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  1. Hello! I have been seeing our KHS in IG, and I am glad that you are taking an English course, I wish I could have a good time outside, so that you would become a good English speaker and we could communicate a little better with her and also I had a different life experience. They say that traveling is equivalent to living twice thanks @gelisacarras, for being...<3
  2. Sunnies: I hope that our dear Koo can be better this year, that people let her be happy and forget this bad time, that she can be in college and meet people who want to love her and not the famous actress, as has happened in last. From now on I hope to see interviews about her art and about her new life and that happiness comes to her and embraces her. Koo, start your way, although I know it hurts. Be happy, we are here, supporting. figthing !!
  3. hi sunnies! I hope for all and all a prosperous year 2020, and that our best wishes towards our families and towards our Koo are fulfilled
  4. Apparently at this time more Instagram is used, in which some translations of his last interview appear. Photos of your pets also appear. Dear KHS, may you take shelter this winter, may you be a seed waiting for its spring
  5. Hi everybody how are you? I'm glad this new interview, does anyone have a link, where can I read the magazine? I hope everything goes better for our koo, although in IG they still point out that there are many hate comments yet. Regarding the people who are in this forum or not, maybe it's a spare time, isn't it? It is not that they have abandoned our Koo, but that life sometimes imposes on us tasks that we have to fulfill and we cannot continue performing our life as a fan. So, it is good that other people take their place and take this forum, in order to keep it alive and that when our partners can return, we are here supporting KHS and also supporting our partners. If KHS can live and learn at this time, we can also do it and continue to accompany it! Strength for all of us and strength for KHS too: fighting!!!
  6. Happy birthday, dear khs !!! that something good will be born from all evil, we will be here to support you, to send you good energy, whatever happens. May you be happy in your life!
  7. Hello Our koo's birthday is approaching, it will not be the best of his life, but let's hope it will be the beginning of a good stage in his life, of recognition of his professional achievements and a new rebirth as a person. She pointed out at some point that she would return to university. Hopefully I can do it and that in that new environment, find peace and happiness. What could we do to accompany her with good energy that day?
  8. hello sunnies I really liked the interview of our koo, I have read it using the google translator, but I think I have an idea, the images are also very beautiful, giving the image of a woman who learns from her experiences However, on a page of my KHS fan, they talk about rumors that "that boy" has erased his accounts and fears of suicide. What do you know about that? Although I think this may be another victimization strategy. Let's enjoy this beautiful moment of our favorite woman!
  9. Hello Apparently they are investigating about the gown that appears in a photo, however, at least in IG there are people who think that the journalists of a certain news site, are trying to make KHS look bad and favor their opponent ... it seems to me that it is already too much what our k must suffer, imagine what thousands of non-celebrity women should go through, in similar situations... I agree with @gelisacarras, that is my girl!! It takes strength and is having it, to withstand that press and those people who speak odiously. Fighting Koo!
  10. hello sunnies Today I have seen comments on social networks, many bad, some good. Of the good ones I have seen of divorced women who point out that they said and felt the same as our Koo when they were in their divorce process and that they had the same rage and that many also attacked them and said bad things about them, even if the husband had been the big culprit of the relationship failure. That people should not look at the lives of others and rather take care of their own lives. It seems to me that the criteria voices appear to defend and that their voice can gain weight, we have hope and we keep the support, because everything bad will happen. Our Koo will be better, little by little, some days will be better than others, but let's have patience and love towards her. Let's keep up, our Koo does a long way to lead a sincere life and her example will also help other women, to maintain their views and to respect them.
  11. These are difficult times for GHS and its fans. Even more so for her that is always observed. I think what we have to do is have patience and maintain our support, because nobody has to react the same as others in the moments of sadness and pain: the only thing that I have left is that all those women who are going through divorce are strengthened , especially GHS
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