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  1. Tbh I was about to leave the ship after watching the latest ep, then saw this in the SBS Entertainment Awards night also found this post. That's my girl, wise and straight to the point. No more doubt, I'm gonna support what she supports.
  2. Wondering who KJK was talking to and why Tiny was interested in posting this if not that he was talking to his girlfriend. Look like his friends now know who that girl is. Should we hope?
  3. I didnt notice the loveline of JSM and SC before FM. For KJK and JSM, I remembered one ep that JSM fed KJK and another one she asked KJK out. That's why I thought they tried to make a loveline. Anyways, I'm not too concerned about those lovelines. I'm still root for our SA.
  4. I have some theories since the FM in Korean. As it also relates to other ship, so I will place it to hidden content
  5. Just found this video, very interesting, gather most of the SA suspicious mmomens in RM and other shows and I also love the background music in RM when focusing on them
  6. It's hard to believe that SA both have single status for these 5-6 years. If they have secret gf/bf, I dont think their bf and/or gf are happy to stay silent these years seeing those closiness, touches, skin ship, eye contacts, traveling together, holding hands, comfort, eating each other's bowls. Sjh and Kjk could kiss others in the movies, however those movies are only for a few months while RM last 9 years and every weeks. Sjh is a very beautiful and strong woman. Kjk is a devoted man. Unless they are secret couples for each other, otherwise I couldnt think of any other possibilities.
  7. Have anyone seen the comment from Skull? Wondering why he said "respect"
  8. Not even worried. We can easily find those moments with JH. (Kim Jong Kook Is Caught Off Guard By Child’s Question About Whether He Likes Song Ji Hyo). I'm surprised as how they can start that ship, if not believe in SA.
  9. The position they sat say it all! Lets wait for the announcement that will come out very soon.
  10. I'll rewatch this ep. Sound interesting to me as well. Didnt pay attention to Spartace before :). Sorry for talking too much stuff about astrology here. I have a astrology website and only do readings when im interested as I found astrology very useful to understand people and relationship, past life, karma, also predict the future E.g., KJK is a Aries venus. He is attracted to tomboyish woman, athletic in appearance, strong and independent. In dating, he will be the first to approach and profess love. So dont need to ask him to confess, if nothing happens, it just means he is not interested. So I agreed with @Adora Dark , if anything happens with Spartace, it happened a long time ago, even with another girl or he hasnt found anyone yet.
  11. Forgot to mention that KJK's Juno conjunct with SJH's venus (in Virgo), which means KJK sees SJH as an ideal spouse, while also activates SJH's feelings of commitment. I also put some notes about KJK & SM in hidden note if anyone is interested.
  12. Check out my astrology site. Free readings for love match (synastry chart), personal (natal chart), predicting the future (transit progressed chart) https://astrologyreadings.online

  13. You are right. Gary is a Pisces sun sign. It must very hard for him to leave RM. Back to our Spartace, KJK has Venus in Aries, Mars in Cancer, and SJH has Venus in Virgo, Mars in Cancer. So KJK's venus trine SJH's sun, this aspect is very helpful in any relationship. She feels more loving and beautiful in the presence of him. In the other way, he finds her charming and intriguing. They truly value each other. Both of them have Mars in Cancer, so no wonder that they usually mirror ech other, and inspire each other to do the best. However, whenever they do not communicate well, the anger could be double For marriage, KJK has Juno in Virgo , while SJH has Juno in Scorpio. With KJK, he has high expectation in his partner, he needs perfection, and also wants his partner to be interested in healthy habits (so much like him). With SJH, she needs intense relationship, her man needs to be confident and passionate, and always is prone to secret relationships. Other thing is that she can be very jealous... similar to KJK as a Taurus sun sign. (I haven't seen SJH to be jealous, so she must be very good at hiding her emotions). So both of them attract to each other, spending a long time together, in my opinions, I have very high hope for them to be together and they are surely great couples. SJH has a Aquarius moon sign, she will enter the first phase of Sade Sati period in 2020, this will be hard period for her, and usually people in these periods will get married.
  14. I've been reading this thread for some time, since SA drew my attention on Pajama Friends, the epsiode that KJK was invited. Love their chemistry & interaction, I was very eager to know what the book read about his love and SJH looked so nervous. To be honest, I didn't realize it at first, even though I'm watching RM for 9 years, maybe I focused only to the games I have looked at their astrology charts, unlucky that we couldn't have their exact birth time, so my analyzis could be wrong at some level. SJH has both moon in Aquarius and sun signs in Leo, while KJK has sun sign in Taurus and moon sign in Pisces. So to KJK, he's highly sensitive to emotional matters, the Taurus in his sun sign help him to look strong in front of everyone, but inside with Pisces, seem like he could cry every day. One thing important is that he would be very loyal, once he loves someone, he would stick to that one, can't take his eyes out of her, and it's very hard to him to let go of any long term relationship but at the same time, he could feel that he's not good enough for her. For SJH, she has moon sign in Aquarius (that's why Gary who has sun sign in Aquarius would understand her very much) and sun sign in Leo. These combination make her a very attractive person to most people. It's strange that people keep saying that she's introverted, while she's in fact extroverted, highly social, people will be very comfort to be with her. However, Aquarius doesn't like to be committed, they prefer freedom themselves. That maybe the reason SJH still enjoys being single? I have to go now. But their charts are very interesting to me and appear to be very compatible which I will discuss later
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