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  1. i seriously hope he plays a doctor someday lol... with those hot glasses HAHAHH. and with his noona park bo young, please!
  2. I hope not! this thread is very meaningful, following KYJ since her career as a child actor... :(( Btw, does anyone know if there's a translation/article for this vid of interview of yoo-jung?
  3. Also I'd like to link this article here: https://www.soompi.com/article/1339160wpp/kim-soo-hyun-surprises-iu-and-yeo-jin-goo-on-set-of-hotel-del-luna Kim Soo Hyun visited IU and Jingoo on their set in 'Hotel de Luna'. Ah, METS feels ~
  4. Why is this thread not so active anymore? I'm recently a new fan of Jin goo oppa after watching him in METS (I know, I'm 7 years late). His younger self have captivated me that I started to watch all of his works!! I read this thread from first page until now and I'm so happy you guys are here to update about him all the time ~~ Hopefully with Hotel de Luna's success, YJG will be more known and recognised for his acting even more. Based from articles I've read, it's doing well. His 'The Crowned Clown' did well too, right? ~ More projects for YJG!!
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