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  1. Anyone else too embarrased for yoo yeon seok for liking a shin hyun bin fanaccount and seeing the stories and then unfollowing it....like my boy can be this obvious i thought he was a smart meticulous boy....he must be kicking blankets now for his mistake
  2. Hospital playlist provided us the healing we needed this quarantine while teaching us the importnace of friendship, kindness , diligence and compassion which we kind of are slowly detaching from due to social distancing...I am soo thankful that I came upon it...cannot wait for next season
  3. Loving all the love yeon seok is getting.....he had a rough start a flashing fame with chillbong and then he kind of almost disappeared from trending upper cream of A list stars....if he had continuous 1 or 2 hits after reply series he would have been like kim soo hyun and lee minho but then he had other plans like musicals...but then he as mr. Sunshine gu dong mae and now the purest hearthrobe ahn jeong won I am happy he is again getting loved and seen....he is a perfectionist and puts his all for his roles...I really want him to not be underrated anymore.
  4. Yoo yeon seok brought such a beautiful and warm humane character alive he is such a perfectionist... Btw I would really like to point out the similarities between him and his character ahn jeong won... 1. He is meticulous as well and likes cleanliness and order. 2. He is always appreciated by his costars as someone who organizes and cleans up table well after having food together ( i remember his warm and cozy costar and whistle blower costar say so). 3. He likes kids (watch his reality show wekid, he is known as crybaby there coz he mostly cried) . 4. He
  5. The speed of this forum tells us how much anxious we all are.... xan't wait for next episode, final one... don't want it to end and when it will we will all be nostalgic and empty awaiting its return. Btw i read over twitter that next season will start from december 2... is it really confirmed???
  6. Btw now its getting clearer that jwon has some kind of feelings for gyeoul but does he really know that "she is not in a relationship with the person she apparently recieved flowers from" coz I feel unless that misunderstanding is not cleared he won't accept he might hv feelings. And could it be a part of the reason he is now comfortable with her now ?(coz he now knows she had a crush on him from ikjun but she seemingly moved on with someone else). Have I missed something??? I feel that things are kind of tangled for me... Side note.....I squealed seeing chillbong
  7. Wow u gave me a new insight...it really seems that his internal conflicts are not recieved well by others....maybe that's why he didn't replied to ikjun when ikjun was advicing him...its like he gets that people don't get him...i really want him to find his happiness soon.
  8. Wow! what an episode, its my favourite coz i got so many wintergarden moments and first ever flowergarden scene (also yoo yeo seok sang, gosh my heart just dropped there!!!). I am actually open to both wintergarden and flowergarden. But I feel that songhwa's first crush was jeongwon (how adorable, soft and kind he is to kids and as we saw in this episode towards her too she might have fallen for it atleast once in 20 yrs of friendship) and she got over it . And maybe there are more reasons as to why ikjun never confessed his feeling which will be revealed later. I think jeongwon will
  9. Btw i wanted to know...was yoo yeon seok not there at the wrap up party?? I couldn't find him in any of the photos from there.
  10. I am a winter garden fan too but I have this longing to see songhwa and jeongwon too... But I will stay happy with yoo yeon seok and jeon mido for now..
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