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  1. I think this episode is normal, but I see KJK and SJH look natural in this episode it's very clear that SJH looks very comfortable when it's close to KJK and at mealtime you can see SJH wants to share its food with KJK and there are still many moments that we can see on IG or YT it's true what is said @linzer03 if we ask our friends about spartace, surely they say dating not as brother and sister, I just hope their relationship gets to marriage. if in my opinion KJK is not scolding JSJ but he is scolding SJH, because SJH accidentally hit JSJ, many may think that it is negative, but I see it is not negative if I interpret SJH not to be a punk because JSJ is older and must respect it.
  2. it was very nice to see them together, from the beginning of the RM until now, hopefully their friendship will not be interrupted and that KJK will become a life partner for SJH. unfortunately LKS, YSC and JSM did not exist.
  3. I think Sulli is a nice and cheerful woman, we can see her moment in RM (basically all humans are good) R.I.P Sulli
  4. You are right to say, that episode 472 is a very good episode, I really like the concept (reminds me of old episodes of RM) in episode 472 I see SJH is more active unlike previous episodes, we can also hear the funny sound of SJH when he pulls a slingshot. as long as KJK tells about KJK's past in anyang SJH always listens and sometimes SJH laughs or smiles (I'm sure there are still many more KJK interactions with SJH outside the camera)
  5. I have watched the spartace update, I hope to see from 2107 until 2018 .. ^^ and I am very grateful to you @linzer03 in my opinion ep 82 is interesting, indirectly I can feel the feelings of the KJK and SJH ^^
  6. this is from my point of view JK and JH have known each other from 8 or 9 years ago. You can see their process in RM. For the issue of a joint relationship between JK and JH, I'm sure this forum has its own answers. 1. (if JK and JH had a serious relationship) to acknowledge a relationship between JK and JH is not easy as long as they are still in the RM, and if you say the relationship between JK and JH is only a show in RM, you are mistaken, (why does the RM always deduct when JK interacts with JH? ) and in my opinion the RM will soon be over. 2. I don't think it's a problem for the public if they acknowledge the relationship and I'm sure the public will also feel happy if JK and JH go through the relationship (40% happy, 30% sad, 20% angry, and 10% neutral). now I ask you, do you know what the concept of MUD is and do you see JK close to women in MUD? if in my opinion the MUD concept is not a matchmaking event, but a male and female event that is still single, so the conclusion is that the MUD will not negatively impact JK dan JH. everything I write is my opinion ... ^^
  7. JK's reaction when sitting close to JH ( EP 471 )
  8. after I watched RM ep 471, I will share a little of my opinion and here I don't hate anyone. ^^ in the poem written by JH for JK, I'm glad JK listened to what JH wrote for him, but when YJS said (the last line was JH), JK and JH's response seemed to be embarrassed (you can see the sweet smiles of both JK and JH) and JK and JH did not say they were family. for the game I do not know what is thought by the PD, where JSM is hiding for too long, even though what I know is that the RM for hiding should not be too long, even though the game for me is less attractive, but what makes me interesting is when JK holds JH's hand very long without resistance. in my opinion JK and JH don't think too much about winning or losing, I see JK and JH are happy, even though they lost to the JSM team. I hope JK and JH will be happy ending... ^^
  9. this is a poem composed by JH for JK. I don't know if this translation is the same as the poem. autumn is known for its good weather the sky high, and the man of autumn, "Kim Jong Kook" is raising his standards, and his muscles are getting fatter he just needs to meet the one who will warm his cold winter and starts a new life while fluttering the wedding veil. when the autumn come back again i wish that you would spend the rest of your life... in warmth with a muscular child that resembles you
  10. The reaction of JK and JH when they first met at RM ( EP 2 ) JH's reaction when JK jumps into the water ( EP 3 ) JK and JH's reaction when told to look at each other ( EP 4 ) JK said that JH should have called JK oppa and seen how JH reacted to JK. ( EP 4 ) JH's reaction when watching JK video ( EP 8 ) JH's reaction when JK kissed BS on the forehead ( EP 9 )
  11. for me indeed between JK and JH are the same type of jealous person. If you pay attention to a lot of moments of their jealousy in RM, but for me it is a natural thing, Even though JK or JH always say their relationship is only a family (like a brother and sister). they can lie in words, but they forget that feelings of anger or pleasure cannot be hidden, and if I'm not mistaken in episode 253, you can see and judge for yourself, what their relationship is like. in episode 253 maybe this forum may have already been discussed, in my opinion in episode 253 maybe JK is jealous of JH couple, and JH feels jealous of JK couple too, you can see what their facial expressions are like, even though they smile but for me their smile is hiding something . - 40:22 - 40:30, 40:46 - 40:54 (facial expressions and JK reactions) - 41:10 - 41:42 (JH facial expressions) - 54:12 - 56:00 (JH is very angry with the JK couple) - 55:57 - 56:30 (JK makes JH calm) and you guys watch it until it runs out, JK is still jealous of the JH couple, JH is still jealous of the JK couple. all of this from the corner of my field ... ^^ the point for me SA is an interesting relationship in episode 253
  12. I really like this forum, the beginning I still do not believe about SA, but after I watched it again from episode 1 to episode 470, then I got the SA moment. in my point of view, SA is real (80%). why did I say SA is real? Try to see from episode to episode, the changes between JK and JH, from not knowing to friends and maybe they have started dating now. indeed, from several episodes, JK always said that JH was considered a family (maybe a younger sister), for me it didn't matter because it was JK's right. but I saw the whole thing. if it's true JK only considers JH to be a family (maybe a younger sister), JK won't often hold hands or hug JH, but the fact that I see from RM or FM clip on YT, JK always holds hands or hugs JH, in this forum already know that JK is a man who is polite to women. there is also a place where JK once said that maybe in early 2020 he would get married (possibly soon in my point of view) and finally I saw in this forum that the JH contract would end. is it possible for JK and JH to get married? if I think 80% of JK will marry JH (if you think I don't know) and if not JH he might not be a celebrity, if the celebrity that suits JK is just JH in my opinion. nowadays, there are many JK associates with SM as a couple, but for me JK considers SM as a younger sister. you can see for yourself the difference. sorry if my english is bad, all in my opinion. ^^
  13. hi everyone, I'm a fan of RM and I'm starting to get interested in the SA forum recently, there's something I want to ask, who is actually tiny oppa? and why is JH so close to him? forgive me if there is something wrong writing.
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