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  1. Wow it’s been a year since LaD release. I’m just walking down memory lane and share some of the fan arts from IG (XingYue and Vviiee) and Weibo.
  2. So far I’m just at episode 4, but I can already feel the chemistry between the two leads. ML look too young for the FL, but this voice so soothing FL so far not much expression, but her character is smart and that enough for me lol. this drama is a bit confusing and definitely need our full attention lol
  3. aww he’s only supporting character in Mirror City. the other one about the Princess sounds interesting. ZYC has such unfair treatment. I’m surprised his fans didn’t riot or complain. @chsaf give 3,000 Crows a try you won’t regret it. Fu Yun Jin is the one best character of all the Cdrama that I have seen. You’ll fall hard for him too. lol
  4. @Sun Tzu will you send it to me too. Please and thank you!
  5. @Adidaem I’m waiting for LuSi’s Tiger and Rose to finished so I can binge watch. But honestly I think she’s ready for a more mature drama than this idol romance. After 3,000 Crows she should have done a more serious one. Then again she’s good in Tiger and Rose, and the ML is good looking too. As for Zheng Ye Chang I feel the same as you! So far haven’t heard of any new role for him yet. I hope he’ll be in another costume drama.
  6. Omg this part makes so much sense!!! Why didn’t they keep this in the drama. Then it’s explained better how he can come back and it can makes it very drama for him to die and not asking QC to wait for him. Because even FYJ doesn’t know when the lamp will be extinguished. oh and the part about her in the forest I can see them film it beautiful as a transparent FJY lead his forehead to QC as he nod and agrees with her. So many scene that could make this more touching. regardless, thank you so much for all your efforts.
  7. Figures, this drama really similar to the early 2000’s Cdrama the costume and the theme too. I’m still hoping that there’s a bit modern touch to it. Because recent Cdrama been happy or somewhat happy ending lol.
  8. I’ll be following this thread just to wait for your translation!!
  9. I hope they change it then lol so far does it even follow the book?
  10. I have a feeling it’s a tragedy too, I’m guessing of the sister might die. However, I’m still hoping for a happy ending.
  11. Anyone watching this? The young cast did an amazing job!
  12. Omg!! Sooooo many good quotes!! They really should have incorporated FJY POV into the script! Major points lost. FJY is the best ML by far. Again love the cast. Also, Zhao LuSi did a great as QC too. @Adidaem Thank you 3,000 times for translating this PS. Here is Xin Mei’s story. She’s so funny. I read it just to see FJY, he shows up briefly. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/a-match-made-in-heaven/
  13. This is just a FJY saying. Best ML ever! Thank you for translating this, please continue.
  14. @Adidaem thank you for translating this. How I wish they keep that first and last meeting the same as the book this drama has such beautiful love story and wonderful characters.
  15. @Adidaem The QY FYJ behave at the beginning, I thought it’s just his nature, while testing to see her motive as well. The drama do right with the casting, and production set! There few things I thought it did great is Xiao Bai and the cousin character. Also I love the ending even as confusing as it is. FJY is the only male lead still makes the FL happy even when he’s gone. He genuinely care for her happiness from beginning to end. A lot of ML do this “I’m leaving you for your own good, and breaking the girl’s heart” but not FJY. He find ways to make QC happy no matter what. I wish there’s an extra episode, or a do over, or since the book shared the same universe as other book they could cameo to tide thing off better.
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