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  1. Hi How good is linkedin for employment?
  2. Burglary, Vancouver, Washington. My home in Vancouver was robbed in a daylight robbery of $ 150,750. 00, inventory theft, multiple car theft, car title theft, passport theft, birth certificate theft, and identity theft. The thieves broke down all the doors in the house and tore my garage door off its hinges with a tow belt. Neighbors held them at gunpoint as they ran and drove away. The Vancouver police recently found the location of some inventory of Wolfsburg.
  3. My daughter tried to enter her social security number along with her date of birth, street address, and zip code. IRS.GOV website to be able to get a stimulus check via direct Deposit. Is she always told that her social security number is incorrect ? She has tried many times over the past 2 days and keeps getting the same message saying it is wrong. The information you enter is correct !! Has anyone had success ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Be healthy all.
  4. Is it still profitable to trade stocks in USA? Just want to start trading and I'm thinking that it's kind of risky deal, but I still want to try at least
  5. So my husband and I are in the middle of building a new home in the southern suburbs of Perth. We had a few problems, such as stealing things from our site (we just got to the bricklaying stage!!) and we read about a large number of crimes occurring in the area where we are building. Things like repeated break-ins, home damage, animal baiting, property theft (including an entire front yard with fake grass!), cars broken into and stolen, needles and dirty diapers left in parks, etc. This happens every day! We're not really looking forward to this area right now. We are trying to find some information on the Internet about whether we will be able to sell the house after it is completed (without having to move). We would be happy to just sell it for what it cost us (not for profit, just sell it so we don't have to move!). Did anyone finish the build and sell it after the transfer? What is it about? Do we have to pay CGT? Maybe we should keep it and rent it out.
  6. Want to ship my car from NY to CA Which company to choose?
  7. Does anyone of you stick any trading strategies (I mean forex, stock trading and etc) ?
  8. yea, all this star business has bothered me... By the way, I'm bothered by Google Ads with those "stars"
  9. Most likely it was an legal casino. Once I played poker in a garage with my friends and the cops burst into us and wanted to arrest us for organizing an illegal casino, but we explained the situation and forgave us. After that, I decided never to play in a casino, and if I want to play poker, then for me it is best to play in an application that can be tried at the site of happyluke online casino login. This is the official application of online casinos and it’s pretty easy to win and even make money there. So do not take risks and play at home!
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