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  1. Oooh you can watch Neon Genesis on Youtube????? Special A and Ouran High School Host Club :p guilty pleasures hehe
  2. Think, A compelling introduction to philosophy by Simon Blackburn Sounds boring but it's actually kinda interesting!!! a great, not confusing intro to philosophy
  3. Hahaha despacitoooo Coldplay is very nice :))) I like 2000s rock too, I miss that era
  4. I made some clothing because I love fashion!! Here are some pics of my friend and I wearing them <3 You can find out more/preorder on . . I took a lot of inspiration from korean fashion :p What do you guys think?
  5. Stare into the distance and listen to some music too
  6. thats nice... i have one double and one mono and its not great
  7. false haha next person is going to school currently!
  8. I feel that so much, sometimes I just ignore the hunger and it goes away but that's so bad lol
  9. LMAO a shitton of chocolate and frozen mango and bok choy lettuce. My diet is very sporadic
  10. hi all i'm angela!! 20 y/o, living on the west coast (best coast) US. let's talk about fashion and pinterest LOL~
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