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  1. this was in 2015, and so they did, he recommended her for the role in Savage and the rest is history among the young popular actress group I think she’s the most natural in acting, just depends on her future choices in films she has the talent to wow people with her performances having people like CC in her network is not bad at all 8.2 douban if anyone is interested
  2. @blueclueblue agree! their whole relationship is low key & has that mutual understanding. even in the beginning, when he finally accepted her it does not come across dramatic, flows very nicely actually (most dramas when the two leads come together it's usually involve some crying follow by a force kiss) one of the supporting characters I really like is God of Thunder, he wants the God of War title but he respects Jiu Chen, something very endearing about him... he provides some good comedy bits
  3. In an interview w/ Nini she was asked if she had any rebuttal to the statement that she & Chang Chen doesn't have the CP feels - she said there's no need for her to rebuttal because Cheng-ge will be the first one to disagree. LOL! Chang Chen eyes are expressive sometimes you may have missed when watching on mobile device (small screen), gifs for you to indulge oh and the bed scene for repeated viewing he did warn her not to play around or it’ll get dangerous ~ indeed it did haha
  4. About Chiu Jen costume and hair, I’m fine with it. He looks good in mortal realm with the updo, the long locks flowing doesn’t bother me Anyways, Jiu Chen loves for Ling Xi is what made the series for me, love how he falls in love with her and always beside her... the man willingly give up his status for her, literally rips out his heart for her... lol. What’s the one scene you always watch first when rewatching this drama? I always came back to this scene, Chiu Jen puppy dog expression when he said ... but I came here w/ other intentions got me...
  5. bravo well said. though from Ah Mo perspective it was unfair to her because she had no memories of Ling Xi, so it’d have been better if they incorporate flashback memories of LX maybe near her death so it’s not too bitter for her
  6. Just marathon this over the Labor Day weekend! Holy cow how could I have missed this over the summer ~ I love arch 1 & 3 the most, the 2nd arch took a lot of time and MoMo, I prefer spunky Ling Xi. MoMo is Ling Xi but she doesn't have memory of Ling Xi and so her death was sad in a sense that she thinks Jiu Chen didn't love her at all. Her last words to him were ... remember the person you're waiting for is Ling Xi. I'm amazed w/ the amount of comedy bits in between, I love that bits near the end where Jiu Chen fanboys basically advise him not to go see Ling Xi, and if he misses her ask her to come to his place instead. He denied ever going to see her, but was revealed by Thirteen when she brings in the tea box prepare by Ling Xi (the last time they went there Ling Xi send tea back)... LOL! While it's still fresh in my mind, my most fav fluffy scene of the OTP is when he went to visit her & gave her two pecks on the lips. He said since she found him first (woke him up from 50,000 yrs), she now has to take responsibility. And that ever since meeting her, he doesn't want to live alone now. OMG Jiu Chen, where did you learn these things and so smooth.
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