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  1. Hello kookmin shippers, I have always managed to read all of your analyses although I haven’t been active and well what can I say I enjoy them and it's always cute :). I just wanted to share my opinion today. I never even once doubted KJK and JSM relationship. If you guys remember after the fanmeeting kookmin were not shy to be close to each other, whether KJK directing JSM to stand beside him or remember after the dance when they both went for a hug (just like a movie) when their eyes met they automatically moved closer for a hug. Isn't Haha closer to KJK than JSM? why look for her to celebrate? well the heart is a mysterious thing, only a person in love can understand it. Now let me talk about the loveline, tbh I understand the reason for it and I've come to accept it. As soon as people noticed JSM and KJK chemistry people (especially the haters) started showing negative reactions, some even commenting on their IG, the funniest part is two weeks after these comments on IG and on youtube JSM started the loveline with YSC and it's been going on since. As a JSM fan if you watch her early episodes you'll notice how people have been hating on her, she even once said that the haters told her to never have a loveline with any of the other members except YSC. So YSC is their helper, he makes a lot of things easier for both KJK and JSM. For example 1 JSM doesn't need to flirt with every male guest that comes to the show, she doesn’t need to carry on with the playgirl character with every single male. 2 A lot of haters will stop commenting or hating on her as long as she does the fake loveline with YSC. If I was on JSM place I'd do the same, no one wants unnecessary attention. HOWEVER love is something you can't hide, JSM bringing KJK t shirt is one of her weakness (notice LKS reaction lol) Some things can't be hidden. KJK scolding JSM on ep 484 when she says she's on Jae Hong's team, KJK sitting just between Kim Sung Oh and JSM even though you could see how much he wanted to sit at the back, he manages to squeeze himself between them lol. KJK is so close to YSC and that's why he allows the loveline, because he knows JSM isn't attracted to him at all, he knows YSC is not a threat but a helper. YSC respects KJK a lot too so it's a win win. However JSM gets tired of the loveline, in yesterdays episode when she brought the food and they all teased her she started defending herself, she could just go with the flow but she wasn't ready for it and that's when HAHA started with the fake laugh and YJS looked at him like What's wrong with you? and then JSM bringing that t shirt was a way of showing some of her feelings to the members, she gets shy with KJK and they all laugh. Never trust Love lines in running man, remember the episode when LKS was hurt by Ha na because she said she couldn't stop thinking about LKS and it turned out that she had a bf. LKS seemed very hurt and the members teased him, just after two episodes they announced his relationship with Sun Bin. Think about JSM and KJK situation? A place like running man where a lot of men want to be with JSM, he'll surely get jealous but if she fakes with YSC whose very close to KJK and is very loyal to him, he'll never get jealous, I find it cute tbh so let's support our JSM and KJK. Have a good evening shippers <3
  2. @Rida Live I know right I kept asking myself what possibly went missing at that time but he didn't even seem to find what he was looking for, he probably was just flustered lolol @shamos83 I thought I was the only one who thought JSM was being a bit sarcastic when she asked him how many women he walked with lol and yes KJK body language was the highlight for me Did you guys also notice at the end when HAHA refused to give money to JSM, KJK smiled bitterly and he was shaking his head, he didn't even give money to anyone else I hope he went on a date with JSM after the shoot, maybe that's why he ended the shoot before anyone else, why was he in so much hurry?
