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  1. I loved the premiere episode! It was full of energy, humor and warmth. The pacing is absolutely perfect with each scene conveying character details. JCW's facial expressions are priceless adding so much value to his comedic acting. KYJ also did a great job! @Krystal, I watched BR on iQIYI in US and it was clear as a bell. The quality is great on my Android tablet. Subscribed VIP. Good luck!
  2. Just watched JCW's interview. He was very calm, maybe tired. Really miss him. Counting days to Backstreet Rookie but haven't figured out how to watch it. Just finished watching Fiery Priest and loved it. Hope Backstreet Rookie has its quality.
  3. Hi! I'm really looking forward to the drama BUT I am also very anxious because no one has mentioned a way to stream the drama from the US. I usually watch all of JCW's works on VIKI or Netflix or I have his DVD collection. I have an android phone so iQIYI is out. I thought I could watch it on my Lifetime channel but that's only for Korea. Streaming on SBS is yuck because of the lag time and translation. I have always supported JCW's projects. Does anyone have any ideas? Watching a drama on a small screen is not enjoyable for me. Is there anyone to contact about this problem? Does anyone have the same problem? I thought this drama was a GLOBAL effort but viewing it in different parts of the world does not match this goal. I hope that the Running Man promotion is also going to be available on an English site. JCW has so many international fans but we need access to his works. SOS...Glorious...SBS...Cherkell. PS I, too, hope that JCW sings an OST for this drama.
  4. Cherkell, all your efforts have made a difference for the fans of JCW. Your contribution to posts and translations have made many JCW fans including myself. THANK YOU...ARIGATO...MUCHAS GRACIAS...MAHALO! Keep your sanity and stay healthy!
  5. @siddo the quote you are referring to was not from your comments. I said 'some people' said MMS was a failure. Those comments came from other websites. I am proud to be part of the minority and agree with you that it wasn't his best drama. I am moving on and hope we can have more discussions on other topics.
  6. @cherkell and @siddo, I respect your opinions. I was a lurker until I saw that the FORUM was an effective tool to communicate my thoughts, feelings and values about a common topic without being judged. I am a "baby boomer" senior who views can be different from someone from the younger generation BUT I like different perspectives. Hence, I view JCW decisions as HIS and I am just a fan. @siddo, I understand your views and respect them, thus, I did not respond. Example, I enjoyed MMS because I related to all the 'old' stuff. I did not view it as a 'failure' or a 'dud'. Everyone has different likes and backgrounds...period. BUT I am shocked how some people wrote such 'nasty' comments about JCW and MMS as if both were utter failures. EVERY artist has projects that are deemed not as successful as others. K2 did not reach high ratings when shown but has endured like Healer to make JCW internationally popular. I am looking forward to "Backstreet Rookie" and "Punishment". I, too, predict that JCW might be the antagonist. They are NOT sharing much info on the movie. I think 2020 is going to be a great year for JCW!!
  7. Choices have to be made according to what scripts are out there. JCW is filming movie Punishment which has been described as "human action" genre. He can't be doing all action; he shouldn't abuse his body just for fans. Any body abuse will be felt in his later life ie back/neck injuries. JCW also has heavy marketing commitments and I trust that he is capable of making decisions regarding his schedule. Healer had an exceptional writer and I hope the writer and JCW hook up again in the future. Meanwhile, as a loyal fan, I will look forward to his projects and cheer him on. Genres I would like to see him in: something military, historical, sports, espionage, or super hero. I would like him to team up with Lee Joon Gi for a REAL action movie or drama before they really get too old.
  8. In recent articles, it was stated that Jo Woo Jin was offered LEAD ROLE in movie Punishment. Is JCW going to portray the antagonist (I know he likes challenges)in this movie in a support role or lead role? I know that sometimes there can be more than 1 lead actor. Can't wait for the details. JCW fans will be a big part of attendees and I want him to get the credit he deserves. Waiting......
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