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  1. how come there are only 6 pages in this thread? I frankly expected a lot more or is this show underrated? I guess the majority of Soompi users are more into K-drama's. Anyway, I think this drama is a masterpiece! The main leads are doing such a good job, especially Xiao Qi and her facial expressions. She's such a scene stealer, every time she appears the others becomes blurry in my eyes haha It's been a while since I've laughed that much watching a drama. This show has become my all time favorite romcom tv series haha can't wait for the last 8 eps
  2. Ah I see. I'm only familiar with Taiwanese drama and they release ONE EP A WEEK lol that is torturing for mah soul I was thinkin about waiting 2 more weeks and then finish it all in one.. but dunno if I can resist it tomorrow....we'll seeee hahaha anyway u mentioned other popular dramas even get more eps released? does it mean this drama is not that popular in China? (sorry I dont know much about C drama hehehe)
  3. Hi Friends!!! I was searching everywhere but couldn't find it.. was wondering if any of u here know how many eps they release in a week? Coz I saw it started airing on the 19th of August, which is only about 3 weeks ago and 16 eps are already available. thanks a bunch
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