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  1. Thanks for confirming about his special appearance. I think it's important to set expectations right cos many fans seem to think he's in a lead role. I hope they will know so as not to be disappointed. I also agree that BR should not have a season 2. While I had enjoyed the drama, I don't think season 2 will do the leads any good cos of the earlier controversies. It would have been ideal if KYJ is the female lead in TSOM. She fits the look and age to a tee. Oh well...
  2. Was watching the latest episode of Knowing Bros on Netflix and caught the trio in that program. I didn't know Kim Min Seok and JCW knew each other in the military! No wonder they seem close. Also, saw the following comment on Dramalist by a Schew about how LITC was rated and wanted to flag it out here:
  3. Yes! I noticed! He was sulky and told the film crew to get out...exactly like PJW! Haha. I didn't noticed him drinking. Must go rewatch that part again. Anyway, am so glad that LITC is trending as Top 10 on Netflix across many countries in Asia and it remains as #1 show in Netflix Korea.
  4. I like the wrap up in ep 17. Although we know the story for the main couple ended in ep 16, at least the entire drama which had a proper setup was properly wrapped up in ep 17. And of course to see our YangYang couple even if it's just a few scenes. It was funny that LEO's first love was Kang Geon. YA! But Kang Geon's was not clear...it was either Rin Yi or Eun Oh. So cute the three of them!
  5. @Ale _ida You're so right that it's (some of) the international audience who dissed the show especially in the beginning about how the show was so Americanized. But I'm happy to know that it's getting better reception right now with the show about to wrap up. It's trending again as Top 10 in many countries now. But what makes me feel really satisfied is that the show is doing so well in Korea. One of the sources I go to understand if a show is of good quality or just hype is Douban. Their scores are pretty accurate. A show can be hyped but rated poorly there because the reviewers
  6. While waiting for ep 17, I read reviews on The Swoon and also Reddit. Reddit has some 300 comments on ep 15 & 16 so if you're gamed to read, it's here: https://www.reddit.com/r/KDRAMA/comments/lfrbqk/lovestruck_in_the_city_episodes_15_16/. I didn't read everything but some key ones and am glad it's a constructive review with love on the show. Frankly I stopped visiting some websites like DB for example. I feel that the reviewers there dismissed the show very unfairly early on. I feel like they only liked JCW in Healer and everything else is trash for them. I wanna leave thi
  7. I didn’t understand why everyone seem to think Ep 16 was the end. I liked that episode but I wasn’t satisfied with “the end”. It just wasn’t a proper wrap up. But there is ep 17! I mean they can’t focus the entire episode on building Min Ho’s love story right? And what about Kyung Joon and Rin Yi? There has to be some closure. Why did Kang Geon say Seon Yeong will not understand what he said? Honestly, this couple is the most complicated of the three. I don’t quite get their relationship but at the same time, I want them together. Rin Yi and Kyung Joon should break up cos
  8. My thoughts too! I don't understand why they broke off again. I know it's a better closure for their relationship but gosh, aren't these 2 still fond of each other. So why not make up? Why the break up? I really don't get it. But Seon Yeong emoted really well. I was so saddened by her words cos she's obviously very lonely because she hasn't met the right person. And I can't get over why Kang Geon was so cool. Sigh. But the girls don't seem to support him cos they never gave him the chance to speak. He was also considerate of LEO's state and decided not to elaborate his story. Come to think
  9. This is the episode I cried the most. I don't understand why Seon Yeong broke off with Kang Geon again even though she said he was special to her. But the entire dialogue and how she ended with him made me feel so sad for her. Then LEO's confession and how Rin Yi cried along and told her that she loves her for who she is. Even as I'm typing this out, my tears are dropping. Both friends never judged her, never asked her why, and just heard her. Even though they said they felt mad cos she kept all those secrets from them, they were still for her. I really like that the writer answ
  10. THIS! So happy it's getting recognition in its home country. For a 30 min web drama that is just 2x a week, spaced out in 3 days, I think it's quite a feat.
  11. I actually watched the last part nth time cos I enjoyed their bickering. It's so funny at some point, light dawn on PJW and he started blaming himself, that he's sorry for being PJW, for having her as his ex-wife. Their continuous retort was really hilarious. And how she punched his car and asked him to move, and he retaliated by slapping her car too while agreeing to move. And she kicked his car and he started to question...no one wanted to give way so the ring gave way. LOL. And I super love how he carried her to retrieve her ring. The whole scene and the transitions from being angry to bein
  12. Hope you're recovering well! At least got LITC to keep you entertained. LOL the angst is something to behold. I really like the buildup. So far the only episode that didn't get me immediately was ep 1 and maybe one more either ep 5 or 6. Otherwise, I love the overall tone of this show and how the story build up and then sweep us all off our feet. Haha. So brilliant. Both the writing and the direction were ace. And the cast and chemistry is just off the charts! In the previews, I'd found LEO annoying but in the actual episode, her dialogues paired with PJW were downright funny.
  13. I thought the pace was slow at first but boom, how quickly that changed and escalated in the last few minutes. Woah. Those two! Their confrontation was both funny and exciting. I didn’t expect PJW to call her his ex-wife. LOL. And did anyone else find their PPL hilarious? Gosh this drama is so unique. Am looking forward to next episode and wanna see how their friends react to their r/s. I have a feeling LEO might just come clean on her own. But it’s probably gonna be hilarious to see their reactions.
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