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  1. Though it would be great if the loveline stopped after this but considering they both are shooting a commercial together it’s obviously going to keep going. The fact that chanmin are getting such attention that they even do a commercial together Is probably telling that they are going to continue this whole loveline thing. Basically a remake of Monday couple let’s pray cho bo pil likes the idea of a family dynamic instead of love connections in the show.
  2. @JialingGO I don’t think the reporter was viewing it negatively I think she was more including any pairs that had some type of romantic area in the show. Spartace they had an obvious loveline, chanmin are the official loveline right now, forbidden couple has had jokes about being romantically involved, and kookmin were asked whether they liked each other and how they could end up getting married. So, I believe she included them for that reason.
  3. @RM xx they probably watched those episodes where kjk just laughed after being asked if he liked somin, and when yjs mentioned they could be the two to get married. Maybe they saw those clips and figured they were a loveline, but idk.
  4. The article really called them out. This is a more in detail translation of that part of the article, “First of all we have to point out the running man’s own problem of creating lovelines between the members for fun. In the first place, Gary and Jihyo’s loveline was changed to Jihyo and Jong kook, Jong kook and Somin, and recently newly joined Sechan and somin love line was established. Jong kook set fire to the triangular relationship that adds jsj to it. But at this point I have a question. What is the identity of the “fun” they emphasize so much, and who is it for? Many running man viewers have long questioned the excessive love line, and this time they are expressing strong dissatisfaction with the “banned” love line (forbidden couple). At the end of the day, the problem is the old-fashioned thinking between male cast members who find such a prank funny and the production staff, whose male counter parts hold the majority”
  5. I think as long as the running man staff/members don’t promote them it will be fine. Things start getting awkward when the staff and members are purposefully pushing it and making it seem like every interaction they have is romantic, as long as they don’t do that with kookmin they’ll be fine. Let’s just hope the new pd doesn’t change the official loveline to kookmin.
  6. @VanillaIcecream it basically stated that the lovelines started with Gary-sjh went to song Jihyo-kjk, Jeon Somin-kjk and now ysc-jsm, ending with kjk dragging jisukjin into the love triangle. I’m not sure why they mentioned kjk and jsm considering they were never a loveline to begin with.
  7. You can tell how the loveline had brought her down. Even when she was filming a drama and had to travel hours back and forth to still make the runningman shooting she still had amazing energy. I feel like the mix of the members/staff ganging up on her and the fact that she seems to be going trough things in her real life really pushed her to the sidelines. I hope cho bil pd will drop the lovelines for good and let everyone be natural, and I also hope somin can get through her hard time.
  8. @MandelBrot yeah, when the members were making jokes she barely had any reaction. I hope she feels better.
  9. @Rida Live I hope it ends earlier then later, it would suck if the entirety of her 2020 is spent with no work
  10. I don’t think somin is feeling down about the loveline completely. Like the mud episode she said she was restless due to her not having much work, then add on the guest and Jihyo talking about their movie/drama coming out soon. She barely reacted to any jokes in the opening and even when they chose cars, while everyone was running to pick she just stood there and chose what was left.
  11. In the first half we could see somin and kjk were with each other for awhile probably why we didn’t get much scenes from somin and kjk during that time.
  12. @kukumarq1 I love yjs, I really do he has many many talents and setting people up isn’t one of them, though he does get a point for helping sukjin and his wife way back when. Maybe it’s just when it comes to somin he’s not that good, I don’t think he knows her type very well
  13. This dude is smitten I don’t care what anyone says
  14. @YellowDress I think kwangmin wasn’t a loveline at first, but around the end of 2018 during the award season it managed to become a full fledged loveline with how people were reacting to it (shin dongyup). That’s probably what made them become so distant and now lks and somin are obviously still close but not shown off as much anymore, which sucks.
  15. I’ve been quite confused for awhile now. I’ve noticed people constantly saying how somin and Sechan have “been friends for awhile now,” but if I remember correctly the first time they officially met was in the living together show and that was broadcasted around April of 2017 she joined running man March 26th of 2017. I’m not sure when filming took place for the living together in an empty room but it probably wasn’t too long before they entered running man. They probably only knew each other maybe a month or two before they joined running man, so I’ve always been confused since people spoke about the two as if they’ve known each other years before joining running man. I believe Sechan and kwangsoo’s friendship with somin used to be about the same, but after lks got a girlfriend, and somin and lks used to be a loveline they distanced themselves to not cause any misunderstandings. Now somin and Sechan seem to be the closest due to that, but I believe back in 2017 she was closest to lks. Wookmin often posted pics of their hang out and he slept over at somin’s house, he seemed really close to somin and her family. now we don’t hear much of somin/lks/Sechan hanging out, the only off screen meetups we hear about on running man are about chanmin.
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