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  1. I wasn't happy with the first episodes either and the way it was handled but I'm glad I pushed through and continued watching. They are perfect in this. I had never watched anything with Mew so I didn't know him from before but yes, his acting is so natural I can't. And Gulf... I could never imagine this was his first acting work. His performance is stellar! And the chemistry between the two leads really makes the show. On and off screen they exude chemistry and I really love the dynamic between the two weather as their characters when they're together or the actors off screen. They're magnetic. I also love the supporting cast. Mild is so funny and expressive and the actor that plays Tar really brings all the emotions to the table. And the actor that plays Lhong really plays well the cute wolf in sheep clothing. I think there are some things that could be better like the storytelling pace but the actors really make up for the shortcomings that the story sometimes has.
  2. I rarely buy anything related to shows besides by monthly netflix subscription but I'm willing to throw my money at the official English translation of the novel when it comes out and at the boxset with the special extra episode when it comes out. It's how much I'm invested in this lol
  3. I also hate those fanservice games with kisses and fans (mainly girls) screaming. It's just too much and something I see mostly in BL shows. I've never seen this with hetero couples. It's always so awkward. I think one of the few pairs that don't make me feel awkward during these events is Mew and Gulf because they seem so natural and comfortable around each other. Still the fans screaming every time they touch makes me cringe. I get the excitement of the fans, but still lol
  4. This is hilarious! He needs to change the number lol Btw, can someone tell me the timeline of Tharn's relationships? Was Tar the first boy he topped? Was it after Tar that Tharn "slept around" (Lhong said he had a phase where he slept around but I understood it was before Tar?) How long did Tar and Tharn dated?
  5. I also don't like the use of the term "wife" in m/m relationships for the same reasons as you and would love BL writers (specially females) to stop using it and would never use them myself to refer to a m/m couple but in this case it was lovely and had a romantic meaning. Since it was Type who used it himself as a way of expressing his love to Tharn and in a playful way, I was ok with it and smiled like an idiot. I know I've already wrote a thesis about how I love "romantic Type", but I love "romantic in love Type". His little smiles, the way he becomes soft, him opening up to his feelings more and more, the little details fo him caressing Tharn's hair or holding his hand while Tharn was sleeping and he was checking the phone, my heart just can't take this
  6. He will know somehow, because in LBC he knows. We just don't know if Tar tells him during TharnType or after off screen and before LBC but I really hope he tells him on the show. However, I don't know how they'll make it believable Tar opening up to Type from all people about this if he never opened up before to either Tharn, Tum or anyone at that point. Or maybe hearing from Tharn that he's in love with Type and has moved on, makes him realize he should start opening up about what happened? We know Type is also a victim of sexual abuse and this could be something that connects Type and Tar in a way Tar will trust Type, but in what context would Type tell Tar he was raped in order to build this trust? I'm also curious about how will Type find out about You Know Who, does Tar know You Know Who was behind it? I don't know, I'm curious. I'm also waiting to see Pete and Tin. Or have they showed up and I didn't notice?
  7. Don't ask me why but though this was a dramatic moment, this made me laugh a lot: Btw, both Type and Tharn have done things that I disagree with and didn't like. I'm not team one or the other. However I love them both because they have a good heart, really love each other even if not always manifesting it in the best ways and are willing to learn from their mistakes. The character development in type from the past episode to this one is amazing. For once he stopped to think, didn't act violent, asked the questions first and removed himself from the situation when it was too much for him. I don't agree with Tharn not having been upfront with Type right away and lying, but I can also understand his actions considering what happened last episode. I don't condone it though and I totally understand why Type was hurt and angry. However, I don't see Tharn as a bad guy, I think he's very caring and loving and truly loves Type, but he messed up. It broke my heart seeing both of them so brokenhearted. I don't think Tharn has feelings for Tar, but it was a chapter of his life that hurt him a lot and he wanted to close that chapter, specially after hearing from Tum how Tar didn't sleep or eat and needed a therapist after breaking up with him for a reason Tharn doesn't even know why. He was concerned for Tar's well being and his crying but he wanted to end everything and tell him that he now has a boyfriend who he loves very much. The way he went about it behind Type's back was wrong though. But this is what I love about these characters, that none of them is perfect and none of them is always right or wrong. They mess up and they suffer the consequences like all of us. It's raw and real. As I said this was one of my favorite episodes and I'd love it if this whole "detective Type" and "Type vs "you know who" " lasted longer. I'd like a few episodes of this with a happy ending of course. But I understand, they put 2 whole novels in 12 episodes, therefor the pace is so fast and clunky sometimes (my only complain about this show). They're saving the best for last, because in my opinion this Tar/You know who/Type/Tharn arch is the most interesting one for me. It'll be hard fitting solving all of this + character development + lovey dovey ending scenes in 2 episodes but I'm here for it. I've heard ep 12 will be 1h40 or something. And I'm getting nervous that we didn't get next episode preview but maybe it's for the best haha As I said many times, regardless of what happens or if I agree or not with some of the choices of the characters or storytelling choices, the chemistry Mew and Gulf have with each other on screen is good that it compensates those setbacks. I'm sent to heaven every time they show their love for each other and I rarely feel so strong about couples on screen. I'm also curious to see if You Know Who will suffer the consequences from his actions. It'd be nice for a change seeing someone suffering legal consequences for such actions. I love how they're saving all the shocking revelations for last... it'll be a rolercoaster of emotions and I'm not ready for that scene where Tharn is on his knees crying.
