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  1. Arghhhhhhhh i really reallyyy miss themmmmmmmmm. Please attend baeksang award *whispher* togetherrr hahahahahhaha
  2. Thank you @mademoisellesia for keep updating this thread ! So happy knowing he got nomination for best new actor. Hwaiting jung hae in!
  3. Yeayyyyyyyyy so happy for cloy team ! Cant wait to see our binjinnnnnn ! #cloybaeksang
  4. OH THESE TWOO SO ADORABLEEEE! That charging hug scene omo the cutest! I can’t believe next week will be the last.
  5. THEY ARE REALLY THAT ADORABLE COUPLE. My heart flutters so much during the first half of episode 9. Seo woo and Hawon hwaiting! Btw, seo joon hee (?) haein’s character in SiTR right? Hahaha
  6. I love the newest episode and cant wait for tonight! That 1% really growinggg. Aigoo my heart. Me swonning over the preview of episode 8
  7. Is the interviewer above same person? Who said hyun bin no jam person ? HAHAHAHAHA HES ONLY FUNNY WHEN HES WITH HIS CLOSE FRIENDS ONLY
  8. Can someone translate this tweet? Is this new update of hyun bin? Translation ( google translate ) Hyunbin is alive ... I'm not kidding ... I can expect it ... I'll be reading soon, and the filming will probably take about 4 months ... I'll give you tears when I say you can expect ... Minute real
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