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  1. @myonenonlyWhy will Koo and the lawyer submit the photo evidences if they're not credible? It could be damning for Koo to do that and she can lose the case, or the worst scenario will be prosecuted for defamation. Koo has a topnotch lawyer and it will be damaging for both to claim unsubstantial proof. Koo is so bold because she has the truth. "The righteous are as bold as a lion." Proverbs 28:1
  2. @gelisacarrasI found this on @buddy_kookoo on instagram. This makes sense-
  3. I've been following up the case againts Matt Lauer, a disgraced celebrity in the US accused of rape in the book of Ronan Farrow . One accuser said that after she left NBC because she could not endure working with an abuser, there was a blind item against her circulated by the tabloid that the reason she left was because she was difficult to work with. Does this sound familiar? Koo is demonized by the media everywhere since she brought the divorce and cheating allegations against "You know Who." There seems to be a similar pattern in the entertainment world, we should not be surprised anymore.
  4. @personaltasty Thanks to instagram, our fellow sunnies are defending Koo. Unlike before that we only rely on maintream media to feed us the info. Now, everyone is a promoter. Special mention to janeywang for her research and read the comments, they are hilariously funny.
  5. I think this is the proof of his affair that she submitted to court
  6. De acuerdo @gelisacarras Lee Da Hee is with Se7en so the actress with the short hair that you mentioned must be Moon Ji In, right?
  7. I agree with you hermana mia @gelisacarras. AJH mistress can't be LDH, she is dating Se7en for a while now. There's even a variety show where they went to his restaurant to eat. LDH is a big star, for someone as big as her, she has plenty to lose to date someone married. She has a good reputation to keep and to be involved in a scandal this big is unthinkable. When AJH started cheating it was so obvious, he started to behave like a stupid idiot in his pictures, his hairstyle was like a teenager's, his appearance was unkempt etc.
  8. @gelisacarrasThanks for your posts. I presume that your Korean spies supplied you these information. Just kidding, trying to ease up the tension right now.
  9. Koo has been bombarded with a series of negative press, and the only way to air her side is through Instagram. She does not have paid attack dogs to do the dirty laundry for her but her only means is to tell the truth through social media.
  10. A lot of masterpieces are done after great personal struggles. I can see her art is more detailed, very unique and has more depth.
  11. Muchas gracias amigas @gelisacarras @4everku los amo a los dos. @gelisacarrasI love your maturity and kind words about Koo. @loveukooFailed personal relationships could be the hardest struggle one can have in this life. We all go through it and can be a time of great desperation. Koo is hurting and needs an outlet for her pain. This is the time when real friends stick around, and when things get so wild then we can all call on God and leave Him to do the miracles. Nothing is impossible with God. He will give grace to overcome because grace changes everything, in Jesus name.
  12. I still think that Koo enjoys the trust and confidence of the Koreans. Her works are widely received like her novel and the Life Companion book and her song is gaining attention. Unlike "he who must not be named" has a massive call to boycott his activities. Those negative comments are coming from international troublemakers who is trying to discredit Koo but they are wasting their time, we fans, know better.
  13. @loveukooThose negative comments are fabricated, they are so silly made by useless people. Don't pay any attention to them, we, Koo's fans are not stupid. We know that she is an honest person, she may not be perfect but she has good intentions. Let's continue to pray for her well being, spiritual, physical and emotional in Jesus name.
  14. @gelisacarrasThe released text messages by Dispatch covers 3 years (?) since the time they were married. During the one and half years of marriage they were so sweet calling each other honey. I think it got bad when Ahn was rumored to be cheating which according to the blind item around May 2018. Any cheated wife will react like Koo did, she lost trust in him. Koo started to ask where he's been and who he was with. And any cheated wife's natural reaction will be to ask for more money in return, for the heartaches. I fully understand Koo to be demanding because of Ahn's infidelity. Most of the wives I know have the same tendencies, it's pretty normal. (My dates are just approximate, I refuse to read the texts again, it's heartbreaking)
  15. @gelisacarras Thank you sis for being our warrior, you have the courage to do it and I have read some of your posts on IG, you are doing a great job. Yes, there is an ongoing black ops for Koo picking on every trivial things like her length of hospital stay, putting the blame on the case of the lawyer of Ahn who might be disciplined etc., there's too many to mention here. We should all be watching and praying for Koo. This is the new pr war- using professional online commenters for mind conditioning. Whoever is doing this is cooking up something very nasty. They are starting this on the international level because we don't have the capability to check facts in Hangul. There are trying to spread false infos to discredit Koo. One antidote for false information is more accurate information.
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