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  1. Thank you for remembering me!! I used to live in Texas, then moved to CA and started school here. I fell behind a little bit but I am going to my dream school now. So happy to be back here!!! Cannot wait to write posts about the King and I also miss translating the Netizen comments @gtLmh0622 Thank you for welcoming me back!!! Missed you all!! So LMH will have only 1 role, he is THE KING after all, so maybe it is better that we see a strong one image only from him. Thanks for the information.
  2. Hi everyone! :)) This is Nika! I used to have an account here and totally forgot the password and even the email’s password. It is Ok, I made another account. By the way, I will graduate in Spring 2020 from a school in CA. Yay! :)) I’m so excited for Lee Minho’s comeback drama. I’m so happpyyyyy!! It feels like it has been yeaaaaarssssss, it always feels like Lee Min ho oppa comes back to dramaland so late, but I’m super excited as he will star in a drama written by the Best writer in Korea. :)) By the way, I have a question. Is LMH going to play dual role? I’m a bit confused, because I read in an article that he will play dual role, but in AsianWiki, only the lead actress has two names for her characters, which are detective and other one is called Luna. I hope LMH also plays dual role, because I really wanna see him in Modern clothes too. Thank you for reading my post and I missed you all. :))
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