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  1. Yeah, she was up against everybody. Good thing she has a loyal secretary. And later the youngest brother helping her but fell on a trap that made SY begging from that ungrateful ex husband of hers.
  2. I can imagine exactly how you felt. Hahaha. For me, it was Maria Sharapova (tennis player). But that was like many years ago. I think if I see YOWON, I can handle myself just fine, I hope. Omg, that is really sad. I hope you see Yowon real soon, to make up for the feeling you must have felt missing a chance to meet her.
  3. Haha yeah. Let's hope her next project is something like that. Me too, I don't follow much on Cumberbatch unlike Yowon. I always check her IG posts. Lol. You can be shaking hard or stutter but don't faint. Lmao, I don't think someone can help you at that time. Me and QSD will probably lost all our senses just looking at the queen. Haha. I hope that'll happen soon, then it'll be my second fan girl experience. The first one, I cried after everything sinked in. Lol. Good thing I didn't cry in front of that person.
  4. I like the time travel plot, QSD. Vaiduakhu, I watch Sherlock too. I have a crush on Cumberbatch, I have a crush on his accent, lmao. (Sorry for this off the topic) Do you gals, have some news if she's considering any projects? Or maybe she's taking a break for another year. QSD and vaiduakhu, you're really good at waiting. Haha. I hope she'll have another hit show. Then maybe she can have another fan meeting. Let's all go.
  5. I think her mom didn't want his kid to suffer anymore so she chose to kill him. It was Choi, he killed his father. Her mom told the police she did it. I also thought Bae would continue working with HRC haha. When he was scrolling his pics, his facial expression, it was like he wasn't excited to go back to his old job. Yeah. I think that'd be a nice plot too. Choi killing her mom then YS, but before he can kill YS, Bae and the police saved her or she killed Choi in the process. But I don't want to imagine that anymore, YS has been through a lot already. Yes, for those who violated human rights, I think they don't deserve to have the same rights. They put people who violated the rights in jail, why let a murderer free. For me, if the crime isn't directly connected to me, I would go for death penalty the same with your reasons but if I was on YS shoes or the other victims, I wouldn't want him to die just as that. Yeah I would want that too. I enjoyed ASC so much. I want to see her in a family drama too, she never played a mom, right? Or did she? I hope she and So ji sub will have a family drama. Lols. Dream come true. Yep, so many questions that will never be answered. Haha.
  6. I agree, EOG is one of the most stressful. That's why I couldn't bear to watch it again. QSD is stressful too, I rewatched it just a few months ago. But if I ever watch it again in the future. I'll stop on the episode she became the queen.
  7. YS is much more cruel than we think. She asked, do you think that is the true punishment? (about death penalty). Ya girl, living in this world is much more painful for Choi than dying the easy way. Plus just like what you said about his cancer, like how painful it is. I think YS helped Choi not because that is what an investigator without mixing emotions would do rather she did it because she doesn't believe that death penalty is the true punishment. I' m just kidding , lmao. After she saw the video and heard it was his father's body, she wanted to kill Choi. Oh wait, so she hasn't confrimed that Choi killed her sister right, not after she saw the video?
  8. Yes, me too. There are so many details they should have added. You've seen that video YS have seen at the police station? Yoon Jin was wearing a different clothing. On the night she was murdered, she was wearing a uniform. That would mean they meet regularly before he decided to kill her. He has plans all along, to think that there were no fingerprints or any DNA, he was prepared. He could have chosen a different day. I think there's more to it than just his urge to kill someone that day. About what I said that Yoon Jin was his first victim. Sorry, it was his father. Choi's first victim was his father. Yes, it's like I was carrying a load of sorrow after watching the last episode. I just really wanted YS to have at least a minute to cry out loud. It was like she's in the middle with all of it and then baaam she has to do this or she recieved a call. That scene at the bathroom, how I wanted to tell her, girl let it all out. And then that scene at the prison when she grabbed Choi and then walked out like lifeless human then she received a call. Can you atleast leave this lady for a minute. Lol. True, I was waiting for that too. I was waiting for YS to talk to Sun ho. When the detective saw the video then he called YS, I was like now she's going to see that boy then maybe this time he can tell us what really happened. Sun ho got out after a few years, maybe if he was in the prison still, then they will surely do something. I also wanted a Choi and YS encounter outside. Imagine what would Choi do or what would YS do. I like how Bae was worried about YS when Choi escaped. But overall this is a good show. I'm just sad they ended it at 14. The first 10 episodes were laid back, just when we're beginning to feel the adrenaline, it ended. I like how they show scenes based on different perspectives. Yeah there are many US series like that. But let me guess, I think you're thinking about The Blacklist.
  9. Oh so that's what it mean (hangul)? She wrote that? Niceeee. Her kid can teach her English. She seems to be really good. I've seen that video they did on insta live with Uee. We can give her guitar lessons for free. It'll be easy for her to do the barre chord since her fingers are long.
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