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  1. I completely respect their privacy, we're all patiently waiting waiting until they / their companies stop trying to cover it up
  2. Well I mean even back in WGM she was known to be understanding before making any judgments. This is probably the same...not sure if she met up with the commenter but whatever it is I’m sure she considered the facts and decided to be the bigger person...sparing herself a public lawsuit. I know many are shocked but given we don’t actually know what went down, I trust her and support that it was the right choice. Unless her company forced her to drop the lawsuit...but until I see implications of that, I support it.
  3. Better. It’s a short clip of someone shouting Taemin chipcho (?) then naeun smiling and making the “shhhh” sign.
  4. I did some digging... chipcho probably is “license”...this year taem got his scuba license right? In a interview clip one of the things he said he can’t live without is scuba diving... is there a linkage? Anyone else have insight or could help with this mystery (or should I stop...i mean it seems naeun wants to keep it a secret...whatever it is...)
  5. did you guys see this? anybody know what chipcho means lol https://gramho.com/media/2119449640503298143
  6. So I was wondering...was it ever publicized why naeun stopped wearing the silver rosary bracelet?
  7. After reading that I have no clue what went on but whatever it is if there’s anything I can help with just let me know. Not sure how much verbal support from a stranger is but hope you get through whatever it is. Stay strong...with time everything gets better.
  8. I saw a zoomed in version of it at one point I think it is a bracelet... it looks like a braided/weaved ?leather bracelet. Naeun wears a dark coloured bracelet/hair tie but I haven’t seen a close up of that so I can not commit to it being the same thing.
  9. I think we can put this topic to rest. I have no malice towards that user. In the end, the truth will prevail. By discussing it more and showing discontent it implies we are affected by it and I don't want to give them that satisfaction that this thread is rattled by someone with a different opinion. Probably best to be the better person and just agree to disagree. It gives them more ammo against us if we continue ganging up on that user (show them we respect their opinion but disagree)...especially since he/she ?deleted the comment. If he/she did delete it I think that's admirable in a way...I'd like to see that action in a positive light in that the user didn't want to spread hate especially in light of recent events. I mean of course it would be best if the message wasn't typed at all but in the heat of the moment people could type emotional comments. Better to just continue shipping happily On another note, that stage we were waiting for in Indonesia...it's cancelled isn't it
  10. I’d actually really like to see the proof of them not dating or dating someone else. If you do have proof wouldn’t it be better to share it...I mean I for one will sadly leave this ship if there’s actual proof they’re not together. In that case wouldn’t it be something you would prefer since you think we are delusional? By telling us you can reduce the number of taeun supporters (given what you say is true). Who is this other person that taemin is with and what are these clues that we are overlooking. Ill respect your decision if you decide not to tell us, but just know that if you don’t tell us we will continue with what we’re doing here peacefully. Somehow I just find your words lacking some credibility...hopefully you’re not bluffing. While you claim we overlook some clues...perhaps you’re also overlooking some clues too. I really can’t justify those quick glances they have at each other, the awkwardness, and most importantly when she pointed at the wreath. I really don’t know how else these could be justified other than them dating. Please enlighten me.
  11. that's good to hear that they are ok with them dating someone but do you know their stance on taemin dating naeun specifically? or do they just avoid talking about her and wgm in general.
  12. Ok so to be very honest...I agree with you in that some of the quoted coincidences by taeun supporters can be a bit farfetched. For example the recent vid of taemin saying "Marcella" which I think is probably him just saying the name of the fan. Also maybe not all the couple items people have spotted are their couple items...but also...when people post about this they themselves do admit by saying something like "i'm being delulu..." In the end, most of us don't know 100% if these things are hints. However I have reason to believe and there appears to be some rather objective proof that they are still dating at least end of 2018 and early 2019. I'm open to proof that suggests otherwise but as of now, my analysis seems to push me towards the fact that they are together. What I'm really interested in knowing is...(just hear me out)...let's say they do announce they are dating or they are exposed to be dating. Will you support it? Also if you know other taemin supporters, I'm curious to know what their stance on it is. Will they support whoever Taemin likes? I'm curious because for me, I would absolutely love it if taeun are together but in the unfortunate event that one day they do announce their other half and it's not each other, I'll be sad but I'll support it...it's their lives anyways. Hopefully others can do the same.
  13. How many more need to suicide before haters realize that they don’t truly know these idols. That they are hating on a celebrity persona. Also that their words do hurt and are unnecessary. If haters don’t like the artist, by all means just don’t watch them then... there are artists I don’t like too so I just avoid them...what’s the point of going and bashing them publicly... if you have nothing good to say, just don’t say it. If it’s something you won’t say to the persons face, don’t say it.
  14. is that the first time he was so blatantly asked whether he was single HAHAHAHA he was like just smile just smile don't give anything away...but little does he know the back row basically outed them HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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