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  1. Hahahaha I know the scriptwriter want to tell us that they live a happy life now, sure it's actual meaning of the ending scene but somehow I can't imagining, how? There are some situations left that prevent them from have a proper life. Oh forget it, not every question should be answered. Actually, for me, it's quite hard to make sure about something without a real 'evidence'. I'm laughing at this part. I just can't imagining lol. The start of this feeling is, when I knew that the word 'bogosipeosseo' is actually an adlib from Ro Woon and Hye Yoon. The director offered them to add a line for ending scene and finally they choose that word. So what's written on script actually? Are the scriptwriters really care about them by not adding any single line for it? Ah for the gif set @Jillia, yes it's from the intro!
  2. In the middle of night, I suddenly thinking about something. The ending scene! I'm sure there is a better option for that. It gives more impact if it included a narration on it. Like; I'll definitely find you, whatever the worlds you live in, wherever the space you existing. With a sunset, in a meadow, after class, laughing of each other, lying on the grass. How happy they are become nameless extras just like people around them! (It could answered Dan Oh question in episode 16 or 8? too) If it's like that, I'm sure I will not wondering their life now
  3. Girl with withdrawal syndrome here hahaha. I keep listening to the background musics in loop. They're so wonderful!!!! Seriously! How can the music producer composed this score and matches perfectly with EY? How can? Hahaha. My favorites are: 1. A Door to Time God, this is so Danharu...the blowing curtain keep appearing in my head. 2. By Chance The scene when Dan Oh turn to see the date in hospital...and when Haru able to change the stage and carried Dan Oh to health room. 3. Pearly Rain. When Haru waiting Dan Oh under the tree...it's so sad... 4. Walk This Sky I miss every intro I saw when start streaming... 5. Poop The background music that makes me attracted to this drama for very first time, and then read the webtoon, waiting for the first broadcast, and now it's ended. 6. Conti The background music that always appears when the situation is mess up. 7. Dazzlingly Love The art room date, the second kiss, that vibe... I'm speechless 8. High School Runaway Even the A3 music theme LOL 9. See the Fantasy, Ocean Dreams The magical of comic world! 10. Heart Memory The tragic of Trumpet Flower... 11. And others I LOVE THEM ALL. For now, I found two background music that isn't released. First, the fairytale-like melody that appeared in highlight teaser (Haru's part) and last episode too. Second, the background music that always appeared in Trumpet flower, especially when Haru visit Dan Oh place and then they went to the lake. But, I'm sure it's not only me who was struggling with post drama syndrome like this. Even the newest BTS, I got a goosebump when the director told Hye Yoon to go out for a while from art room to calm down her emotion a bit. She will keep crying if she doesn't take distance from Haru at that time. It got me deep...I'm wondering how much they're suffering from this syndrome, I mean I'm sure they're immersed to the character xx times than us.
  4. I don't know my exact feeling now, I was sad, scared, anxious, relief, it's too much. Around episode 13-14 (26-28), actually I'm quite worried with the plot, it's little bit disappointing to be honest lol. But damnn, last night episode just so beautiful. It's so beautiful until I hate myself for liking bittersweet story of our couple. I cried like a river And actually it's not really me... There are a lot of thought that I want to tell you guys, but my English is just...ough I know this drama isn't perfect but one thing I'm really sure...this is one of best dramas in my life. Thank you so much for all the discussions here, I enjoy it so much!!!
  5. Hello, I'm here. So here we go...lol I hope it's well explained hehe. After watching the preview, I'm like: Oh Danharu got three dates! It's movie theater, antique store, and Hangang river! But then, ohhh God, Dankyung got one date and it's beach?! Noooooooooooooooo Somehow I feel like the writers betrayed me LOL.
  6. Ohh hey It's been a long time I didn't post in this thread but it's so fun reading all the comments. So much love Before the drama airing, the raw version of the webtoon is still free on Daum Webtoon, all the chapters and seasons. But unfortunately, we have to pay now. You can read the english version on mangarock, but it's not finish yet. Here the link, https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-100297968 Btw, how can our Danharu so adorable together? Ah, I'm crazy about them. Also, I understand there are two teams in this drama. But, can we support them both? I mean Kyung and Haru, they're so adorable together too! (That's pottery class pft) I'm sad reading the comments out of there. It's just my thought. I always feel suspicious with all the lessons in the class. Especially, the last art class. It's about the process of making a pottery, somehow I feel it's indicated the 'author's creation'. When someone asked how to understand the pottery wants, the teacher said it's about instinct. We can't force our creation, if you do then it's will mess up (or something like that). What if it's indicated the writer's real situation, like how he/she taking deal with his/her story and characters... (Somehow I feel the real writer is the art teacher LOL.) One more, like @Jillia mention before, that's past perfect tense too!
  7. I think the ratings are quite low because the fact it is a school drama. So basically, the viewers are in 10s, 20s. But Extraordinary You is 1st when comes to top buzzworthy drama of 3rd week October, beat others strong ongoing drama like Tale of Nokdu, Melting Me Softly, When Camellia Blooms, etc. We knew the rival dramas are star studded casts with a lot of experiences. For me, it's still unbelievable for a school drama (with rookie actors) has reach this far (once again, with strong rival dramas). We do know Extraordinary You is a really amazing drama, they really deserved this. Even the PDnim said that the crews are very shock because they gained first in the list. I hope the ratings get better. With this achievement, more people will see this drama as promising one.
  8. For everyone who want to live streaming, you can stream it on official website. But before that you must register first, and the steps are quite easy! The website is imbc.com For tonight episode,
  9. Yes it finished. I read the last chapter at daum webtoon before the drama airing. It's still free then. But, there is a rumour that the scriptwriters only follow the season 1. So, I don't know if comparing to season 2 is right or not
  10. Of course! I really love the drama version! I love more because they decided to make 'their own storyline' for Extraordinary You. So much love!!! Thus, we can enjoy the both version
  11. But drama version has so many changes. I think the scriptwriters use this idea for another twist for Haru background. I don't know...
  12. I just streamed tonight episodes too. I think the storyline is +-80% different from the webtoon version. One thought from tonight episodes, wanjeon eomcheong daebak jaemisseo!!!!! But does anyone knew the name of the red flowers? Is it Azalea? I think it has a key point. Edit: I asked this question on dc gal lol And the flower's name is 능소화 or chinese trumpet vine and the meaning is 'waiting'.
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