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  1. I've just finished to watch the last episode. But there is something that really bothers me and I dont understand : the guy who was at the hospital at the end, is he the thug who was locked in the basement during all these time ? But why did he say it was the main character who tried to killed him ? I am so confused with that part. There is also the woman who lived on the ground floor, the christian, who went into a karaoke .. I dont understand why she was shown, her parts were really useless and irrelevant... Also, I am so sad for the young man (the rapper) who was killed too and the other guy who was in the army. That being said, I think the drama doesnt really need a second season after all. The main character said something like 'everything will end when you'll die' (to the dentist psycho) and he's true.
  2. I've watched until episode 8 and this drama is so good ! I can feel the situation being a burden for the main character, I can feel his emotions and it is really well portrayed in this drama. There were many times where I felt so uncomfortable watching the drama omg. OCN, the actors and actresses does such a great job. I am always impressed by that. At this point, the MC is confused and it is like there are two persons in his mind, it is cliché but like the good person and the bad person. He is struggling inside. I'm taking my time to watch this drama because there are ONLY 10 episodes and I feel it will not be enough for me I hope I am wrong, I still have 2 episodes to watch so maybe I am wrong. I'll see. However, because I've watched many OCN dramas, I know that at the end there will be a plot twist or something similar that will make me want to claim a second season, I know it. I have a question, for those who have read the webtoon comic, does the drama follows the webtoon perfectly or are there little, huge and important differences ? I am really curious. I've read 2 or 3 chapters only because I couldnt find the english version.
  3. Where do you guys watch the drama ? I cant find it anywhere please help me
  4. Hello, Does anyone knows if there is site where I can Stream the drama (legaly) please ? I tried Viki but I did not found the drama on Viki. Is it normal ? Please someone help me I love OCN dramas.
  5. Oh thank you I'll re watch that scene !
  6. Apparently, I am the only one who have seen Park Shi Young. I am so confused. The second turtle also said it was Kim Kang Wook, right ? So I might be wrong. Wow, but even though I am wrong, Park Shi Young is still very suspicious.
  7. It is surprising. I saw Park Shi Young in that particular scene, not Kim Kang Wook. I swear. Does anyone have a Screenshot of that particular scene by hazard ??? I tried to rewatch the ep but couldnt find that particular scene again omg. Also, yes I got the meaning at the end. From my point of view, true justice does not consist of being neutral between right and wrong. The "justice" in our current society is determined by laws, and these laws are determined by politics (and sometimes religion for certain countries), these politics (and religions) are made by humans. But that's another topic lol.
  8. Why are you annoyed by YG ? He did what was necessary.
  9. 1. We clearly saw who cut the thumbs of HTJ and her husband. It was Park Shi young who did it. 2. Jang Hae Ryonng apparently killed Kim Jae Myung. 3. We do not know. (Maybe he did it himself lol to look innocent but I am not sure). 4. I dont know neither. Also someone put a thumb in the lawyer's room and the knife in the police rooom. Who did it ? I think it is maybe her ex husband, he killed the young guy in the hospital then he cut his thumb. I am so confused. I bet they know Park Shi young is not innocent (Do cho gwang and HTJ) they have a plan. We need a season 2.
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