  3. So after watching the latest ep my heart can't handle kookmin lol, KJK teasing JSM when they were playing rock paper scissors and when JSM said I am getting stressed him smiling while slightly biting his lips. Lately he smiles at everything she does and everything JSM does is so cute to him. When they were in the car and JSJ was asking KJK whether he walked with a date/woman in the area that they were passing through and JSM had to add ''Yes of course he must have'' and after that she asked him how many women he walked with? Funny thing none of the other members were saying anything, HAHA thought it was the right time to find his lost belongings ( You'll understand what I mean when you watch the scene lol) Haha and JSM are like besties these days, why do I feel like JSM knows almost all of KJK friends lately, when Haha called Gap Jin she smiled just after hearing his name, as if she was close to him or he's someone she met several times (you could see how she was adding to the conversation) KJK holding JSM hand and squeezing it when they were playing toss the dice game and I thought he would atleast do a high five with Jihyo since she was sitting right next to him and she was the reason they won but he just stands up and celebrates until he remembers and gives her a slight touch. After that in the car KJK uses a lot of body language at some point he even turns all of his body towards JSM and JSM thinks it's the best idea to keep all of her snacks near KJK lol. I read an article about scientific signs of attraction few days ago and KJK has every sign, his body language, his smiles, him looking for excuses to touch her, his teases, his compliments and him trying to connect with her even on social media ( where he definately knows she gets a lot of hate from). And Lately JSM does a lot of aegyo, before it was when male guests come but nowadays she does it more when there are no male guests. She pays a lot of attention to KJK, in the car when he was talking about the beauty of his hometown, she was the only one who kept replying to him ''it's beautiful'' why do I feel like KJK was giving JSM a tour of his hometown? And finally her calling him cute twice when he mentioned the DLBoys
  4. I am really glad to hear that you're in the process of making a new video your videos are the reason why I fell in love with this ship, everything was so detailed and it made all sense. After a long busy day, coming here and reading everyones comments and ofcourse watching your videos makes me so happy. I hope all of kookmin shippers get stronger each day since there are many unnecessary haters out there, by us growing stronger it will make them weaker. Fighting to all kookmin shippers
  5. I would like to see his reactions too but I think it's over for Chi Yeul, Somin literally friendzoned him in the latest episode and yes yes Kjk is the jealous type, I realized that in ep 461 when Yjs was scolding Somin because she came to meet him with Ko Young Bae while he was shooting another program and KJK was more bothered about her meeting Ko Young Bae in private and he even asked her why she did that, he sounded cute, he was like whining to her, the rm members were awkwardly quiet until haha decided to break the awkwardness boy, KJK don't care about such things, like I said before KJK is the type who can't hide his feelings and that's what makes him charming to Somin, you can see how much she admires him. Both of them are very private people that's why I believe they'll go public only when they are 100% sure about each other's feelings or when they plan to get married. I can't wait for the next ep, it's when KJK took Somin's picture
  6. Lol I know right, though I love Kang Ha Neul if somin was to flirt with him I would be sooo okay with it, my weak heart can't handle KHN and his smile I would probably understand her as long as she ends up with our tiger.
  7. I finally got the time to watch rm latest ep, it's been a busy week for me but I'm glad I finally did, I found this ep to be very entertaining, I was smiling the whole time. Tbh kookmin don't need to have big moments for me see them as a couple, the little things that they do is what makes them adorable, I was actually expecting to see the flirty somin since the male guest was her former love line in another ep and it even seemed to me that he was expecting some love line with somin ( he didn't want lks in his team, he kept shouting her name, laughing at her adorable dance) and she didn't even try to be in his team, like seriously? what happened to our playgirl? I have seen jsm in many shows and she likes flirting even if it's a little, I wondered why the members didn't say anything. If somin liked someone who's not a member of rm then she could have easily flirted with him just like lks did even when he had a gf. It felt like she was being careful, like the person she likes is watching her lol and another thing I loved about this ep was when somin was being chased by jsj group and haha was asking for help from yjs team (not kjk team but yjs) and kjk immediately asked haha what he needed or who he needed two times ( you could see he was desperate) and then when haha said yjs, kjk grabbed yjs even before he could complete a sentence. He wanted to protect somin at any cost even if that meant hurting the male guest ( the male guest was basically crying with pain lol) I have heard that people get more prettier when they are in love, probably because they pay more attention on their looks than before and they smile a lot, did no one notice that somin looks more prettier and happier than before. I have read some of your comments my kookmin friends about the forced love line between jihyo and kjk and tbh it seemed to me like a cute brother sister relationship, kjk didn't even care about jihyo's poem, she probably just wished him a happy life and I hope her wish comes true and kjk ends up with the person he likes. I hope he ends up with the person he was standing next to just after the poem ended this two giving me sweet syndrome. I hope @kookminclan RunningMan will make us another heart fluttering video of this two soon, I miss your videos they are like treats for us romantic people
