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  1. Maybe we can also add Jang Ryul’s father-in-law (presumably since he hasn’t appeared yet) to the list of suspects? I was just watching the scene in episode 8 with JR’s wife on the couch with her mother. They were chatting about JR’s wife’s “scandalous” dating in the past and the mother shushed her when they heard a man’s hacking cough. It’s definitely a stretch but it would be a surprise if there was more backstory to Jang ryul’s wife’s family. Can’t wait for more clues next week.
  2. Hello everyone! I’ve been following all your posts for weeks now and decided to finally register because I like this show so much! I like Gong Hyo Jin but was initially frustrated she was playing this kind of character again (In the vein of her characters in Thank You, Pasta, and Jealousy Incarnate imo) but I can understand her decision to portray Dongbaek the way she does and I trust it completely now. They’re similar characters but definitely not the same. Given what Dongbaek’s been through I couldn’t imagine her ending up any other way. Episode 4 (Netflix) was where this show picked up for me and made it into a show I care about. So for those who are just starting, I’d recommend sticking around til then. The one liners in this show have me reeling with laughter and the flashback scenes turn me into a sobbing mess each time. The story is simply refreshing and fun. Now onto the next episode
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