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  1. You're right but i need a clear answer of what she said to me she's harsh and rude,but i asked her nicely you know. She talked BIG HIGH and MIGHTY and yet she cannot CLEAR, EXPLAIN and take RESPONSIBILITY OF HER ACTIONS...by the way the post that i hve quoted was not even hers to begin with besides i already message her as well. So is this a joke ma'm? I am a fair person so i want to see and find out who really BULLY whom...fair and square.
  2. Just because i give in once doesn't mean i would give in twice,i have my own principle i am not someone who can dictate by anyone, i can stand with my own words and take responsibility of my action ...i am nice but i could be ruthless if the situation calls for it. Still waiting for an answer of a simple question. Our girl posted a lot on her instagram she looked fine but a bit gloomy,i miss her genuine smiling face. ..her birthday is fast approaching already guys.
  3. I thought when u sent me a message u have a good intention but I'm wrong...just because i didn't granted your favor you're annoyed?u even dared to asked me to delete my post and give in to a veteran who do u think u are?just because I'm being nice u took me lightly. Before this thread was a lively,friendly n family oriented but not anymore. @myonenonly,i have sent u a message already the other day so its not too much to ask your explanation about our misunderstanding...point it out to me what made u called me bully n being rude for calling me hey,lets clear this out once n for all. Sorry for the inconvenience guys but i need a clear answer on this matter for me to let go n move on because I've done my part already.
  4. Our thoughts shape our lives,and what we think defines who we are. Good morning!
  5. Hi sunnies have a nice and wonderful day ahead ...if ever i have said anything that offended anyone here i apologise sorry even though i dont know what I have done so wrong...i asked in a polite manner and explained my side but what i have received was a bad answer and someone even asked me to delete my post...I thought we are family here united if anyone said something not nice then you should correct and advise ,anyway thanks for all shared thoughts from everyone i have learnt a lot.
  6. In every action there's always an equal n opposite reaction...so no worries,thanks anyway!
  7. Exactly...thanks! But if u read n understand what i hve said i meant no offence so i said its amusing besides that post that i quote was from sister TERESA GASCOYNE so I'm wondering n confused why she's so worked out n called me BULLY... I'm someone who always careful of what to say because i fight for being fair just n right n if i hve said or done anything wrong/mistake i always admit n apologise,that's my style n personality. I really appreciate of what u said. Have a good sunday to all,its family day bonding time!
  8. Sorry to say but u really didn't get n understand what i hve said earlier,FYI that message was for TERESA GASCOYNE check it out again...i never gve any bad/negative comments to others or judge either to call me BULLY so please read n think carefully before you act...respect begets respect.
  9. Thanks...but i cannot understand what you mean sis,care to explain?sorry my knowledge is limited. Our girl looked fine n well in her photos from WOMAN SENSE,hoping that she would overcome real fast all the bad things that had been happen...i liked it so much that she didn't let bad/negative comments rule over her n lost her self, no doubt she's the epitome of a strong woman/fighter...we love you girl goodluck on your new life n endeavours.
  10. You're so exaggerated and yet answering your own question, #amusing...just wait n patience please!
  11. Please guys don't mention names here it only make our girl looked bad because this is her thread n not only sunnies come here to read, a lot of people out there lurking so be careful of what we say...BIG THANKS...she gave her everything already n put herself on the line so what we need to do is wait observe n support her for the time being...something is amiss n smell fishy to me why the other side is so quite but eager to wrap things up like afraid to be stumbled n caught,final countdown is coming just wait the REVELATION DAY sunnies fighting!!!
  12. While browsing/searching something i found out some articles about our girl posted photos in her instagram the funny thing is anything she posted has a story behind it,its like anything about her is their business to make story n money i guess maybe an article about her selling like a hot potato.They say anything they wanted to,i feel bad/sorry towards her its like her misery is majorities happiness. Having a high technology is good n helpful if people use it in a good cause not to mock n bring a person down really the world is so cruel n unfair only one click can make life going upside down...its way much better before when using everything in the means of letters,telegrams,telephone etc. How i wish we can go back time...sigh...
  13. She doesn't gamble n gave her all if she's not confident enough to nail n win it...if u have noticed that person was very submissive n anything our girl said he agreed upon,in my observation like he wanted to hide n bury something so that cannot be found out/caught. As her fan for more than a decade Hyesun never ever say an empty words n never had any scandal as well so just wait...hve a nice n wonderful day ahead!!!
  14. She did change some lyrics n differently arrange it; I guess you're well n over me Just like that I'm writing about my day again My eyes get wet at the sunset Again today the red tears flow into my cup...first part of the original version n the rest the same...there is no me who was yours,last part,but still hve the same feeling n sound.
  15. Her song come out already here's the lyrics; Where is my heart? Where are you? Nothing lasts forever I have lost my feelings n u forever lost me I don't have time to look back at the loneliness Everyday in your dreams on the night you're sleeping when you're drunk Is there a tomorrow where you're better than yesterday? Hope turn in despair n memories are now like a sin You're breathing that reaches my ears A farewell i could not refrain from Why should i live? The song that u have been singing,when my heart is crying should i die? Is my heart here? Are u here? Nothing lasts forever I can't hold back from saying goodbye I'll never be there again,just only to u I'm gone. So while composing this song she has been decided already to let go n move on,it's really good to hear her song but so sad n heartbreaking have similarities with her other song MUST I DIE....really if u doesn't know how to handle yourself if you're heartbroken LOVE CAN KILL YOU I'm happy that she's strong n positive n being busy with her work is a great motivation to forget all her burdens/sorrows. God bless you always believed that everything is going to be alright.
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