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  1. @Mikina love your fanfic, it describes their family picture perfectly!!
  2. Did you see the part with YT, I swear he grab the back of his neck like he about to stroke out. He is such a stickler. He just see thing as black and white. Even though he wanted GoW position he doesn’t use dirty trick. If he suspect something he dig it out. He held a grudge against JC and with Yuan family he want to help them because he thought JC was at wrong. After the truth revealed I feel like he respects JC a lot and probably secretly admired him too. He’s probably one of JC fanboy too. At the reunion scene he too busy looking at JC to make way for LX lol.
  3. Everyone I have a huge favor to ask. Can someone please make a gif or post one of JC wishing LX happiness and peace in sign language? I don’t know why, something about that scene is really touching and the way he look please and thank you!
  4. So far I’m liking episode 51 and future episodes because it give the two lead time and space to settle their feeling. Be it simmer down or be it process. The LX created that space for both to think it through which is much needed. Now as viewer we want more happy moments, but it the more we wait the sweeter those moment will be.
  5. @hush puppy honestly CC is so hot even with that triangle hair style he’s still hot lol. His acting is superb that it even make the hair good decent. He put that hair to good use when he flip it at JX lol
  6. I feel the same way about him too. Every scene he appear I just fine it comical. I swear he gonna pop a vein at some point and guesss.... YT almost pop his vein in episode 52 or was it 53 right before she leave for the mortal realm. btw I wonder why Heavenly emperor didn’t punished her like Su Jin where her memories was taken away and have to suffer in the mortal realm. Of all the emperor heavenly and mortal, this one is the kindest I’ve ever see.
  7. Keep watching and your heart will be like Zhuri bird chasing after the sun. JC is such a wholesome character (this is probably my bias) and even his flaws is his strong trait. His flaw is that he always put his responsibility before himself. He always do what’s right for everyone safety but neglect his own.
  8. Viki rating is 9.5 right now. Hopefully more people will review it base on the drama and not subs. How’s Douban rating now?
  9. Good catch, lol because she did say that she used to sleep in CY’s room lol @AndreaB1999 in episode 22 that cauldron has power to suppress the demon in that detention. However, to get it JC need to replace it with something that’s equally powerful. That happens to be his stone heart. It’s one of the few items that can suppress demon.
  10. Love your fanfic. Can’t imagine being stuck with JX for 300 years and listen to his rambling lol
  11. https://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rtfivpeo.html?list=19rr98f1f2 Hi, just want to ask if anyone can access this video and translate this. Please and thank you
  12. @Positively prickly cactus What did JoanP say about the rock in JC’s room? I couldn’t find that comment. thank you
  13. @fivebowls thank you for the explanation, just want to ask you. That “ben” is it the same as “ben” in “ben wang” where the duke or princes call them selfs? I remember this from other palace drama. @Positively prickly cactusLove what you say about him pulling rank card. Now when I rewatch I have to pay attention to what they’re saying. Omg you’re about to start a fanfic frenzy going with those pictures lol. With this drama every time you rewatch it you watch something. Like someone here mention treasure hunt lol.
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