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  1. So true haha, he’s such a hardworking man. <3 I’m looking forward to his new projects next year~~ We have awards nomination to look out for as wel. Also more close up pics:
  2. btw guys, and also silent readers, pls vote yeo jin goo in this award. he was number 7 below but his ranking keeps on dropping off huhu
  3. ikr haha he’s been doing those roles since he was a baby. he’s really a hardworking man, filming 3 consecutive dramas but still finding time for his uni haha
  4. the girls taking pics? yeah haha but also from the same person who informed that manchan will shoot on saturday, it seems like he went to class that day and also received lots of cookies and fan letters. i think theyre filming in jingoo’s university on saturday. also some info shared abt him haha
  5. Yeah apparenrly he attend his unu today, gor lots of cookies and fan letters. Its mentioned by the person who said that IU and Jin Goo will be filming on saturday <3
  6. [Sept10/2019] Jingoo might film an extra Hotel del Luna shoot with IU on Saturday in a university. They will film the greetings used on international broadcast of Hotel del Luna.
  7. Manchan is confirmed to be reunited this saturday for hotel del luna greetings used in international broadcasts on an account of a university student. Apparently they’re filming in their university and is confirmed by their office.
  8. [Sept/9/2019] He got a news article written about him again today. Now, about his middle school photos that got viral again. It does seem like yesterday, Jingoo <3
  9. Hello, welcome to the club! I agree that Hotel del Luna (+ TCC) have solidified his ‘manly looks’. I hope in next project, we get to see him as manlier as ever as well ~ I hope the same too, but I’m sure that YJG knows himself well. He’s been in the industry since he was 8 years old and already know how things work in the industry. I think what sets him apart from all his contemporaries is his passion and talent for acting. He’s genuinely interested and want to improve his craft, that’s why he stays in showbiz. I really hope he deserves more love and recognition too ~ This boy is too good not to be loved.
  10. Articles about praising him for his visuals + when he got stuck in an elevator from his arrival yesterday... looks like we won’t have any updates regularly now... i hope he gets CM’s, TV guestings.. or awards by the end of this year. Looks like he also trended yesterday... And as usual, he is always included in the “Successful Child Actors list” or “The Child Actors Korea love”
  11. BtoB’s Minhyuk mentioned today that he wants to collaborate with Jingoo, lol. Well, Jingoo can also sing, dance and rap too. I hope he gets to try a kind of role like this in the future.
  12. True, I agree so much! He was already popular bcs of Moon Emvbracing the Sun and has been popular since but people still look at him as “Child actor”. Now, with Hotel del Luna (+ The Crowned Clown), he’s gaining popularity again like he did before but now as a “Leading man”. I love his stoned-face beauty, ‘manly’ image
  13. Yeo Jin Goo tops list of Soompi’s Korean Actors who have the Honey Voice for ASMR link: https://www.soompi.com/article/1348064wpp/korean-actors-with-honey-voices-made-for-asmr
  14. I think he’s definitely going back to uni for a while... but I hope he won’t make us wait for too long! I hope he has a new project in 2020 even if it’s in the near-end. Usually, kdrama hits that causes Hallyu wave are also premiered at the near end of a year haha.
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