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  1. @shazbinjin that was for the framed photos in their house in Switzerland
  2. @BJHope hi! From what i read on naver vast was acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary of kakaoM since later part of 2019. Not January 2019. Since I'm not so knowledgeable what wholly owned subsidiary really is i googled it A wholly owned subsidiary is a company whose entire stock is held by another company, called the parent company. The subsidiary usually operates independently of its parent company – with its own senior management structure, products and clients – rather than as an integrated division or unit of the parent.
  3. @Helena oh that's nice! I really didn't know much about syj prior to negotiation. Its just that when news came out that hb was offered the negotiation movie with syj and both accepted, i was happy coz all i know about syj is she's a great actress. And i really wanted to see Binnie work with an actress who has same acting caliber as him. But it never crossed my mind that both will click well or have amazing chemistry. Never really thought much of it since they're doing a crime thriller... Until negotiation promos started...
  4. @TotoroSY @Elle R so syj is also a swimmer like HB. HB has been a swimmer since kindergarten. And in middle school he had a fan club in his school Binjin have so many similarities that's why they have so many things to talk about. I didn't know syj also loved golf before? Or did she learn to love it coz of her close friend?
  5. Hi @queenie HB has another historical movie before Rampant. The Fatal Encounter in 2014
  6. @Annie12 HB didn't take the bus coz his official fanclub The Space had a bday celebration for him I love how he waited for syj to finish greeting the fans so he can say goodbye to her
  7. Late Autumn is my fave melo movie of Hyun Bin. He didn't have any bed scene on that movie. Just the long and passionate kiss with Tang Wei towards the end. His role there was a gigolo or male escort. There was a scene where Anna (tw's character) wanted to hire his services but they didn't continue what they started. Haha. Hoon (hb's character) just removed his top
  8. @ingrocerywetrust The Negotiation stage greetings. It was on Chuseok (thanksgiving in Korea) and they had stage greetings in Seoul to promote their movie. It was both hb and syj staff on the pic with them plus The Negotiation PD
  9. @TotoroSY hi! After airport sighting from LA, HB had mediheal fansign on white day in Korea march 14. Then he had asian fan meetings. Korea april 13, Taiwan april 20 HK may 11. Then last week of July he went to attend Watsons HWB awards in Guangzhou China Btw Vast co founder is on one of SYJ post on IG (i dunno how to post IG here haha) She posted a group pic of her and hb with their staff. The one on syj right side is vast co founder
  10. @Hyunyebinjin vogue photoshoot of BinJin was done after The Negotiation presscon Aug 9, 2018
  11. yes the 2nd lead in Ju Meok's fave drama. haha yeah he was the MC at that Pifan awards
  12. Hello @TotoroSY KBS Entertainment weekly main MC is Shin Hyun Joon. He is also Hb's close friend. He was also the MC during pifan where binjin won the producer's award back in July 2014
  13. Yeah i think part of the reason was his service in the marines since he got an exemplary service award. And until now he is a marine reservist Agree! With syj, hb would do things he doesn't normally do
  14. Fave BinJin moments: First wanna share why i love syj for hb is because of the good changes ive seen in him. Following him for many years now i haven't seen him so relaxed and comfortable with a leading lady. Hb is usually so stiff and cautious. With syj he can smile and laugh alot and even do silly selfies and videos. Now back to BinJin moments 1. Yes the grocery pics.. If i meet a friend in another country i won't do grocery shopping with him. Maybe eat together and go to tourist sites? Do you know that the first rumor in Jan 10 i already believed it was true? Yup even without pics. That's how much i have faith in them. I've been silently shipping them since negotiation promos. Never shipped hb with anybody before. But i just love him and syj together 2. Their bts when rjh rescued ysr on her way to airport.. And syj was running to hb but he pretended not to see her and she hit him on his chest and hb's laugh that time was so pure and infectious. Then they put their arms around each other. They gave off couple vibes 3. Bts in Switzerland.. Syj and hb hugging and spinning and kinda losing balance. They really hugged for a long time 4. Latest hospital bts especially when hb leaned to syj and also that part syj held hb's head. So cute and intimate 5. Their piano bts where syj was testing hb's musical note skills. They were in their own world that time 6. Ring bts where hb interlocked fingers with syj. When had hb become so touchy? Haha 7. All the swoon vids and interviews! And yes like @sussieh all BinJin moments!
  15. @TotoroSY yes! In Singapore for Rampant meet and greet last Oct 30, 2018. I'm from the Philippines but i really went to SG just for that event. Ohhh words can't even describe how handsome he is in person. He is stunning! And he looks like a sculpture. I've been reading quite a lot of news articles about him being described as looking like a sculpture. When i saw him i said to myself "so they weren't lying".. He was sooo nice to all the fans, he even personally received our gifts for him. I was in the vip box that time so i was able to see him up close. His voice is sooo nice too... He's soo beautiful all over Then after the meet and greet i went to watch the gala premiere and they (HB with PD and jdg) were there onstage again to talk about the movie. I thought they were gonna watch it with us but sadly they had to eat dinner and then leave for the airport. Also just wanna add that HB was the ambassador for asian games 2014 held in incheon. But he was also chosen as one of the flag bearers. And during the opening ceremony when they introduced the flag bearers he was introduced as 'he is chosen not because he is a glamorous celebrity but because he is the right person'. This goes to show how great a person he is
  16. @charray I'm sorry but i have to say something. As HB fan i can say he is warm and nice just like ri jung hyuk. Being distressed about the dating rumors doesn't make him less nice and warm. I have personally witnessed how nice he is to his fans when i saw him in person. And based on his co actors' testimonies, he is a person with great personality. Celebs are also humans, they have feelings. I guess its normal to feel distressed if rumors are always popping out of nowhere. And we don't have proof that those words came from Hb's mouth. Print media can twist any statement just to gain readers. Thank you
  17. All i can think of is Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi. They acted together in 3 movies
  18. I understand why vast had to respond. Coz people might bash hb and syj saying they're unprofessional on set that they held hands under the table even when it's not part of the script. Vast just wanted to protect their reputation as credible and professional actor and actress. And i don't want BinJin to admit just because of some articles online. I want them to admit when it's already the right time for them
  19. @Prueksachittham Binnie was single that time As what he's said before he doesn't like a woman right away but needs to get to know her first
  20. Hi dear comrades and shippers Wanna comment about the black band on hb's wrist. During the time he dated ks, the fans of ks assumed it was a couple bracelet since ks sometimes has a black band on her wrist too. But as hb fan i never once thought of it as a bracelet. Coz for me it looks like a simple hair tie. And that time hb had long hair so i guess he needs to tie his hair when he's not infront of the camera. And one fan of ks also said that it is not couple bracelet but just a hair tie and a coincidence that both use hair tie. Black hair tie is very common everywhere. Now for the black hair tie during moa wrap party, maybe coz his hair also fall to his forehead hence the need for one. And maybe the black band on syj wrist on her IG post is also a hair tie? When i was still studying korean language my korean teachers always put their black hair tie on their wrist during class and when class is done they tie their hair with it. So maybe its common in korea? Haha. And yes black wrist band or hair tie don't mean anything. The most important things are what we see based on their actions and lovely gazes... And of course #ingrocerywetrust As i have introduced myself in the first few pages of this thread i am a super big fan of Hyun Bin and never shipped him with any other actress (most especially the ones he dated, never liked them) until syj came along
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