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  1. Maybe Brooke or Grace asked her during LF shooting, kids are good at saying awkward things We didn't see every second of filming obviously...Even if they haven't met yet I hope Somin will introduce him girls and....he will want to have the same fast
  2. I didn’t get it about the stool, what’s wrong with them? Someone else has them?
  3. LOL they are not even close, just did a show together, without staying in contact, what on Earth they are trying to find there I don’t know why Indonesian fans try so hard to find a girl for their oppa, oppa can do it without their help, it’s disrespectful towards his private life. They better go to learn some English since they have so much free time!
  4. I reported too from 2 my accounts, it’s still there! We need more people! They are not true fans then, just people with too much free time, living in imaginary world. All those stupid shipping only provoke wars and bad attitude towards celebrities even though it’s not their fault!
  5. I wish there are more people who think the same! Shipping is so disrespectful towards fans, celebrities and their (potential) partners! It’s ok if they want to go crazy on their private pages, but they all use tons of tags and hashtags! And others are forced to see it, it will appear on general research page anyway sooner or later! I can’t imagine how celebrities who has a partner may feel looking at all this, I hope they don’t get sad! I guess it’s a part of Korean entertainment industry, I’ve never seen people doing it while watching American series like “The Big Bang theory” or “How I met your mother” or any other! >:[
  6. Omg, can’t wait to see them together! I saw one woman wrote on social media how a photo of her 2 sons ended up on a shipper account of Somin and LSG, how crazy shippers can be...
  7. Master in the house was shot was in late October/beginning of November. Not September.
  8. I saw a couple of videos of today’s little forest and didn’t like it, will not watch. Already imagine how many new shippers will appear *facepalm*
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