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  1. They're in their own world but jk not angry even his short or sock got wet.
  2. They took it too far this time..since k-netz are not happy with this , i hope this will be the turning point for RM to stop all the lovelines. RM can survive without LL, & their natural interactions are always the best.
  3. Kookmin interactions in this episode are so suspicious
  4. I love this..forbidden couple.
  5. After 'coffee date', I hope they go for a 'book date' . Kjk treat somin book like a valuable treasure which he just found.
  6. Somin has a talent in literature & she can converts her thoughts/feelings into something beautiful like poems. Every sentences in her poems have hidden meanings. Anyone who love to read literature books can relate to that. The best comment from kjk to somin: "you're my favourite writer". So, it proves our theory before that he really loves what Somin wrote either diary or poems. He teased her poems before in ig because he loves it.
  7. Kookmin supports each other enough to make my heart flutters, no one forced them. I love how everyone just leave kjk alone in his own world with somin book. He's so immersed in it, & no one seems care to tease him...love u more, kookmin
  8. If about kookmin, they won't say something like this, "kookmin wouldn't work out/ its not gonna happen" when jaesuk teased them. They only said they will feel betray.
  9. When others busy with mission, Kjk reads somin book during filming As usual, they still teased chanmin a lot. I kind of miss their natural interactions without loveline being brought up Everything what somin or sechan said, they will relate it to the loveline.
  10. In this scene, somin said which gift was the best? and choose sechan first. kjk said if i have known, i would've brought a better gift..did he want somin to choose him in the first place?Gladly, Somin still choose him to be in her team..but they cut the scene how she select kwangsoo & kjk. They focused on loveline only. After watch MUD, i think its only for the show. If they really want to matchmake somin & sechan, they can do it privately not publicly. When somin told the story about the t-shirt, only sechan gave the loudest reaction..clap & laughing. I think he root for kookmin. Whatever it is, let's see what will happen in future.
  11. So, Sechan didn't gave the t-shirt to somin but she's the one who want it..if she don't brought that t-shirt, we never knew she wore it secretly at home..this is totally unexpected. Kjk blushing when he knew about somin has his t-shirt at home. Somin said she loves everthing that's cute..im not suprised if kjk acted cutely after this..in this episode, he act cute several times
  12. So cute when somin called kjk..~kook~ & he played along with it...So, Kook & jeon jeon
  13. Did sechan gave her kjk t-shirt???why? but imagine somin wear that at home
  14. When chanmin play the loveline in the car, Kjk said "its better to have a talkative wife or girlfriend" & " talkative its better" to sechan. Is that his ideal type now? Talkative girl like Somin
  15. Kjk looks so bright & happy when he's in Somin team..that's why he choose her. Next week, kjk & maknaes again, seems like a fun episode.