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  1. what a beautiful Gangnam Blues Family!! where is my Oppa? miss him so much!!
  2. Yes please!! Anything at all!! ============================================ SBS PD Note: “the actor who has maintained the pure manga visual from past to present” @ActorLeeMinHo
  3. ============================================================== Most Popular stars in Thailand 2020: #2 Lee Min Ho OMGGGGGG!! That makes sense!! Why would LMH become so low key and even on IG?? Some Minoz may say it is because he posted often when he was on set of TKEM. But LMH posted often Post-TKEM too. So there must be some logical reason behind his absence and no activity on IG!! What kind of transformation? wow! I am so curious to know now Is he really going to surprise us with project news? drama? movie? why am i happy now?
  4. Give me perm hairstyle Lee Min Ho!! ================================================= Credit: Legend/ DC Gallery https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=minho&no=690289&_rk=urT&page=1 ================================================ Walking down the memory lane of 2014! Eider- Lee Min Ho https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=minho&no=690282&_rk=Hc2&page=1 we all miss Lee Min Ho!!
  5. I visit DC Gallery often and Korean Minoz leave posts there with pictures, gifs, or sometimes just plain text. In one recent post, Korean Minoz posted some pictures of LMH with the topic "My favorite side line". I picked that one because like you said he looks beyond gorgeous. But i don't think it is new. there were other pictures too and the topic was about LMH's side lines. ========================================================== One of LMH's post has reached 11 Million views on IG!! credit: https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=minho&no=690296&_rk=EYz&page=1
  6. i want 1 Netflix drama and 1 movie from Lee Min Ho!! at least give us news now!! Some Minoz say LMH usually doesn't come back soon after his project finishes, but it always takes a long time for filming to start and for the project to go on air. so even if the news come out now, it doesn't mean we will see episode 1 tomorrow at 10:00 PM . Miss @Heretorant @scrawford
  7. i don't think it is new. One Korean Minoz posted some pictures of LMH and the topic is "My favorite side line" i picked this one and shared here
  8. OMG! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- credit: https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=minho&no=690269&_rk=eYK&page=1
  9. HAHAHAHA!! Just saw this tweet!! yes, I am waiting patiently and also impatiently! Both at the same time!
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