  8. I so agree with you @kookminclan, I never felt a connection between ysc and jsm even when they were having fun in the bus and ysc got so happy and he told yjs ''Hyung I want to get of the bus'' jsm clearly tells him not to be so happy about it, it's like her making a line between them so that he wouldn't over do the situation. In that same ep jsm wasn't talkative with kjk I think maybe because he had other women flirting with him which I found so funny. Everything got better at the fan meeting, you could see how kjk stood beside jsm even if there was no space for him, but she eventually makes a space for him and then what caught my eye was when they were taking pictures, jsm was first standing behind ysc but she kept her eyes on kjk and slowly went and sat behind kjk, is this all coincidence? I dont think so. Both jsm and kjk teasing each other on insta, them standing next to each other 90% of the time and yes I do see ysc being a bit uncomfortable with jsm these days and that's because he is like a third wheel to both of them, when they went to the steak restaurant and he came, when kjk was whispering to jsm ear and he quickly backed off. Ysc has always been uncomfortable with kjk, I think he can't even joke with jsm the way he used to before, he might be afraid kjk will punch him or something. Jsm likes a guy who will stand for her and Kjk is like the bad boy in high school, where everyone is afraid of him but he is good to the girl he likes. And will always run to protect her from others (jsj for example lol) Trust me Jsm won't be able to resist Kjk
  9. Okay so first of all hello to all my kookmin shippers in here, I have always read your analysis and you guys rock! I mean I wasn't really planning to make an account and share my thoughts but I just couldn't resist anymore. Let me first start by saying that I was a jsm fan even before she joined rm and tbh I didn't think this ship would work because kjk always looked uncomfortable with jsm but now he is like a different person. I just watched the latest ep on Moms Diary and wow kjk has really changed even his mom admitted that she has never seen him like that before, I thought I was watching a jsm show, he acted all crazy. Kjk is the type of guy who can't hide his feelings, he will just follow his heart to the end, just like the way he asked jsm to stand by his side in the latest rm ep, I mean it wasn't really necessary, he never says that to ysc although they are close or even to jihyo, it is not like the cameras wouldn't capture jsm, I mean like come on? I also noticed that when they were in the car kjk put his drink behind jsm chair while stealing glances at her, even kwangso noticed that a bit, I mean he could have easily put his drink behind jsj chair which was much closer and was on his right unless kjk is left handed? The signs that kjk show is not normal guys, that guy is in love. Remember also when on ep 384 when the guy was reading their fortune he said to jsm that she was very conservative and that her future husband would be like a parent to her. Now kjk comes to my mind, he is like a parent to her already. I also saw another clip of kjk where he tells haha not to casually say I love you to ji hyo and that I love you should only be said to the one you truly love and it's not to be said casually and then he added maybe I'm conservative. So both of them are conservative and as you guys can see kjk is really a romantic but he likes taking things slow (although this days he can't seem control his emotions even on other programs haha) and jsm on the other side is someone who can change him, love him and be loyal to him and I can see that she's already attracted to him, in the song confession (maybe it's just me but) when yjs sings ''do you also do that with your friends? doesn't it seem like what kjk would say, I mean, why would ysc say that to her when he is one of her friends. In another ep when yjs says that jsm and young bae came to meet him although he was busy shooting another show kjk comes up to jsm and asks her why she met him alone? And even in the fanmeeting didn't it seem like kjk was singing for jsm? Am I the only one? when he sings 'I like you' he was basically looking at her ( he turned his entire body towards her) but it could be my pabu pabu mind lol. I just hope that they stay stronger and take things slowly and not to worry much about the haters. I am very attracted to this couple maybe because I was also born in April and I'm myself a romantic person? Let's get along kookmin shippers.
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