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  1. Radio is still live! Come check it out!
  2. If you would like to chat, chill and listen to some kpop, come check out our 24/7 live stream with a variety of kpop music! Thank you so much for the support, we are just a small channel hoping to promote a variety of Kpop band/music so that people can get to know the amazingness of different group and lower the toxicity(fandom fight) in the kpop community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HpmzKRDK4Q
  3. In Yuqi's new Vlive, she called Shuhua and apparently Shuhua is working on a drama right now. What's your opinion on this? And what drama do you think Shuhua will be starring in? Here are the clips from Vlive:
  4. Just relax and listen to some music or Kpop. It works every time lol
  5. Drektx

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    False Next person is a Blink
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