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  1. OMGosh! The interview is pro so it must be a valid source. Wow season 2? Sign me up already! The other day I just happened to switch on the TV and on broadcast was a melo. My husband happened to walk pass and he found the show irritating. His remark was, why don’t you watch Backstreet Rookie. This show is annoying!
  2. JCW said in one of the interviews that he and KYJ are slow to watm up to new contacts. So not a surprise they were distant then since the press con was early on.
  3. Rewatching last episode on One now. Before this, I was wondering the purpose of have DH’s 3 friends who returned from China make their appearance again. Now I know. It’s to beat up that huff and puff new store manager. He deserved to have his butt kicked but okay, am good with him getting a few punches
  4. I’m rewatching ep 13 now on One. Still enjoying it a lot. Actually more enjoyable watching it on the bigger TV screen. Double the fun!
  5. Why give this site exposure here? This is a infamous trashy blog that cooks up half-truths and click bait type of headlines to get people to read her articles so that she can generate more traffic for ads. I cut off the URL link. No need to give her traffic for trashy posts.
  6. Am rewatching ep 13 on One now. In that part where DH and SB talked after he read the news about her dad, I now see that flashback to the part where he saved her was his flashback, not hers. If so, he already knew who she was back then and that explains his seemingly sudden mention of it in the last episode.
  7. Happy for the increase in ratings. For a drama that received so much backlash before and during the airing, this is a feat. It’s also a slap on the haters’ face. Also the ratings were quite good if compared to the previous big production drama. Plus it’s aired on various platforms at the same time as on SBS. Internationally it received a lot of love too. I think it could have done better if not for the haters. I’m most happy to see JCW in this role. He really aced it! I laughed so hard when he was called a wuss by the gangster. He fought so coolly in his mind!!! And KYJ can do action roles in future for she’s so cool as SB! She’s so pretty. Anyway, both of them are one of the dream OTP for me. Next is JCW and KJW so I hope they accept the offer. Did anyone else cheered when DH’s mom gave her piece to YJ’s mom. Haha. So satisfying.
  8. This is all the fault of those who petitioned against kissing in the 1st episode. PD is angry and reversed out the kiss!!! Haha...everyone is cursing and swearing now. It’s funny though. I had a good laugh while watching this episode. Aigoo. This is not a romcom. It’s about a drama on social divide, centering around the Choi family. Wait. Maybe it’s about 2 orphaned girls who made it in life through their fist and nosebleeds. Or no. I think it’s about a webtoon artist who fouled up a decent romcom. Sorry...just being cheeky. But maybe cos I wasn’t expecting much except to see them together, I do like this drama. It was funny but quite meaningful too. And I like the theme song a lot!
  9. Okay...am a bit scare to read this forum now. I know many are disappointed and I can understand why. But I’m good with or without the kiss scenes. I actually like ep 15 a lot. I like seeing DS & GB together and I like DH being resolute with YJ. I also liked that SB said she doesn’t want DH to change. That’s true love. Looking forward to last episode tonight. It shall be a happy ending. okay, scooting out. Don’t be angry.
  10. I’m wondering if the kiss would be something like the scene in the storeroom of the convenient store where SB initiated the hug and DH pushed her away and then hugged her, saying it’s all in his plan? Another thought is that maybe there was a mistake somewhere where this is “about a family” drama, not “for family” drama.
  11. I was watching repeats on One and my husband watched along. He found it unique and funny, even DS moments. When he saw YJ as DH’s girlfriend, he said why this girl and not SB cos KYJ is prettier! Lol. He even went to search for Crazy Crazy OST.
  12. I like that confession too. I wanted to know DH’s depth of feelings for SB more than anything, considering our gal has been in love with him for so long. I didn’t understand why they introduced Qiang Mi now but I think the writer might be trying to portray that what you think is the love of your life may be different in reality? The dream girl/guy may not be the one for you? Same with GB and Dalshik.They never expected to fall in love and they are. It’s both funny and weird. I remember when I was much younger, I would observe couples and often wonder what did they see in each other. I think many expect some heart fluttering romance between DH and SB but that’s what they don’t want to show. We don’t know for sure until the end. But I am ok with their interactions for now. I feel BR is quite an interesting drama overall with some depth. Just that their marketing isn’t very good as they did not position the drama right, causing confusion and frustration amongst viewers.
  13. YJ better be badly humiliated by the end of the drama and live her life in regret of giving up on DH first. And I hope the “huff n puff” ahjusshi manager get his face smashed by SB.
  14. Why is it I get this feeling that DH’s mom might be against their r/s? I remember earlier in an episode when DH stayed overnight at the store to check the video footage of the underaged smoker, his father made a comment that DH likes SB and it was immediately shot down by the mom. And in last night’s episode, was she scolding DH for being too close to SB or for pushing her away?
  15. I remember one of the complains was the angle they shot SB from the back when she was walking toward the store for the interview. I saw the same angle on DH’s back when he was running toward YJ’s house in ep 10. The PD wasn’t sexualizing SB in ep 1 according to the complains...it’s only cos she’s female and she was wearing a skirt. To the impure, all things are impure.
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