped her with the song. This episode is epic bcs I can see how desperate KJK to get closer to JSM. I bet at this time he still wanted to let himself believe JSM is kind and sweet girl. But in ep 433, JSM showed her cheeky and naughty personality, and then in various games she showed her strong and ambitious side. I think KJK misunderstood her and thought he could treat her roughly as he did to his male friends. This lil bstrd did messed up a lot. He prob thought when she bluntly said she wanted to take LKS character as Casanova (ep 434), she wouldn't think too much if her secret was revealed as she's prob just gonna joke around about that. One thing that KJK missed during his observations was, JSM's still a human who had her own weak moments. He was def flustered when he realised JSM was in a verge of crying, but she still forced a smile. His heart was definitely, definitely, definitely in a mess so that even the great, aloof, arogant and undefeated tiger, KJK was stuttered when he tried to fawn over JSM. If it was SJH, she would just cuss it out, KJK would asked forgiveness and all would be over. But JSM distanced herself again and smiled as if nothing happened. She even did the kookmin sibling cross thing and closed KJK's opportunity to say sorry. (JSM is a scary yet pitiful girl, really. Screw you, whoever third rate actor who rejected her) #butgoodjobonmakingKJKsuffered After this episode, I think KJK as a gentleman he was, could not forget what was happened that day and he unconsciously wanted to protect JSM. He prob said that he did that bcs JSM was like a lil sister to him and they significantly got closer right after this ep. In ep 441, JSM was getting harsh comment from intl fans as she was asking KJK out for coffee. They said that she was hungry for attention and stuffs that you can read by yourself on Instagram or youtube comments, but all I see was just a junior who wanted to get close to her senior. JSM is a social butterfly so she prob really wanted to change her usual atmosphere and bcs her relationship with KJK was getting better, she dared herself to asked him. Nothing romantic yet in her side. But KJK, if he indeed only thought JSM as lil sister, he didn't need any other ppl to come and accompany him (I'm talking about LKS). If he didn't mean that in real life, he could always reject JSM offers. But he AGREED despite the definite awkwardness that would appear. He wanted to get closer AGAIN to JSM more than they already did with the help from LKS as one of her best friend. Why not YSC though? Lol, please answer this by yourself. As he said in one of earlier ep when hyolin sistar became a guest, he was a type who could fall to any girl who loved him first and approached him. He prob began to have this fluttering feeling to JSM after they break the wall in the coffee incident. And JSM as a bubbly, sweet and attentive person, crawled into his mind. In ep 451 you could see how he adored JSM. He was brimming with happiness and passion with JSM's arrival in the restaurant, so much that surprised me again. He didn't even get mad at JSM, JSJ and YJS. The changes are too much for my fragile heart! I still don't think JSM see KJK as a man or potential lover at all, even until now. Either she is really a good actress or I am not observative enough to notice her¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ But with a caution, I will brazenly say that KJK is having a crush on JSM.i Btw, is JSM aged backwards? Why does she look younger nowadays? Ep 451 is one of my fav look on her!
  8. Whoaa, JSM is such a character. I read some threads here which mentioned KJK is hard to understand but imo JSM's character is waaay more difficult to decipher. She is surely a good actress that can flip her attitude in any situation. I am still in ep 390s and I already feel bad for SJH. I heard that JSM made her screen time shorter that before, but what I see as SJH real fans, she look a lot more relax now that JSM is there. The Kang Gary thing was hard for her, not to mention pressure and emotional break she experienced right after that (I'm talking about KJK and SJH dismissal issue). I mean, the new members are not as bad as I anticipate. Mongdol sister is dope but lack exposure tch. Anyway! I don't understand JSM character at all. She sometimes acts as a trickster and betrayer, but other time she is understanding and hardworking. I believe KJK felt the same confusion at first, that's why he avoided JSM quite a lot in their first episode. Another reason is most probably bcs he found it awkward for JSM to joined RM after such an uproar and scandal, while YSC is a close friend for him, YJS, Haha and JSJ. Meanwhile, up until now, JSM was just a witty guest that facing difficulty in her career and desperately using RM as her milestone. She was simply a stranger for him yet he had to accept her. Although KJK often acts tough, he is really loyal to his close friend and he clearly didn't want to get closer with JSM in this period of time. But JSM, again, is a strange girl. Strange and strong, I think. Despite the subtle yet clear rejection from KJK, she kept approaching him with wide smile. She acted cute though she knew that noone there will appreciate it. I mean it is RM thing to diss their own members, no matter how good they are at acting cute. I thin KJK started to accept JSM as colleague in Indonesia episode where she took care of LKS. I noticed that he wasn't as cold as he was after this ep. The turning point in KJK 's perspective was probably in prison ep where they required to make tofu. JSM betrayed him and then helped him. But I swear I can see his guilt when he came back with tofu and JSM was pale bcs her tofu's stolen. She really looked like damsel in distress with her pale complexion and watery tired eyes, yet she was still smiling. I believe that at this time, KJK's heart ached for her, so he gave the tofu to JSM without slightest doubt. In this episode, a lot of things happened and KJK as an observer, started to give more attention to JSM. She showed anomalies that had never been seen in prior episodes. She worked hard to make her tofu instead of slacking off or playing trick, which would be understandable if she did bcs this time JSM was already known as female version of LKS. I think after this episode KJK finally fully accepted JSM as part of RM and he understood she was the type who would give all her best in work. Ah, I will stop here and continue later. English is not my first language so I feel tired for writing this long delusions.
