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  1. They have been feeding us with that expectation for a long enough time now that it seems like they are luring us to it so they can thrill us at the last moment. I think neither of them is the Joker. They may involve in some suspicious activities though If it were the case, I'm really curious on how they will conclude everything, as they have been nicely resolving things one by one until now.
  2. I like that Eugene kept (proudly) telling people they are married And he did in 3 different languages in the span of 1 episode. They were really having their good time in Japan regardless of the chaos. Taking a photo together Running towards the fireworks, hands in hands Spending the night together The reckless man was wildly happy In Eugene mind, this might look just like a honeymoon to him. Or should I say, a picnic.
  3. I read the post about symbolism. What an amazing analysis you have there! I will read the other one soon. Those are surely lengthy but I don't mind. I love your analysis of Ae Shin jumping of the wall here. That scene is one of my most favorites of this series that I watched again and again. Eugene walks away in sadness knowing that he would never get the approval from Lord Go and ahead of them is longing and pain, then his woman chases after him and for a moment, makes his heart warm again. This is where Ae Shins act of jumping over the wall to run after Eugene right after he got rejected by her Grandfather because of both his slave status and his American nationality becomes a far stronger meaning. It is in that moment that she finally decides to stand by his side, no matter if society want’s to dictate her otherwise. This is further empathized by Eugenes act of putting her shoe back on and beforehand intimately touching her foot (and her allowing him to do so). It is a clear sign from her side that social hierarchies don’t matter anymore, at least in the face of her grandfather. ** I find the scene of Eugene gently putting her shoe back on the one he's most handsome LOL His eyes are full of surprise, delight and love. After all -- as he stated on the last episode 'I risk my life for that shoe of yours' -- this is the moment that marks his new stage in their relationship. He become fully devoted to Ae Shin afterwards with everything he has including his life. I once read that Joseon woman (or maybe only noblewoman -- I don't remember) must not let men see their feet, or footwear and that's why in the tailor shop in early episodes, Ae Shin tries to cover her feet with her skirt when Eugene steps into the trying room. I could not find any resources to verify this; but if it is the case, Eugene putting Ae Shin's shoe back on and Ae Shin letting him do so act as an acknowledge of their places in each other's heart and that seems more intimate, romantic and meaningful to me than any kiss or marriage scene could be. I love it as much as you do. It describe perfectly what I feel but unable to put into words myself. It's great to hear such deep and detailed analysis more than one year after the series ended, and even greater to know that the series makes it way to a blog of thoughtful writers where TV series is not even the main focus.
  4. Just finished binge-watching this series a few days ago. The past stories of the three main characters are beautifully written. However, I don't feel much engaged in the story of the present and sometimes I feel that the series could be more captivative if the present was made in another setting that is more humane. Honestly, the relationship between Seju and Taemin's family is a bit cliche. Besides that, Jeon-seon does not seem to have a life of her own or something she aim to in her life. Maybe the plot can be lighter and more heart-warming by focusing on curing the wounds and resolving characters' relationship in a positive approach instead of having Taemin as such psycho or introducing a new character as an enemy that comes to revenge for her brother. My most favorite scene in the present time is when Seju completed a chapter based on the draft Yul gave him, but then feel ashamed and decided to give things up to live truthfully to his writing motto. That was such as beautiful turning point. Overall, the present plot are actually not bad, but not great either. It serves the purpose of guiding us through the past life events and lead us to where everything is nicely resolved. The past story and how our characters face their unresolved past are the true highlight of this series and it makes me feel sad and warm at the same time. I love this series. It is one of the best kdramas that I watched, even ranked in my Top 5 . But I think it has the potential to be even more engaging.
