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  1. You're welcome. I'm his fan too. He is a nice guy and caring for others. I'm just concern that after this he can't freely or uncomfortable to use his social media because all of this shippings. Shipping is ok, but I just hope no need to tag them. I know he can turn off the notifications but he still can see it. Do the shipping things privately or among the shippers community is more better.
  2. Hi guys, i just want to share my opinions. After last RM episode, I saw kookmin shippers keep increasing. Its nice actually. But, i hope we all kookmin shippers just stay lowkey. Its okay to post all the kookmin moments in Ig. I love it too. But, its better if we don't tag JK and Somin personal ig page. Hashtag is ok. The other shippers already tag JK a lots. It might be a burden for him..just imagine us in his place. I know loveline is only for fun but Im afraid JK and Somin might be uncomfortable with all of this. I dont want they distance themselves during filming bcause they know fans will capture every moments they did. We can discuss freely abt koomin moments in this forum and youtube. Lets stay positive all the shippers and stay away from cyber bullying.
  3. Both looks like a 'secret couple' in this episode.
  4. Nice observation guys..and JK know about somin fansign event too..at Anyang Mall. Both of them have a fan sign event at the same place, but different week.Somin must told him she would have a fan sign event at his hometown before.
  5. I'm satisfied with today episode. Quite intense with hunter&mission team game, like the old episode. There are so many koomin moments too... The way both of them teased each other.its so obvious they're so comfortable now. No more tough JK, even when he 'scold' Somin, he smile. Looks like somin more close with JK now than with Sechan. I believe the loveline between Somin & Sechan only for the show.
  6. But nowadays, Somin looks like not serious to play the 'playgirl' character.Not only JK changed, she's changed too.In most of the latest RM episodes, both of them always stay near with each other.its strange,you know..hehe. Its hard not to ship them. While the other shipper insisted all the JK sweet gestures nowadays are for other person, I saw the opposite. Ex, the lobster scene
  7. Yes, RM should invite Kang Ha Neul, Go Myung, or Donghae (Suju) again.Its been a long time already not see somin in playgirl mode. The last time with Park Jung min, and I can smell some jealousy from JK oppa.
  8. The list of 'the man' mentioned in her song is getting longer. I'm glad she has many close friends and she also hang out with RM members outside filming, Sechan,Kwangsoo and even JK. That's why its difficult to know who that guy is. I think JK has a crush on somin,but as he mentioned in MUD show, he will never confess first to the women he interested. That's a problem. As a fan, I hope the best for both of them even they will not ended up together.
  9. Is that true there is another special episode for the RM fan meeting? Like behind-the-scenes episode for that fm.I read somewhere in IG said it will broadcast in this month.I wish it is true..i want to see more kookmin moments.For me, the RM fan meeting episodes are one of the best for kookmin shipper. There's a lot of moments that make us speechless!
  10. Honestly, even the members or somin herself teased abt spartace again, i'm not too bothered by it . Because whenever the members brought up,tease or talk abt kookmin, there is strange /suspicious vibe in the air like the members know something is going on.But, this is my assumption only.who else thought like me?or this is just my delulu mind.
  11. Can't wait for the subs tomorrow..sukjin ahjussi lol..i vote suk jin ahjussi for kookmin president..haha!
  12. I will just enjoy JSM and JK beautiful friendship. Either they are more than friend or just oppa-donsaeng, I will support both of them.
  13. Jaesuk said he want introduce somin to someone..why my delulu mind said its JK..because Jaesuk may already know Somin and JK have crush on each other. Before, he would answer Se Chan. This time, he didn't mention the name..hehe
  14. but somin in this episode like suk jin said in the opening not in the good mood. I thought i'm the only one who noticed it yesterday. She's not really cheerful as usual. They recorded this after the instagram incident (somin Ig got deleted), right? I hope its not affect her too much. But I'm glad this latest weeks, we got to see many of her sns interactions with JK.
  15. Even the members teased somin and JK, they never forced a loveline on them.That's what I love abt kookmin..it's more natural.Let their interaction be natural and their close friendship outside the filming already make me happy.
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