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  1. I actually have this drama in 1080p and 4K saved on my HDD. I also have alot of storage on my iPhone, 512GB. So I'm able to have a few dramas on my iPhone. The 4K version is approx. 160GB and is awesome to watch the big screen.
  2. You're not the only one stuck on this drama. I'm watched it twice and still come back to this drama while watching "Love is Sweet". I love it so much that I have the 4K version of this drama on my iPhone.
  3. Not sure if anyone has posted this, but I found this link for a minute long preview up to episode 38. There are no English subtitles but it looks great. I can’t wait! Press the play button and two commercials will pop up. But afterwards, the preview will begin. https://m.v.qq.com/x/m/play?cid=mzc00200iq4oevy&vid=s0034zf98js
  4. I usually download these episodes using bittorrent because I watch them on my iPad/iPhone. The English subtitles are usually online the same time the episodes are release.
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