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  1. I liked FOS season 1 and looking forward to season 2. I also liked the drama Life. I don’t think it received the best ratings, but I liked it. Who’s the PD for FOS? Is he free?
  2. What about the writer for Forest of Secrets? I think season 2 recently finished filming. Does s/he have another drama?
  3. I don’t think we’ll hear anything about a new project For another month or two. I’m hoping he’s doing something with that King Sejong(is that the name) school; the one where people can learn the Korean language.
  4. Hi guys! Still working to get Carolyn H back. I lost it once before, but no idea how I got it back so I may need to use Carolyn H2. *** new discussion: what ending of a Lmh drama would you change ? Mine: CH- I would have ended it with YS and his father clutching hands. How would you feel if that was the ending?
  5. Ok now I may have really done it. It’s CarolynH. I clicked request new password and so far no email from soompi so I may have lost that account. And my points! Oh no and my Lmh trophy! Only good thing is that I can use my phone and tablet. ******** sorry @msdot go ahead and finish the Faith quiz since it will take a while to set up the poll. ****** @madmad min and @Nikaa94 We can do 2 questions up to 20 choices. I have to confirm with lmangla but I want to include any song ( or instrumental) from lmh’s dramas.
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