  9. Btw, I watched some random episodes in 460s up until 470 before I decided to give up and watch others. No, I am not JSM hard fans. Yes, I used to hate her when I was immature and one of the 7012 cult. No, I wasn't KJK's fans. But seeing him now, I feel all giddy so I think I am his now, lol. I said this to clarify possible assumption that may occur when some of you read my comments.
  10. Thank you so much! I'm still in ep 370s when KJK still as annoying as he was (lol, he wasn't my fav MC in RM). Another thing that I want to emphasize is about his reaction in dance practice. 1. He was all smiling without much complaint esp to JSM. When he saw the choreography that quite sensual and touchy(?), he didn't complain. Guys, you prob didn't know but he was a bully that full of complaint back in the earlier episode! That's one of the reasons why I didn't really fancy him back at that time. 2. When others caught him gritting while lifting JSM, all members were laughing and teasing JSM. His normal reactions should be: (a) Complaining to JSM and joined the tease with others. (b) angry and act grumpy to JSM as she was prolonging the practice by making it hard for him. But what he did? He DENIED the tease with blushed face and grinning widely. #whoisthisguy? 3. When JSM ask LKS and YSC to be her partner, the usual reaction from KJK should be fought back and said something like, "It's not like I want to be your partner!" Or "I too don't want to be your partner!" Or another mean remarks. But again, what he did? He kept extending his arm, with all smiley face as if waiting for JSM. He even did not teasing JSM when both LKS and YSC couldn't lift her. He just laughed and simply accepted the comment from YJS that KJK was the only one that could be JSM partner. He didn't even trying to act smug to keep pressuring or teasing JSM. This is already strange for me.
  11. I am an old fans of running man, and tbh I felt offended when new casts joined RM. So it has been more than 2 years I avoid watching any clips related RM esp when JSM's in thumbnail (I'm talking about youtube clips). But I accidentally watch her cursing at YSC when she was mistreated or so, not caring for the guests (I think it was SNSD? Not really sure) and I decided to watch some random episodes with new casts. I have to admit that I forced myself not to scream when I saw how much KJK has changed from the tiger-thug-winning-oriented I remembered. I mean, who is that cute muscular cat wearing orange t-shirt? Or pink short? Or laughing happily when he lose? Or eating high carbs food such as waffle? Or talking about his love life with such sentiment? Or EATING THE MADA FAKA RAMEN? Is he really the KJK that I know will tear name tags ferociously? Is he the same person who hated to talk about personal life on camera? Guys, I don't want to stir any problem, but imho, KJK is the one who's having crush on JSM. Idk about what she feels back at him, but right after ep 461 when they talked about YSC-JSM loveline, he was definitely getting restless. I noticed that he started to unconsciously showed his concerns throughout this episode and he didn't even get mad when JSM-JSJ betrayed him. I wish I could show you how shocked I was when I see him being helpless and quiet although as far as I remember, he should be mad at least at JSJ. And JSJ! Oh my gosh, since when that grumpy old man taking care of other person beside himself? He def adores JSM and if you focus on some scene, you'll see that he sometimes gives JSM fatherly smile which is another surprise for me. My guess is that probably JSJ is one of the first member who realised KJK's feeling to JSM and he secretly cheer on their possible relationship as you can see that he is always the first member who broke YSC-JSM loveline topics whilst never intervene KJK-JSM interaction. Idk, I dare not making another assumption as I still feel a little bitter about monday couple thingy even though I am glad that kang gary can find his happiness. However, damn, KJK anomalies have made me making this account and commenting on this forum. Ps. I will start to watch RM again to see KJK transformation lol
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