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  1. There are plenty if you look... I know musefansub does it.. and you can also find them on kissasian etc.. Thai dramas has a pretty large fanbase haha. I do sometimes watch them too.
  2. Lol i don’t know how you could act with so many cameras in your face haha
  3. Uri sajangnim is finally able to meet her idol after going through reincarnation LOL
  4. Currently experiencing HDL withdrawal... weekends seem less exciting now with HDL gone...
  5. I’ve just watched the subbed version and damn, it was gut-wrenching. After watching this drama from the first time it aired until now, I feel like I’ve somehow known each character personally which made watching the farewells even harder... Watching the subbed, I’ve come to a conclusion that the ending scene where all of them meet again is CS’s imagination or wish for the future.. I don’t think they’ve all reincarnated etc and he definitely gave that only medicine to Yuna.. I do think he wants to keep the “thing” that MW gave him.. Is it a sad ending? I honestly don’t know.. It is sad that they’re not together anymore but it’s also not that sad since parting is part of life and they will cross paths again albeit on an unspecified future.. CS will still miss and love MW although she is no longer with him. It is just something that he has to carry as he goes about his life forever like most people do when they lose their loved ones.. I am going to see this as they have to part so they can be together in the future..
  6. Lol I normally don’t wake up this early to watch a kdrama.. I didn’t even put an alarm on since I wanted to watch the subbed version later but for some odd reasons, my body just wakes up on its own when it airs live... Totally weird but I guess this is how much this kdrama has affected me... Going back to bed now! Hopefully the sub is available when I wake up laterrr
  7. Regardless if it’s reincarnation, afterlife, or just a dream; I am happy that they don’t show old CS all wrinkly and sad... like in the other post someone mentioned of Black...
  8. So they all got reincarnated really fast since CS is still his young self?
  9. Lol are they doing a sequel with KSH as the new owner? Haha
  10. I wonder if the ending is going to be like Arang and the Magistrate.. Hmm... Also not sure if anyone’s posted this but IU has an official youtube account. She posted a video of her shooting HDL recently there. It’s eng subbed too.
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