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  1. I wish some writer would pen a drama that would highlight JCW's love of motorcycles or a military story or where fans could see his great athletic skills. Dream on....
  2. There is an article in Han Cinema where the staff writer compares Kang Ha-neul and Ji Chang Wook's dramas. This author had previously reviewed MMS and its low ratings. Yes, its embarassing for JCW to be in this position. But I think it was unnecessary to continue the "torture" of putting out another article "blaming" JCW for the failure of MMS. It richard simmons me off! I responded as such. If you have time, review the article. I may have been too sensitive.
  3. TIME OUT!!! Take a deep breath. Just remember individual differences make our world smarter. I watch Kdramas for entertainment and am not deeply invested in the internal structure of a drama but I also enjoy the feedback of the forum. Viewers deserve freedom to express their opinions (hopefully in a positive manner). The common factor of this forum is the love of JCW and his artistic works. I love rom-coms, action/adventure, historical and comedic dramas. However, my reactions are always completely different when I watch EPISODES vs. the ENTIRE drama. This was very true of MMS. Perhaps the storyline and production was not as well done as Empress Ki or Healer, but it was still enjoyable. JCW's character was not as dominant as EK or Healer but I assumed the "strong woman" theme was evident because of the writer. As a JCW fan, I will support his career decisions on all future projects. Sometimes, drama projects are not accurately described ie Healer. The synopsis was misleading; the drama was GREAT! Got to remember JCW, the artist, has career goals that we are not privy to. If the genre does not appeal to you, one has the freedom to watch or pass. There are some JCW dramas that I only watched once and others that I lost count to. Can't wait for his Mr. Right to be released. Would love to see JCW participate in another musical in the future (I do not know why I say this when I cannot get to Korea to see him). Thank you to all the participants in the forum...I learned much from your feedback! MAHALO!
  4. Got to get something off my chest about the Soompi MMS articles posted. I love reading the articles but my hair stands up when I read the fans' responses. The negativity is insane! I hope JCW doesn't read it! I agree with the fans that say if MMS is not your type of drama, don't watch it or respond to the articles. Okay, about episode 14, I watched it with very little of the subtitles but I cheated a little by reading dramamilk's summary. What happened to the police brother-in-law when he got out of the car to check on the police car following DC? I still do not trust this character's sincerity. Also why did MR's friend change her mind on the divorce? How can 2 smart doctors develop the remedy for DC & MR temperature problem WITHOUT an antidote (maybe we'll find out in the next episode). They stand by the bedside watching the blood pressure increase while DC clutches his chest. Can't wait to watch the episode with subtitles so I can understand what MR said to change DC's family view of her. I also want to add that I still drool when JCW wears suits. His physique makes perfection!
  5. Thanks Cherkell for ratings. The locals must not watch cable TV. I am definitely liking the drama now.
  6. My heart is still racing from watching episode 11!! The subtitles are not completed for the last 10 minutes or so but it's easy to understand what is happening. WOW! It doesn't seem like its the same writer. So many meaningful messages being conveyed about family love, loving oneself, and taking time out from life to "smell the roses". So many questions remain. What is NHY up to with the chairman, what's going to happen to the doctor, DC and MR, and what happened to the missing twin? The improved pacing has built anticipation. The change of DC's sister was heart warming. Got to give credit to MR for modeling positive sibling relationships!
  7. Just finished watch episode 10 with subtitles. Really, really enjoyed it! Got lots of questions though. Is the ex-brother-in-law really an insider spy? What are DC's plans for the MR's first lover? Why did the professor take chances on exposing himself to the bad guys? I don't know if I agree that NHY exposed MR on social media? Could it be MR first lover or her girlfriend who is married to MR's first lover? JCW's pleading to the professor to help cure MR and himself was great emotional acting. I was near tears just feeling his emotions. Then the kissing scenes...WOW! Our JCW never disappoints the viewers in the romance department!! Some fans teased that WJA might have to measure up to JCW in kissing scenes. She had no problems matching his open mouthed kisses!! GREAT JOB!! Looking forward to more...writers and director...take advantage of JCW's natural talents!
  8. Going to respond to episodes 9 & 10 after I watch it with subtitles. Even without the complete subtitles, I was very pleased with the pacing of the story. Only question, why didn't they do it sooner? Getting back to msbaglover's comments about OTP's visuals, let's remember JCW's comments about his lack of self-confidence about this looks and how everyone remarks about his attractive features in all his interviews. There's been articles that say that his visual features "blur" other actresses that act with him. Many fans want big name actresses to act with him BUT do they want to be compared to his visuals (besides the budget)? Maybe JCW wants more "imperfect" visual features so he can complement his acting partner and focus/enjoy his chosen projects. I remember this happened in Suspicious Partner. It took quite a while for an actress to be chosen. I didn't know WJA before but I am enjoying her acting. She is a rookie. After a few episodes, I found her to be attractive in her own way. She contrasts JCW in stature (she is so petite) and eye features. Nevertheless, she is still attractive (great smile, expressive face, sexy voice). Just wanted to share my thoughts.
