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  1. Hey the linkposted above opened yayyyyyy!!!! Omg woww... I don't know why but I have so much hope for them even though there is no news or hint as such . But ya the co host of LdW on his new show is YINs good friend and that is also a big thing
  2. When I'm clicking the link.. Pinterest opens I can't see anything else
  3. Yes ur right actually....your point of view of looking at this whole thing is is very positive . I'll also do the same in future and ya it is indeed a big thing from an actor's point of view to let that pic get clicked with another actor's face.... Omg omg omg I feel supppppper happy now .. and regarding his choice of drama I didn't mean to say anything disrespectfully just that I thought he chooses very different roles and that's why I felt so.. but ya I'm thankful that did else we wouldn't have gotten so much happiness hehehhe.... Thankuuuu for helping me change my perspective And yaaaaaaaa even I noticed the same co star with yin came on ldws show.. I was wondering if she must be telling him about the amazing time she had with Yin while funding together
  4. Hey yes I think it's TYH pic .. and this pic is from one of the I want to talk shoots from Jeju island becoz he wore these clothes and cap on that shoot.. but can't this b like a co incidence.. as in he might b having the same mirror that he used during TYH? .. correct me if m wrong becoz I don't know much about the industry there... Plus I was also feeling one thing that Touch your heart was definitely not the kind of drama that ldw would choose isn't it?? It seems like he chose it only becoz someone insisted to... Becoz I feel.he chooses very challanging and different roles and plots.. isn't it? What do u guys say?. And I read about the new drama he is going to work on .. the fantasy one.. but the actress is don't know which one it is not YIN
  5. Yes touch your heart( lee dong wook and yoo in na) and i also read a comment on utube .. saying the same
  6. Hey guys i just read on Facebook a few pages are showing posts which say that LDW nad YIN are officially dating.... Omg omg is this true? Becoz i haven't seen any official statements or any authentic sites supporting this statement .. plz if anyone has any info about it then do share.. if its true then it's the happiest day for everyone of us here i just hope it is true becoz i still haven't seen any sources like dispatch or anyone claiming this
  7. Yes yes I saw this too.. this is from the goblin era and it came out now .. true they have stopped giving any hints but then I always wonder that if there was nothing at all then LDWz bodyguard wouldn't appear with YIN smtyms.. right ? I dnno how this thing works in Korea but iv seen that bodyguard always with LDW and with YIN smtyms hehehe... Im praying hard and I'm positive that all our prayers will b answered
  8. Guys this is getting crazy.... Firstly I can't understand Korean and then nobody even posted anything about the LDW fanmeet here.. plus I read about LDW sending a coffee truck for his bubblegum co star.. and he sends it always too...I mean ya good friends do that but still ... Anyway the only good this so far is the talk show LDW will b hosting his own show and the first guest would b goonyoo .. but again people like me will have to wait for the subsssss
  9. Hey guys I still couldn't spot YINz manager in the video.. can someone clarify that part? Was he actually there??... ?
  10. Hey I watched that video yesterday.. omg I didn't notice YINz manager he was there too? Mayb YIN was also there sitting in disguise in the audience .. and about that girl walking behind LDW I guess he is one of the staff members she doesn't seem to be anyone special or close more than a staff member to me. .. plus definitely LDW would never get anyone special (if at all) to a public place where he could easily be spotted.. I hope this is true and our ship sailsssss forever !!!! Plz comment you guys about what you think about this ..
  11. Hey guys i was just going through the account @amazingyooinna on instagram and in the highlights there is one called touch your heart omg in that there is a small clip/gif its clearly a BtS but candid and LDW n YiN are clearly holding hands in that , LDWs left hand is in the pocket and YINz right hand is in his pocket too justb like in the drama its i think image 83(touch your heart highlight), its a touch your heart bts and i dont remember any such scene in the series ...i dont know how to share videos here .. but it's sooooooo evidentttt plz check and correct me if m wrong .. omg omg omg it is so so evidenttt
  12. Hey i watched the 9th episode of strangers from hell just now and i was eagerly waiting for the ringtone scene to appear .... What i feel about the ringtone thing is : 1. Either it's LDWz personal phone that they used and he must have kept this ringtone since 2 yrs. which is a little unlikely i guess. 2. They used a samsung phone similar model that was used during goblin which is quite old i guess .. so this too cant be correct 3. Mayb this ringtone is there in other phones also now but using it here in this drama could it b a co incidence? why would they use that ringtone specifically? This is so confusing becoz one side their relationship is being kept super secretive and on the other side such intentional hints are there .. im confused but hope it's a good sign only
  13. Thanka a lot for explaining the whole thing in detail, yes indeed he is super handsome and hope we shippers get some hints clues anything sooooon!! I just watched the esquire hobbyist interview where they asked LDW about how he does his laundry and there was one question there that does he listen to any specific song while doing laundry , he mentioned some song i dont remember but he also said that he likes to listen to the radio when he does his laundry and prefers whatever the DJ is playing ..omg omg could that mean anything at all ?? Or mayb m overthinking hehehe
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