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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with everything everyone is saying. On a different note, anyone else notice since Somin being sick there was a change in her demeanor. I know she said she will try to be a better person, so maybe that’s why she even decided to make her character a little less out there. I feel like it’s more how she is in real life nowadays. Regardless If she’s happy I’m happy, and this Mud ep really made me feel like there was someone special kjk is talking about *fingers crossed*
  2. Seems like kjk is the new favorite oppa for somin. Recently I only ever see her talking to him in the background, she used to do that with kwangsoo or sechan
  3. Maybe after somin got sick he finally decided to just go for it instead of doing his usual wait for the girl to approach him move (or lack of a move). He said that he is always the passive one when it comes to girls he likes but maybe after all this time he finally decided that it can’t always be like that so now he has decided to just be a straight shooter and do what he wants.
  4. If I was ever on the fence about their relationship before, that 100% changed after this episode. It’s funny because you’d think kjk would be the less obvious one but here he is picking her team actively and ignoring the female guests, and holding her hand to cut a balloon together. You can at least tell somin is trying to hold herself back some, though she slips up at times and shows how much she likes him. Am I the only one who loves seeing this kjk lol. He’s so sweet and touchy and can’t seem to stop from smiling when with somin. At this point they are going to reveal it soon or some news outlet is going to end up telling everyone.
  5. Even jsj and haha. It’s obvious how much jsj adores somin just by how he asked where she was in that one episode. With haha he literally said he wanted his daughter to be like somin, a person has to really like you to want their daughter to be like you. It’s funny how they often try to say any of the members hate her when the members do nothing but support her even on shows not in running man
  6. He literally started pulling somin toward kjk like “kjk come get your girl”
  7. Looking at jsj it looks like male picks females, maybe the male guest picked somin first and kjk was next and followed suit picking somin. Either way I think kjk picked Somin, he said he has to take care of her after all
  8. I can’t help but think they really are together. I try to keep a solid mind and not get too delusional but I can’t help but think they are dating. So, I’ve just decided to believe they’re dating ‘til proven otherwise.
  9. We already know they’re extremely close. I just wonder how far that closeness goes, wether it’s just a close friendship or more (truly hoping it’s more). I’m just enjoying the ride waiting for somin to return so I can enjoy her chemistry with everyone especially jk.
  10. Just seeing him link arms with the standee so nonchalantly makes me feel like somin would link arms with him off camera and he missed that so he did it with her standee (delusions lol). if she can lean on him with his arm around her on camera I think they have more intimate skinship off camera
  11. @kookminclan RunningMan I agree I think it would be better if there was a mix. They can show a bit more of themselves but also keep their characters in tact. It would definitely be better due to a few situations where fans would think their characters were how the members actually were. Cho bo pil seems to have decided to go back to how running man used to be, which is not a bad thing at all, especially him setting aside the ships. Though I hope he doesn’t completely stop showing the members bond and closeness.
  12. @ellieinthesky I think it’s I laugh alone
  13. I understand why some people are asking for a forum for just somin on this page. Like some people have mentioned, this forum is active so it’s easier to get a response from some of the somin fans on here. Looking at how derailed this forum has become I can definitely see the need for a somin forum. We will be able to keep this page about kookmin while the somin forum can be for big discussions about her individual situations like this. I know we are probably having even longer conversations about this topic due to the fact the the bullying has been going on for so long, and we have a shortage of kookmin moments for the time being due to her hiatus. I hope we can all continue to support Jong kook and somin together and as individuals.
  14. Onto a topic not about hate and antis. What’s with kjks new obsession of posting photos of his feet on his story?
  15. You could tell yjs really missed jsm. When he started singing the shampoo song and no one joined, I really felt jsm absence. She would always be his duet partner for that song
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