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  1. Yes! There are other actors who are good looking, but they (for me) don’t have that X factor. He’s like a magnet. bTW, I’ll miss your posts in the Faith thread☹️ @syntycheI wonder who will reside in that house. It doesn’t look grandiose enough for a king unless it’s a countryside home.
  2. I can’t sleep (hopefully what I’m writing makes sense lol) so I did some intel on whether Netflix is picking up the King. There’s a list of upcoming shows late 2019 and early 2020, on Netflix but The King is not on the list. . I wonder how early Viki and Netflix license the dramas? I have Viki basic but I’m sure I would need to upgrade to watch the King. I also wonder if that March 2020 is a solid date. If it’s preproduced, there sure isn’t a lot of lead time between when I’d think filming would end (January) and the start of the drama. Just my rambling lol.
  3. @syntycheLMH’s side profile is so attractive in the Promiz photo you posted yesterday. Thank you @Lindyloo421 for starting off ep 16! And thank you @msdot2 for your comments.
  4. @syntyche I think we’re going to enjoy LMH’s stay in Bali too if he keeps posting pictures like that!
  5. CarolynH here. Can’t log in using my tablet and too lazy to turn on my laptop to edit my last post. I meant why can’t SC (not se Hwa) remember the past?
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