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  1. So, did he actually touch her hand or was it just the angle?
  2. It’s funny how it seems like the members had a set idea on what to do in the pictures, first the signature peace and then hearts. Kjk didn’t do either of them because his coffee was in one hand and the other one is behind Somins back. He could’ve easily moved a little so he can do like the other members, there’s tons of space and he would’ve still been in the photo. But instead decided to stick really close to somin
  3. That’s the thing, if they win the award they’re going to push for it more. Either they don’t win or one of them announces that they’re in a relationship, that will probably end it.
  4. Regardless, whether they are just friends or more. I can tell kjk really likes her, not sure if romantically or platonically. You never really see him act like this with females, so it’s a breath of fresh air how close they are
  5. Yeah, and if she just breathed in that area people would say she was trying to steal jihyo ‘s moment so best bet is to sit back in silence
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