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  1. Such drama! I don't know how you get this idea that those of us who didn't give a positive review to this drama are against those who like. None of us said anything about anyone being wrong or evil for liking this drama. There's no right or wrong because it's about the drama, not about you or me so there's no need to get personal. I remember starting out liking this drama and I'm glad for those who liked it but also okay with those with didn't like. This is a forum and a diversity of views / opinions /comments is healthy as long as they're not derogatory or backhanded. Just like when I use products that didn't perform well and write poor reviews about them. Is that wrong? Reviews exist to help others make better informed decisions. Whether they want to buy or use the product is their judgement call. Same for drama reviews. I'm thankful for them because it saves me money and time. So people DO write negative reviews but I haven't seen scathing ones here, maybe on other platforms. The only one dripping with sarcasm is a glowing and cocksure positive review of the drama I see right here. Anyway, I completed this drama for JCW even though I didn't like it by episode 5 or 6. I know I'm sane. At least sane enough to know I can't be giving it a positive review.
  2. I'm outside these brackets. Where does that leave me. LOL. Non-human? I think like writing, a good drama or film should tug at the heartstrings either by making it relevant, thought-provoking, humorous, heart-racing, antsy, etc. I can only say MMS tried to be philosophical but the execution didn't allow those philosophies to sink in enough to make an impact for both my brain and my heart.
  3. Sorry, don't agree that this drama is on the same level as SP or K2 (if that's what you mean). I think the ratings and public comments speak for themselves. K2 was entertaining at least while SP had a way better story line. The OTP had chemistry and the humor was enjoyable. Melting is in most parts, painful to watch for many people. But yes, agree that he needs to make a living. I remember in one of his interviews, he said there are a lot of factors that he has no control over when it comes to a project. For all we know, there were behind-the-scene problems with MMS.
  4. Thanks @stroppyse for the spoiler because I caught some bits of the raw version and am not sure if I wanna watch the subbed (update: watched and it's not as bad as ep 15). Thanks also to @cherkell for reporting the ratings so faithfully. Am very glad too that the final episode finished above 2%. That was definitely no easy feat! I started out liking this drama...the 1st few episodes were quite fun to watch but when they changed tracked and melo-ed, it became really weird. The tone was so inconsistent that I ended up liking some episodes and hating others. Eg. I hate ep 12, love ep 13, hate ep 14, hate ep 15, don't mind ep 16 except for the lame ending. The OTP interactions were sweet one moment, then cringey the next. I suspect the writing changed to suit the comments but it turned out really awful. It was really painful to watch when we hit Ep 15. Honestly, I think the cast did a good job to maintain rating above 1% all this while cos even though it was not great, anything above 1% is considered a pass for cable right (at least from what I've read)? Sigh.In watching the drama, I felt there were many potential to bring out meaningful issues but those were all glossed over or suddenly, the scene would change or the mood would turn comedic at the wrong time. And because of that, I kept watching every serious scene incredulously, wondering if they were just kidding around. Well, hope JCW will take on a better project next. I think nobody was expecting this turnout given the track record of the writer and the director. Meanwhile, waiting for his China project (My Male God) to be aired next year. I think that one may be cute. I have a penchant for C-dramas these days. I think with most rom-coms, they do get certain things right so even if the plot is cheesy, you can't help but watch. Btw, for those who have not watched Whirlwind Girl 2, even though it wasn't great, honestly, it wasn't half as bad as this (at least the tone was consistent). It was watchable till maybe the last episode or 2. So if you can bear MMS and miss JCW, you can give that one a try. I didn't keep up with what happened to the killer. But he was on mission to kill both MDC and KMR cos he can only get his money if he kills them. Think that was in Ep 15?
  5. Thank you everyone who gave your insights into why MDC fell out of love with HY and in love with MR. I appreciate them. Definitely gave me a fresh perspective on their relationship. The issue I have is, these all serve as head knowledge for me. I can understand why he fell out of love, and then quickly in love again. But the problem is I tend to watch with my heart and mind you, I'm not very picky with dramas and I can dismiss plot holes, bad writing quite easily. So many picked on The K2 but I actually enjoyed it. I also liked SP despite the critics. But this drama though is on another level. The whole tone is weird...increasingly more as they try to improve. I thought they'll get better but it's not the case. Like I mentioned, the emotions are not very well expressed whether in terms of story development or actual dialogue and because of that, we're left to interpret the characters and their motives ourselves. Sigh. And this has to be JCW's comeback. I suspect they were all sold on the writer's past track records. I understand the director also won some award before? Anyway, I also know of many good actors/actresses who did not suffer a dent in their popularity due to a poor quality work. Ultimately, people can differentiate good acting vs a poor script/production. So on this note, I'm not too worried for JCW. But just hoping he doesn't pick another rom com in the near term.
