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  1. @KimSooHanMoo Thanks for the info re north korean. Now i get it why they use 네 and 네다... I was really confused while watching the tvn interview. So that is nk grammar. Haha thanks again And i love tvn's caption! Haha indeed Hyun Bin is like a perfectly sculpted statue in real life
  2. Same observation here! Hyun Bin wasn't his shy and stiff self, he was very comfortable and relaxed.. And very confident with his answers. And yes! Hyun Bin is so witty indeed.. That's why its always a pleasure watching or reading his interviews. Anyway they're really so cute in that video! Can't help but watch it again and again... I noticed there were a lot of eye contact between them
  3. @KimSooHanMoo thank you so much for the english translation! I will try to put this as subs in the video...is it ok? If no one beats me to it. Haha. Coz last time there was already an eng subbed video released for the second teaser
  4. @KimSooHanMoo thanks for the photos! Are jung hyuk and and seri on a date on that scene? HB looks soooo handsome even tho the photo is grainy.. And SYJ looks so beautiful.. What a beautiful couple
  5. @KimSooHanMoo @willenette haha i love his hairstyle in that video! And he always looks so good in turtle neck
  6. Me too! I'm a Mediheal user, i love their facial foam and face masks...But too bad we can't join the fansign huhuhu
  7. @KimSooHanMoo this is one of those many times i wish i live in South Korea! But yes I'm so excited to see him again!
  8. Agree with you @peggygordon! Haters gonna hate. I think most of them are shippers from different dramas of HB. @KimSooHanMoo I noticed most comments on that blogsite are usually trolls, Haters or bashers. Anyway let's not mind those haters and just continue to be excited for crash landing on you! Can't wait for December!
  9. @randomlee thank you so much! Still find it hard to understand spoken korean Anyway i think i can put the english subs on the teaser vid.. Will update once it's done
  10. @randomlee The most handsome man everrrrrr
  11. @randomlee I screamed when i first saw that pic on IG! They look so good together! What a very nice Friday night. First the beautiful teaser video and then the still cuts... Happy weekend everyone!
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