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  1. Omg...i thought is just me Cammy. I had never been so obsessed with a drama this much. I never know about soompi before L&D. Purposely create an account here just for the sake of my crazy obsession. I literally watch L&D for the i dont know how many times. Is like a habit now to check out this forum everyday and rewatching L&D every night before I sleep. Im from Malaysia btw.
  2. Lol...i was asking myself that too. Who can carry that stupid haircut?!!! Only CC can yet look so damn sexy!!!
  3. Can let do a rewatch together...but god knows how many times i hv rewatched L&D. But i always skip JX part. I seriously fall in love with CC and NN. And wishing everyday they will work in another tv series together.
  4. Im not sure if someone already share this, good news for us who cant understand chinese. Viki has license to sub Love and Destiny. Just saw it on insta...
  5. Omg...all the fanmade video r seriously good! Tq@blueclueblue. I had so much joy watching them.
  6. Yes i follow her insta since TROP...you define her well. The perfect balance of classy and tomboyish. She is the perfect role for Mulan too. Cant see liu yufei as that character... Oh by the way, does chang chen has insta? I dont seems to find him.
  7. Is seriously very hard to find anything that can replace L&D now right? I am very particular...the male lead must be manly not the young girly looking boy and the female lead must be beautiful yet not plastic looking...plus must hv good chemistry. And those who can act! Too many out there idol type actor/actress who cant act...lol Now i think i am overly particular...am i?
  8. You know what, i watched savages too. I wish to see more of them. The whole cast would be great. Yun feng and LX sister, si ming and shi san. Seriously love and hate for the drams. The withdrawal is so hard to overcome. Everyday I was so looking forward for the next ep to aired, but now feel so empty...hahaha. didnt know a good drama can be so torturing
  9. I have been a silent follower...omg...cant be silent as i am facing a very very very tough withdrawal. I am rewatching this whole tv series again. Now at ep 27. Still cry a river...omg. Nini and Chang Chen chemistry is so good. Someone please tell me they will do another movie or tv series together again as couple too.
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