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  1. so happy. Found this article dated September 14 2019. There is 3 season of Arthdal Chronicles. Yahooooooooo!!!!! Erika will be the main lead in Season 2 , nice! Nothing special. it’s about economic article about stock price of Studio dragon. It says Arthdal Chronicles signed a 3 season deal with Netflix. That’s all. No, what we are watching right now is part 3 of season 1 (NOT season 3). Arthdal Chronicles was supposed to make 3 seasons (total 54 episodes) from the beginning Surprisingly, Arthdal Chronicles is selling the most TV commercial at the highest price in the Korean drama industry even though its rating is so so.
  2. i will be so disappointed if they rush the ending. But again, on twitter people say there is season 2 but no confirmation yet. I think studio dragon sold the first season to Netflix so they did not loose money even ratings is not sky rocketed as critics anticipated. (but it was leading the cable rating on their time slot ), So having season 2 depends on Netflix and studio dragon. It will be cheaper to have season 2 cause all the props are built and people now are paying attention to the uniqueness and quality of the drama. With regards to the actors I think they will accept it with the exception of SJK, I'm pretty sure he will demand more TF knowing he have a lot of projects offer. Anybody knows how to request Netflix? I will sign any petition demanding for season 2 Asadal Chronicles will be doing seasonal format like Netflix's Kingdom News The 'first season' is scheduled to air on May and they already announced the production of Season 2 which will be broadcast on 2020. 'Asadal Chronicles' is a drama revolves around the power struggles, love and growth of the ancient city of Asadal, the capital of Gojoseon. The announcement of the season of 'Asadal Chronicles' is raising expectations with the popularity of Netflix original series 'Kingdom'. 'Kingdom' is a hot topic worldwide immediately after broadcast the and has now entered season 2 production. It has been evaluated to open a successful horizon in the Korean drama series, which is hard to find in the season. 'Kingdom' and 'Asadal Chronicle' have a lot in common. The production cost of the Kingdom is 20 billion won ($20M) based on 6 episodes, and the cost of an average Korean drama is 10 billion won ($10M). The 'Asadal Chronicle's production costs is worth 40 billion won ($40M). Studio Dragon, the production team of the Asadal Chronicle, predicts that when the season continues, the cost of the investment will decline because it is possible to reuse the set. In addition, it is easy to form a fandom, so it can generate additional profits through the OSMU business using intellectual property rights. They believe that 'Asadal Chronicles' will continue the success of the seasonal Korean drama after 'Kingdom' The drama 'Asadal Chronicles' starring Song Joongki, Jang Donggeun, Kim Jiwon, and Kim Okbin is scheduled to air on TVN in May.
  3. Did You Know? Trivia Actor Song Joong-ki was courted for the lead role but declined, referring to Kingdom.
  4. Found this article through the investors page...... Jinnie Choi;Studio Dragon;CEO, [4] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes. This is Jinnie Choi from Studio Dragon. Studio Dragon recorded a revenue of KRW 128.2 billion in Q2, which is a 72.6% growth Y-o-Y. The diversified programming platform and increased influence with titles such as Arthdal Chronicles, Abyss and Spring Night, programming and sales revenues saw rapid growth, leading to top line improvement. In particular, even with Arthdal Chronicles staying at breakeven point, with enhanced profitabilities of other titles, the company recorded an operating profit of KRW 10.8 billion, which is a growth by 47.3% Y-o-Y. In the second half, the business [aggressively] maximizing results of bigger-scale titles and also in securing bargaining advantages. Hotel De Luna and Watcher showed good ratings and viewer response. Premium titles such as Accidental Landing and Melting me Softly will give us enhanced results. And with diversified platform, with Dr. John as an example, will provide the business stronger market influence. Studio Dragon will expand new business models, such as the one for Laborhood. Differentiated content and brand awareness with that -- those competencies, will expand sales markets and discuss with new global OTTs, forming a diversified business model, and in doing so, secure our future growth. We will continue to gain competitive edge by developing and fortifying our core competencies, and we will fine-tune our IP multi-year strategy. And we'll continue to further differentiate our production capabilities by structuralizing our creative organization. Going forward, we will expand our creative pool to include overseas talent and will continue meaningful growth by securing competitiveness as a global studio. Thank you. Another questions related to AC Sung-Ho Park, Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd., Research Division - Analyst [17] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Interpreted] First, [with respect to] concert revenue. In the presentation, I heard that the concert constant revenue fetched more than KRW 100 billion this time. Was it largely grounded in domestic concerts? Or does it include numbers from BTS and IZ*ONE overseas concerts as well? Second question is related to advertisement. In last year, well, I think you have completely overcome seasonality associated with ad business in the first quarter with great contributions from titles such as Mr. Sunshine. And this quarter, second quarter, we have -- so you have the Arthdal Chronicles, which I think has led to a good Y-o-Y number, influenced growth number. And well, given your current content lineup for the third quarter do think you could realize a Q-o-Q growth this time as well. That was just, like, an ad-related question. And now one question to Studio Dragon on the amortization of Arthdal Chronicles intangible assets. I know that the drama is in parts 1, 2 and 3. So what to expect in method with amortization for the intangible asset there? Yes. And if I may give you the amortization method related to Arthdal Chronicles. Well, Studio Dragon typically amortizes our intangible assets over 18-month period. And therefore Arthdal Chronicles, we had presales, and the presales were announced, it was amortized. The lump sum was amortized. So it's an 18-episode drama and 10 episodes had already been aired. And for those 10 episodes, the revenue has been recognized and the cost has also been amortized. And the remaining 8 episodes will be amortized. And for Arthdal Chronicles, for all episodes, I believe the sales recognition and the amortization will be over in year '19.
  5. someone posted that there will be season 2 in 2020 according to Netflix, is there any confirmation from Tvn?
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