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  1. HI EVERYONE!!! ARE WE ALL ALIVE AND WELL??? I'M NOT:bawling:...these two really took a toll on me this week and the previews for the next episode isn't helping either hhahahha. I know their relationship has been developing excruciatingly slow but we're finally moving!!! We went from 0-100 so fast!!






    How to wait another 5 days for this scene:heart:






    5 hours ago, bairama said:

    omg this scene is so heartbreaking, her cries is so painful i cant


    she is having nightmare again, before was triggered by ok patient, she cries hard screaming all the trauma & thankful there is KT & he hears her, comforts her as she fell asleep again unconscious..

    :heartbreak::bawling: uri babies need loves & warmth


    today ep ended by this scene



    This scene broke my heart!!! Their acting was amazing. I knew we we're gonna see KT witnessing MY's nightmare/ sleep paralysis at least once in the drama but I still wasn't prepared when they delivered. Seo Yeji is taking over fast and I'm so happy

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  2. 14 minutes ago, ruminati0n said:


    i posted this in the drama discussion forum, but posting here too. these are the few scenes from the teasers that havent been released yet! and since KT's wearing the same outfit in some clips from the episode 5 teaser, looks like we can expect these in the weekend ~ 


    KT's finally going back to the cursed castle and he'll realize MY has been the girl from his childhood all along :o *exciting*


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA is that MY back in her Addams family dress :joy:



    I want more scenes like this!!! They look so domesticated!! It feels like an AU , an entirely different drama hahaha




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  3. 15 minutes ago, soohyunhandsome said:


    Kinda want to see when will MY will stop on chasing KT tho!! LET HIM MISS YOU MOOON YOUNG


    9 minutes ago, lyrically aesthetic said:


    Kinda want to see this scenario. When KT will be chasing MY she will be just like "nah i'm good" and trynna see when will he lasts and then HAHAHAH omg i love this... 


    YES!!! Let him know what he's missing!!! hahahaha :joy: 

    When MY goes back to Seoul and he starts to miss her presence... its what we need



    10 minutes ago, seojiseoji said:


    I am really excited to the rest of the episodes too. Even though our moonmoon couple is really funny at times but their story is really heartbreaking


    Especially after ep 4...these two had such a long day after everything that happened and they didn't have anyone to lean on... :bawling:

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  4. 3 minutes ago, lyrically aesthetic said:


    I am really curious why she's having nightmares and sees/feel the soul of her mother



    i was thinking maybe MY hasn't properly faced her trauma (aka maybe her mother) which is why her spirit/ soul is still haunting her. she was telling KT how people should face it head on so maybe she has been avoiding it all this time??


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  5. 26 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    I know that MY is very insistent and focused on getting what she wants, but I have to admit I still really disliked it when MY went to the her cursed house and fell asleep hungry while KT was having his cozy rooftop barbeque with his family, the 2nd FL, and her mother. When MY finally gives herself a butterfly hug, imagining that it's KT who is holding her, it just made me really, really sad for her.


    That scene transition was so powerful. It really put the emphasis on how lonely MY is. And then dream sequence was shot so beautifully... barely any lines were said but their eyes did all the acting for them. 


    I love the chemistry we've been getting from MY+KT but they really are acing their solo scenes!! No one is carrying anyone in this drama. SooHyun and Yeji are matching each others intensity when they're together and when they're alone. 

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  6. 32 minutes ago, seojiseoji said:

    :criesariver: soooo gooood

    It was done really goood. Even though it was a dream, the fact that they did this makes my heart swell 


    I'm sure in the later episodes we'll get a real romantic and loving embrace from them hahaha. The director needs to take advantage of this couples chemistry :joy:


    30 minutes ago, yejisoohyun said:

    I realized this episode that MY's really alone :cries:


    :bawling::bawling::bawling: MY is so pitiful...i felt her pain so much when she was alone in her room and said she was hungry then the scene transitioned to KT etc having a bbq dinner.


    I have a feeling we'll see more of her loneliness in tonights episode and this scene



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  7. 16 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    Actually… there were many times when I would see myself in the figure of a salaryman with a crooked neck time, and when seeing lovers who walk arm in arm, laughing and giggling, I would become envious and I would get a bitter taste in my mouth, and when I see a people with their luggage on their way to a vacation, I also want to not have to move, but just go on a vacation trip. As long as my older brother doesn’t know this duplicitous me, it’s okay. However…


    this is so heartbreaking :tears:. He’s putting on such a brave front for his brother when in reality he’s having such a hard time. I can’t wait to see scenes where KangTae becomes carefree and puts himself first even if it’s just for a little while. And then I’ll be alright with him going taking back all his responsibilities. This character is so complex... I want him to be worry free and live for himself but it’s just impossible with the type of situation he and his brother are in. I hope the writer finds a balance in life for him!!!


    23 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    However, the more I tried to escape from her wicked spell, the more helpless I become at her hands.


    im looking forward to this.. eventually kangtae will enjoy moonyoung’s company so maybe this is the balance he needs in life for self- happiness and responsibility :lol:

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  8. This thread needs more love!!! Seo Yeji is killing it in her new drama!! She's garnering more and more fans by the day :blush:

    She deserves it!!! Girl is eating up the character  Ko MoonYoung. Her acting is amazingggg












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  9. 17 hours ago, LavelyShai said:


    I'm gonna probably have to pause the episodes multiple times hahaha My fiance is watching with me & even he thinks they're doing great. 

    your fiancé is a smart man :lol:


    3 hours ago, softestfairy said:


    I felt this wrist grab in my spirit! I had to pause to catch my breath :unsure:


    omg didn’t we all haha!!! My fingers were cramping from pressing the rewind button these past two episodes :joy:

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  10. 13 minutes ago, TiNaDo said:

    Well, I honestly saw parts of two episodes in my dreams last night. :D I can vividly remember the part where MKT was sitting with his friend on the stairs & was explaining that life is too hard & all you can do sometimes is run.

    ....probably that's a sign for me too.. :D 



    OMG him and Jaesu are so cute together.. their friendship is so pure!! Yeah that scene hit hard.. running away is an easy and fast choice to forget a problem.. but eventually it does catch back up to you :bawling: hopefully our moon brothers and moonyoung will stop running away and face their trauma 

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