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  1. Tbh, it's a bit creepy to see people offended when their favorite idol are on dating shows, talk to members of the opposite sex or are flirting with someone. Liking an idol is the epitome of a one-sided relationship, no way in hell you're going to watch someone on the other side of the world so hard she's magically going to fall in love with you.vidmate mobdro word counter
  2. Episode 10 -- Did Taejun... actually have his friend killed? I'm completely shocked. Is he really walking down this path? What a development, but I certainly can't say that I'm happy with the way this is going. I am looking forward to season two, I wonder how he's gonna still be the 'good guy' protagonist. Every 'bad' thing he's done up until just now was either a temporary setback or mitigating disaster. Even the Seojuk market thing could probably be justified as he tries to explain. But this... I can't explain. I'm at a loss for words. I hope they concoct some way of him not knowing about it but that's just not realistic, right?
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