  8. This scene sent me to heaven! I love how Type is getting softer and softer the more he falls for Tharn. I love their domestic scenes, these two are really out there bringing me the feels. I don't know if I'll survive the extra episode that will be just their happiness and love (if we international fans get access to it). Anyways, this was one of my favorite episodes. The acting from everyone was perfect, the last scene of the 4 boys crying and how the song's lyrics fit perfectly... even that pause when the singer says "and I choose...", yes! I felt so sorry for all of them. I could really feel sorry for Tar and feel his pain, the actor did an amazing job. And yes, while I think Tharn was wrong for not being upfront and honest to Type about what's going on, I can understand his side given Type's previous violent explosive reaction to P'San. But yes, this is a sign that both Tharn and Type need to learn how to communicate better and face the challenges of the relationship together. Both have a lot to grow up. Also, I don't know what Type will do when it comes to Tar but I need to say that I saw some growth here. Type didn't react explosively and violently like last time. He asked the questions first, he wanted communication and honesty. Great character development that shows us that Type is learning. And no preview for next episode? That makes me even more nervous lol
  9. I know where they were getting with the bathroom scene at first and was expecting some passionate action or hints of it like I think it happened in the novel. I haven't read it but someone said that in the novel they have "angry sex" there. Or some flirting/banter. It just felt like Type's kick was much more violent than Tharn pushing him against the wall and I felt like it came out of nowhere. It felt like it hurt. I was enjoying the scene until that kick and it made me uncomfortable. I loved Type's character development through out all the other scenes though and how he's becoming more and more affectionate towards Tharn the more he falls in love with him. I empathize with Type and can understand how he sees things from his perspective and why he has his shortcomings, but I simply love Tharn so much that I don't want to see him get physically or emotionally hurt almost every episode. I want him happy and smiling lol I would love if Type addressed and specifically apologized for punching Tharn in the elevator and that kick (in the nuts?) but I don't think the show will address that again. Everything else was perfect for me, I'm just tired of the physical displays of violence. I also didn't like Tum punching Tharn in the preview, can't he just move on from his unhealthy infatuation with his half brother? And yes, I desperately need some scenes with them being happy and affectionate with each other and I hope they leave room for that after the whole Tar/Lhong drama is over. I need to see more of Type's affectionate side because it's so beautiful to see.
  10. I always had as my headcanon that either the waterfall scene was the true ending (I've read that theory before and it made sense) and then the wangxian events of the novel take place or that after the ending we've watched when Wei Wuxian turns back it's really Lan Wangji after he's helped his brother get back on his feet and fulfill his duties as Chief Cultivator and passing it on to someone else. After that time apart they both gain the courage and right timing to confess their feelings and be together and the wangxian events that happen in the novel take place and they live happily ever after married and in love just like in the novel. Regardless of the ending of the show they end up together and happily married, it's just that in the show things need to take place a little different because in the show there wasn't Lan Xinchen telling Wei Wuxian about Lan Wangji's feelings for him nor the love confession so they still don't know for sure each other's feelings for each other. But when they meet again they're finally ready to make it happen.
  11. Eventual spoilers for episode 9 for those who haven't watched it yet and preview for episode 10 ahead: I'm a mess with this episode y'all. I loved the episode in general, I died with Types' character development and admitting his faults and everything. How's making an effort of meeting Tharn half way and be more mindful of how Tharn feels. I was cheering as Type was FINALLY COMMUNICATING properly and admitting how he feels. It was a huge step him admitting he felt jealousy. I just wished he expressed his jealousy in a less toxic way. I was also on heaven when Type admitted the relationship to that bar lady. I liked P'San's maturity in realizing that Tharn's happiness was more important than his feelings (and creepy crush for 14 year old Tharn lol). Tharn's tenderness while Type sleeps, Type being all in love and showing it, that good morning soft kiss, the scenes with the family... I was well fed. Also the directors love making us suffer because there were plenty of scenes that I was thinking they were going to kiss but then something always happened lol The only thing that bothered me to no end was the bathroom scene. I was expecting something more playful or something but that whole scene felt so toxic and the kick at the end so uncalled for. NO NO NO! I'm going to jump that scene whenever I rewatch the episode. As to the preview I guess we're going to finally see the snake in action. Also, can Tharn stop being punched? Well at least is not by Type this time, but still. There's a lot drama ahead and we only have 3 episodes left. I wonder if we'll get any time for happiness when the drama is solved. I still can't with this TarTum situation. It makes me cringe every time I see that Tum is pining for Tar. I'm very interested on how this whole Tar Tharn thing will play out but I'm feeling that I'm going to hate the way Type will react next episode as usual and I'll take back my happiness for Type's evolution in the art of communication lol
  12. I've seen someone on twitter translating a tweet from Mame saying that, but I have no idea and I don't always trust all the translations that are out there. I can't find it now though. But if you don't find it in the official media of the series is because it'll probably have the usual length.
  13. I'm about to die lol Another spoiler for next episode:
  14. I was able to see the tweet now and I laughed a lot haha As to Mame's definition of lovely I'm scared lol I'm also curious as to what the special secret 13 episode will be. I want to be either behind the scenes that we've never seen or even better than that the 13 episode is the finale because I think there's just so much to unpack in so few episodes and also because I don't want the show to end lol I also don't mind a 13 episode of just Tharn and Type happy and in love no plot needed or 45 minutes of Mew smiling
  15. I can't open that tweet. BTW, I know I've been complaining for ages that Tar looks so much younger than Tum and how it makes this ship a bit uncomfortable for me. But even more striking was in the preview for next episode when Tar bumps into Tharn how so much younger he looks than Tharn almost like a child. I really can't imagine Tharn having had a relationship with him. When was this relationship? It's also creepy for me how San had sex with Tharn one time when he was 14 (and he was 17?) and 5 or so years he's still obsessing and pursuing Tharn. Also, I've read some comments that next episode will be 1 hour. Is this confirmed?
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