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  1. I made FMV trailer, VagabondxManhuntxTheVillainess crossover. This one Lee Seung Gi's character back story, next one might be about Ha JI Won's character origin. Writing fanfiction is not my forte so do not expect too much from me. How I wish someone send me a good storyline/fanfic then I could made MV based on it. I want to see Ha Ji Won as a cold killer not same as her character in Manhunt, I don't like it.
  2. She is HJW . Always put 100% effort to fulfill her character. Her passion for acting is incredible, lazy person like me wish that I could have 1% of her passion.
  3. Are you sure about the taste? maybe it just looks yummy jk. Even it taste like hell I'm gladly eat her cookies though I read some comments, seem that 'Chocolate' received positive respond. I'll until ep.10, hate watching current airing drama.
  4. Lovely and clumsy. I haven't check out 'Chocolate' yet, hope it good. To be honest I'm not so into melodrama, I'll prefer if it more to slice of life kind of drama.
  5. It's been a while, I miss this thread. I cannot login with my old account (previous username cunn). I know I'm late, just want to share my experience. Early this year, I attended Ha Ji Won fan signing event eventhough I'm not lucky enough to be selected as one of 100 lucky fans However I'm still overexcited, met Ha Ji Won in real life like a dream come true. My heart beating so fast, I'm so nervous felt I could throw up at that moment. I'm amazed how nice Ha Ji Won is , she really really beautiful . She smile throughout the event. That Ha Ji Won I been followed over the years same as Ha Ji Won I seen in real life. Now I can say, I'm a proud Ha Ji Won's fan, I stan the right person. p/s: Hi @andra3 and @strwbrry nice to see you two again.
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