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  1. Watching the last 2 episodes, made me binge watching the whole thing again . I find SDC so pitiful, always a loner, no family nor friends. Even when he had fallen in love , he let her go, thinking he was sparing her his failure and hitting rock bottom ( failing at providing good life for her and the self shame of not succeeding till almost his 50s. It may be perceived as cowardness &selfness , which it was somehow . But for him it was his punishment, immersing himself in his failing music alone ). People tend to think loners are just introverts or even anti-society, pushing people away, but in the contrary most of them yearn for connection, recognition and human presence, yet keep their distance and feelings in check from the surface. Sensitive, piling their feelings , can't express them in healthy ways almost comes to hurtful. But when they fell they fell hard, care the most, and express through actions which speak louder than words. Most of them become transparent as persons, we all had this one person in class whom we have never seen him speak or can't even remember if he was in our class . They can excel in their craft or passion or work on personal level but plummet professionally because they cannot blend or attract the right kind of attention. Many artists gained recognition and fame posthumously , were judged before as troubled or weirdos typically loners. Hence their work was seen through someone else , someone who is not transparent as they were, so their legacy shines. You can see the difference when SDC was on the stage performing , the crowd was dead but during his band mate's performance girls were screaming at the top of their lungs, although it was SDC's song. when SDC gave in to the devil, he gave up the connection to the 3 pure and genuine grains of himself (Love , true music and tenacity ), meanwhile the devil fed on his eagerness to be seen , recognized and to succeed .
  2. This is first time to post in any forum in my entire, that is how much i fell in love with this piece of art. Kudos to the actors for doing awesome job, delivering comic relief mixed with heart wrenching scenes making you turn tears to a laugh is a gift . Especially the actor playing "Ha Rip",he is brilliant, so versatile and expressive ; one of few actors whom i will keep track of their work. Nonetheless the plot itself has a lot of potential ,though there are some flaws, but who cares . Humans are complicated and diverse, characters that come with full spectrum and some come with none of all , you may have the gift to read them but never to predict them . Everyone of them can deal with the same situation differently, good or bad , passively or actively, wisely or rushingly. By the books it may depend on what they are made of, their principles, expertise and what they yield through the years. But in reality everyday is a test with a variability, that you have sometimes to surprise yourself with choices and compromises that you would have never thought you would make , the fine line between black and white becomes even finer to the point of a merge, so grey seems right .Decisions made of despair mostly to come to hunt you in days to come. You may regret them or you may not but you wouldn't change them anyway. We are born in a chain reaction sort of a way , one's decision can affect others directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, good or bad . Some may get to know the consequences' impact on others, may live through the guilt or the joy, and some may never know. Success, is never all about hard work and making plans, but you always have to try to stand tall and do your best to the end. Wind can come in your favor, pushing you forward or stapling you to the ground or bring you to your knees pulling you far away from what you yearn for. And here when, the equation of morality with all these variabilities is reformed. As said, some work hard in life but never meet their goals, even worse lose part of them during the process. It doesn't mean they turn bad but only to a shell, losing the joy of being alive just to survive life through the failure of something they love. Now the characters, for me IG & Ha Rip is 2 faces of a coin. Both were victims of domestic violence , both were or are hit hard with life, both have to live with the repercussions of their actions slowly and painfully , and both were imprisoned some way or another. First Ha Rip or SDC, for me; i have never seen his former self blamed others for his misfortunes. When he was beaten by his father till the age of 18, he had just run away, and when he didn't get the credit from his work from his band mates or the record company ( can't tell ), he got mad, screamed a little then he let it be and left. He acted passively in both situations and continued through his path. Music was his home & the only craft he lived with and by. He was a loner most of his life , no friends, no family, nobody to vent to. Yet he was kind to the weaker and those in need, hence the stray cats, IG and dinner girl, so didn't lose his empathy or kindness still, may be he drank a little but he is human , then he gave up his love thinking he was sparing her his shabby poor life leaving himself alone again .A father's love is born when he sees his child. He was poor most of his life but never stole a thing, surprised to know he has a son , only to see him on his death bed,he rendered to theft. So technically for me, he was what IG is now, i think that is why the devil came to him, not the vice versa and coerced him to sign the contract using his son . A for IG, she was a girl who acted tough, stood up for bullies but took the beating from her father, to find shelter and aim in life with SDC. She took the abuse from her drunken father till an unintended action caused so much damage almost killing him and getting imprisoned for defending herself ( or may be took the blame for her brother hmmm...). Then she became completely passive, not even using words to attack anyone. i have a lot of takes on these 2, and how their lives intertwined. but that is enough for the day .
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