  6. I didn't want to admit it but the writing of this drama is quite honestly, in the pits. I don't understand why DC suddenly falls out of love with HY. I know the reason but the way it's been portrayed, I'm now feeling he's the heartless jerk for telling her that his heart doesn't flutter for her and he doesn't love her. And since when is he so deeply in love with MR, he's tearfully begging the professor to save them so they can roll around and sleep together? I mean, it's incredulous. I can see his interest in her but I don't see the depth of his love. The biggest problem I have with this show is how they try to deal with human emotions and yet makes all the interactions so superficial. I suspect it's got to do with how they'd initially wanted to make this a comedy and then change course midway to invest more in the love story. It's now neither here nor there.
  7. Agree. WJA is cute in her own ways but she looks more compatible with someone younger like Bomin. I thought their visuals match and they look cute together. As I watch the drama, I keep wishing they paired someone a little older than WJA with JCW.
  8. I was hoping it was for real then THAT would have been so exciting to watch! How to deal with a love that was suspended for 20 years...how to deal with a lover who is older but looks younger than you? LOL. JCW could do much more with an unconventional love story!
  9. I’m not too surprised by the poor rating even though I wish it’s not the case. This drama is really not good enough for a prime spot. I love JCW but there’s nothing to captivate me. The directing / editing are most problematic for me. I watch it half wondering if the next moment will be serious or funny. Most of all, I feel the OTP cannot draw me into their upcoming romance. Sorry to say this, but I think they cast the wrong girl with JCW. I don’t see the chemistry. Thought her scenes with Bomin are more interesting. As for JCW, he is just good looking so far. Can’t see much of his acting chops. In fact, the only moments I like are his interactions with his family. I particularly dislike what they’re doing to the professor and his hair. I started out quite liking this drama but as I continue, I feel disheartened. Might still watch when I have the time only for JCW.
  10. I don't like ep 5. It's slow and the ex-bf's imagination of a frozen-about-to-die MR is plain stupid and serves no purpose for the plot...well, other than showing what sort of a goofball he is. Ep 6 was better. I liked how DC took responsibility for the experiment. But I'm on tenterhooks now they've put Prof Hwang with DC's family. I can almost see them doing something stupid that'll put him in danger. Hope I'm wrong. I guess I'll continue to watch for now but frankly, not feeling the chemistry between the 2 yet. I'm afraid my interest in this show is thawing and may just melt completely.
  11. I didn't really feel the pace for this drama is slow but the editing causes some parts to look a bit disjointed. Also, when I tried watching the drama raw without subtitles, the disjoint was very apparent. I didn't get that sense when I watched his other dramas like K2 or SP raw. So my conclusion is, I need to watch this drama with full attention when it's fully subbed. I actually found the expressions of MDC's assistant director and GMR's ex-boyfriend very amusing. Really hats off to them for being able to twitch and contort their face so much! Haha. So far the scenes I don't like so much are mostly those of MDC's sister. I know most seems to be drawn to GMR's family but while I enjoyed watching their backstory, I now find them boring post the 20-year. I'm looking forward to seeing more interactions in MDC's family...especially between he and his niece. Anyway, this drama has always been pitched as a comedic rom-com. And if you factor in the writer and the cast, you probably can get a sense that the comedy isn't going to be subtle.
  12. Well said! I agree it's a matter of personal preference. I don't mind slapstick comedies as long as they are not overly self-deprecating. Some are toilet humor and those are awful. I realized I'm easily tickled and I laugh easily...whether it's outright physical expressions and actions or subtle wit. Some of my favorite shows are by HK comedian Stephen Chow. His shows were pretty much slapstick comedies but yet they had longevity. I can watch his old shows over and over and still laugh at the silly antics. One thing I noticed though...years ago I watched JUMP in Seoul and it was pretty much slapstick humor. My son was pretty young and I thought he might like it but apparently I was mistaken. So while the locals were roaring in laughter, both of us just look at each other and rolled our eyes to high heavens.
  13. liltash85 I don't know your definition of fluff but fluff to me is anything superficial and trivial. If you're saying this drama is more of slapstick comedy, then to me, it's comedic fluff. That's fluffy for sure--completely silly and lacking seriousness.
  14. Okay, I wanna get this off my chest. I'm always disheartened by the negative comments I've been reading about this show. The more I read, the more I wanna drop the show. But each time I end up finishing a single episode and I'm heartened and want to continue. Is that weird? I keep thinking my standard must be low. LOL. But seriously I can't do slice of life type of shows. They're a pain to watch. I love fluff cos I don't have to think too hard and that's what this show does. I'm watching this for JCW but I'm not staying on to watch cos of him. I've dropped shows of actors/actresses I like so... Anyway, I do agree this is a mediocre production. But it's one I'm enjoying. For JCW's sake, I hope it'll be commercially successful.
  15. Was it his sister singing? I thought the singer was someone else?
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