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  1. He is living on Demon King power. Thus he is able to move in a d out and heal each time he us hurt by JC.
  2. Most likely fight to the death of JX behind the seal door. JX has no more hope whereas JC have LX to go back to. Thus he must have tried his very best to go back to her. I remember an epi he promised her that so long he is alive, he will always go back to her.
  3. Totally agrees!!! I want to see Shi San and Si Ming or at least Si Ming chasing after Shi San like crazy. I see his clothing changed at the end. Means he reach another level higher in the immortal ranking.
  4. I was thinking either JC master came and bring her out since before Jc left, he told his master to look after her. Or since the demon door was sealed shut, you can go in and out as the dark clouds all are gone with it. They should extend 2 more episodes to sum up every thing and give us some thing more to hold on to.
  5. From Astro. Its a paid TV subscription with VOD and PVR. They have uploaded till epi 42 today. And yeshhhhh, english subs.
  6. Yay am at noob level. Never in my life I imagine I would be commenting or even sign up to comment. But the love I have for L&D is way above and beyond. I have watched diligently without subs all the way till 60. Watching with subs till epi 42 earlier today. Hopefully epi 43 is up tomorrow. Its crazy watching it and not understanding most of the conversations yet I have managed to laugh and cry along. Now with subs, I’ve managed to grasp the story better. Its just beautiful.
  7. I just watch epi 42 subs where JC was explaining to QY that he was brought up emotionless as to reach higher up in divinity and to be fair and just thus he have his heart guarded till he met LX. So once he fell in love, he thinks its worth it to protect her at all cause. This is after QY asked him whether is it worth it to go to mortal realm and see LX goes through her calamity.
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