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  1. You’re the only other person that caught Prince Dowon & Goo Hae-ryung as siblings!!! The dethroned King was their FATHER ... That’s why they can’t be LOVERS!!! I can’t wait to find out how they will take it in when they both discover that they are BROTHER’s & SISTER’s... You’re
  2. So in this episode (16) Goo Hae-ryung & Prince Dowon are siblings which I have suspected from the time GHR introduced Mo-hwa to her brother. Therefore they cannot have an intimate relationship wether the Queen Dowager forbids it or not! I am looking forward seeing the next episode (17) when the Second State Councilor finds out that Prince Dowon is the son of the dethroned King which is also Mo-hwa & Jae-gyeong’s teacher in Seoraewon. I am curious to know whom their mother was but I’m thinking she was a commoner judging from the current King’s word towards Prince Dowon that he may be a prince on the outside but from within he’s nothing but a lowlife basically. For now, we’ll just have to wait until next Wednesday & anticipate what happens next...
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