  9. Glad to see improvement in ratings! Per Liltash85, ratings are not as important to international viewers. I decided to enjoy this drama for JCW and not get emotionally involved with the ratings. Forgot to mention that I loved JCW's swimming scenes! Got to give him credit. Not a swimmer but his form/body was absolutely perfect!!! Since he's an athlete, I would love to see him ride motorcycles, play basketball and baseball and soccer in a drama. I was touched by the scene where he comforted his brother and sister. It seems like he is maturing as a man emotionally. NHY...she's so frozen in her posture and emotions. I wish she would become more human-like but I understand why she became that way. The gangster guy and his twin...does anyone have an idea about them? Oh, I really was disgusted with the ex-brother-in law being a spy for the gangster. If he is a traitor, I hope that DC's sister beats him to a living pulp!
  10. I'm totally shocked at the ratings! I actually felt episode 7 was much better than all the other episodes. The pacing has improved and the mystery/growing relationship between the leads makes it more enjoyable. I'm a little "turned off" by the relationship of the professor and MR...a little bit overdone. Still waiting for subtitles for the last half of the episodes. Really, really curious about the "twin" men...one in the capsule and the other trying to kill everyone. I kind of laughed about the corrupt politician...we're having the same problems of corruption in US. Per Cherkell, I can't understand why there cannot be at least 4% of the cable TV audience that would support JCW regardless. Why can't they leave the tv on? Will I get in trouble by saying that? I too do not want MMS to be the lowest rated drama. This forum is quite quiet compared to the Healer and K2 days. I am participating now (though I have been a lurker for a long time) to show my support for JCW. PS I have noticed that other dramas on public broadcasting stations are getting mediocre ratings considering they are free to the public.
  11. Just a gentle reminder that voting for the AAA will end this Friday. JCW is in 2nd place (I hope he gets recognition at least) BUT the fans for artist #1 and #3 are highly competitive. Trying to keep JCW in 2nd...no way to catch up to 1st.
  12. I watched episode 5 without the subtitles. Will go back when all subtitles are done. I am soooo disappointed with the ratings! Feel so helpless when international fans' input doesn't count. I feel for the cast and staff. I hope JCW doesn't take on the burden. Without the subtitles, I still laughed when he started to drive the new car...all the bells and whistles. Reminded me of when my husband pushed the seat heater button in my car and wondered why his seat was on fire. MMS...fighting!!!
  13. So many different reactions on this show. I agree with some people that there are too many characters in this story ie MDC's family which to me overplays the slapstick comedy. A balanced family ie GMR portrays the family devotion and each character adds to the balance. My question is WHY are there so many characters in MDC's family? Gotta wait and see. I was looking forward to a comedy and I laughed so loud at times that my husband had to come and check on me. Being a retired educator, I know that one's background knowledge connects to one's reaction to different situations. For me, the old cell phones, MDC trying to unlock the car door with a regular key, the big steering wheel on his car and old hairstyles/handbags, etc. are what I find hilarious. Slapstick comedy, fluff...I really don't care. Everyone is going to be different. I can imagine that writers have to target the middle of the road audience. Can't please everyone. I'm going to reserve my final review when I get to see MMS in its entirety. My feelings for Suspicious Partner changed drastically after watching the entire drama. I think the leads and cast are doing a great job. Love the young actors! I hope there are more "meaty" parts for MDC; it seems a little out of balance because of the "strong woman" theme.
  14. When I read about JCW's feelings about his double eyelids and sharp features, my heart sank. I don't think it's a lack of self-esteem but a desire to be like everyone else. He must be tired of people commenting on his looks. He was blessed with physical features, both facial and body, that make him stand out. His double eyelids make his eyes big and expressive. I remember 2 BIC commenting that they felt "ugly" next to him...that could make a person self-conscious. I hope friends, family, media and fans can help him overcome this feeling. He's a wonderful human being! Hi Cherkell! This is your LA Fabricated City Buddy!
  15. I know the ratings are not what we expected BUT they are based on one episode. Didn't like K2 or SP until the whole story was done. Now I can't stop watching them. Same with Healer. Many said it was slow moving until episode 6. JCW dramas have LONGEVITY! They're fun to watch over and over again. Agree that the cast is doing an excellent job.
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