  5. I happened to see a blog post about Mr Sunshine today (It seems Google recognizes me as a Sunshiners and puts this to my daily news suggestions ) "In today’s Western world where romance has been reduced to flirting-with-then- falling-into-bed with someone, the polite bonding rituals here might seem old-fashioned. But this is 1902: Different rules apply, and restraint is in order. We are given the chance to become reacquainted with the courtships of yore, the realms of Jane Austen, or even Kar-Wai Wong’s In the Mood for Love. The dialogue is spare, the silences vast, the euphemisms copious as we strain to read between the lines or listen to the silences. Eun-sook Kim’s elliptical dialogue is so refined, so suggestive, so sensitively filigreed, that Austen’s dialogue between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth seems crudely literal by comparison. As we lean into the sweet nothings and somethings of intense romantic communication between two might-be lovers, the hormone oxytocin fairly oozes from the pixels on the screen as we find ourselves falling in love again—with falling in love." Read the full post here: The Intoxicating Radiance Of Mr. Sunshine: What Hollywood Could Learn From A South Korean TV Series (By BROOKS RILEY)
  6. Same here I don't want good details to be missed out so I made a lot of efforts to explain things to her but she seems to only care about the overall plot. LOL What analysis? What clues? Tell us all. I'm dying to hear about those! Maybe some kind of reincarnation like in Chicago Typewriter where they have fragmented memory of the previous life. Anything is possible as long as our writer wants it to be. But I doubt she does. She shot a bullet to our hearts with that ending and I don't think she would ever take it out. Right now she's probably enjoying the fact that we cannot get over Mr Sunshine even after a year, and maybe many more years to come LOL
  7. Mrs Haman is in 'When the Camellia Blooms' too This series is also available for streaming on Netflix. I am at episode 6 right now. Overall it's a pretty good one, with warm and lovely romance plus some thriller. However, Mr Sunshine sets the bar too high, now all other dramas I watch seem to be missing something. I cannot count how many time I am impressed by his micro expressions Like in episode 8, when they met each other again at the apothecary (the scene of their first hug). He said 'I thought I'd miss you again' and when Ae Shin replied with "Me too", he was stunned (yeah, this micro expression was priceless. I wasn't even sure that I saw the movement on his face, but I could absolutely feel it ). The guy must have been coming to the place occasionally (knowing that place was her hideout) hoping he could see her by chance, but he didn't expect and couldn't quite believe that Ae Shin was doing the same thing. I love how the writer didn't try to show all the details and leave it to us viewers to interpret what happened through her characters' expressions and conversations. *Note: I am re-watching this series with my friend (She watched it the first time) and I found small details that I didn't notice before. I am so glad that at the second time watching, the show still gives me brand new feelings. I watched several other series written by KES. And I feel like in those series, she targeted viewers' emotion and expectation to decide on the script. But she seems to put all her heart to the script of Mr Sunshine for the sake of the script itself and that makes the story absolutely outstanding with no cliche and no fan service (Just my personal opinion)
  8. This drama is a such piece of art, tragically yet beautifully written. I can feel how the writer treasures this series by putting her whole heart into this script and throwing away all the excessive fan services (which I think she accidentally threw away too much - Give me back my almost-K scene!) I am so angry seeing Aeshin push Eugene away saying she wants him to live (I desperately want them to be fighting together). But then I have some thoughts. Just like Eugene once said "I’m worried for myself", Aeshin wants him to live mostly because she's worried for herself. Before Eugene came, saving Joseon was all what she devoted her life to. Falling in love with Eugene had never been a part of her plan. She wanted to be with him but could not abandon her ideal. Since then, the target of her life may have gradually shifted to being together with Eugene in a freed Joseon. She was acting selfishly when pushing Eugene away knowing he wanted nothing else than to be with her because she was having a fragile hope that one day they could be together, when Joseon is freed again. That hope might give her strength to stay alive. She wanted to have someone to think about, knowing that he was somewhere thinking about her too. That reminds me of a quote in Mulan - Rise of a warrior I am getting too emotional after listening to an OST Those are my hopeless effort to understand our characters after the heart-broken ending. I should stop here haha. I still have many things to say about all the characters and the plot. Maybe another time. P.S Ending line - "Goodbye Mr. Sunshine. In a freed nation, see you again." Is this hint for a sequence? Every time our OTP say "See you again", they always keep their words.
  9. All Jason Mraz's songs will cheer me up Living in the moment Have it all Coldplay's songs make me feel calm and grateful Everglow A sky full of stars And when I want to rock, I will turn on Despacito
  10. This series is coming to Netflix on October. The descriptions are really attractive to me. I love intertwined stories of past and present (plus some mystery plus some action) and can't wait to see it. This thread is kind of quiet which makes me wonder if this show turned boring at some points . Anyway, I will still watch it. Not gonna read any previous comments so as not to be spoiled
  11. The pocket watch song from Pandora Hearts anime. The manga/anime is kind of dark but this song is hauntingly beautiful <3
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    False. It's not my hobby but I do sleep a lot The next person loves cat. P.S I am new on Soompi and am wandering around the forum. Nice to meet you all.
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